15 Epic Quotes About Content Marketing By Marketing Geniuses

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Posted on 28/04/215 min read
15 Epic Quotes About Content Marketing By Marketing Geniuses

As conversations and day-to-day activities move onto the digital frontier, content marketing strategy is crucial to digital marketing success. As customers and potential target audiences spend an increasing amount of time online, leveraging this platform is the perfect opportunity to get three crucial outcomes:

  • To inform and educate
  • To entertain
  • To inspire

In a world where every brand is turning to thinly-veiled sales pitches hidden within an insightful piece of content, carving out a unique space of your own is crucial. There is a sharp increase in the demand for content marketing professionals, and the increase can also be seen in the salary increase for content writers according to Glassdoor and Payscale. And it is a big success in the B2B segment, with 93% of B2B marketers using content marketing plans as part of their overall marketing strategy.

The explosion of online content creation means there is a lot of content available on almost any given topic. Most content is focused on brand outcomes rather than customer needs and value. If your goal is to create inspiring, and effective content that connects with the audience, you have come to the right place.

To help you truly understand the philosophy of creating meaningful content, we’ve compiled the top 15 content marketing quotes from industry gurus to shake your deepest content marketing misconceptions.

Content marketing quotes

Power of content marketing

Content marketing isn’t just an addition to your marketing strategy; it forms the crux of your overall marketing approach. In a world where users are looking for answers online, an effective content marketing approach enables your brand to be the resource for your target audience. This helps build credibility and brand awareness while ensuring your content empowers the brand to be the #1 focus of your target audience.

Several industry leaders and marketers feel content marketing is no longer just an option. It is a must-have in this digital age!

  1. “Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.” 

— Rebecca Lieb, author, strategic advisor, columnist, keynote speaker

  1. “Traditional marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing that you are one.” 

— Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute

  1. “Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” 

— David Beebe, founder, and CEO, Storified

  1. “Content that builds trust is human, personal, relevant, it isn’t greedy, and it doesn’t trick people. If the recipient knew what the sender knows, would she still be happy? If the answer to that question is yes, then it’s likely it’s going to build trust.” 

– Seth Godin, entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker

Role of content in creating an effective digital marketing strategy

Content marketing is not just about writing a blog, a whitepaper, or a social media post. It all needs to fit into your overall marketing approach. Content marketing strategy by itself is nothing; what sets it apart from traditional content is its ability to fit in with the other channels. So don’t just create content; create content that can connect with the audience. And make sure your marketing channels are doing just that, using your content to create stories! 

  1. “Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it.” 

—Andrea Fryrear, president, and co-founder, AgileSherpas

  1. “It’s not that we need more content; we need more relevant content.”

 —Jason Miller, communications strategist and political advisor Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign

  1. “Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline” 

—Jay Baer, author, content marketing consultant, founder of Convince & Convert

  1. “We all want quick fixes and wins. That’s human but short-sighted. Successful content marketing demands a long game mindset. Keeping fit and training requires persistence. Building a big brand is a journey. So keep going as there is no other way. Content marketing demands persistence.” 

—Jeff Bullas, digital entrepreneur, marketing blogger, keynote speaker, and CEO at Jeff Bullas

  1. “It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.” 

—Andy Crestodina, co-founder and strategic director at Orbit Media Studios

  1. “The key with blogging is to lay it all out there because sooner or later, people are going to know what you know – so might as well be the first one to share the information and get credit for it.” 

—Neil Patel, New York Times bestselling author & co-founder of

Your content is all about your audience

If there’s one thing that will stand out in 2021 and beyond, it is the ability of the marketer to empathize with the audience. Great content is not just about exceptional knowledge of grammatical prowess; it is about the marketer’s ability to understand and connect with the target audience. Make sure the content you are creating is the content your audience needs and is actively looking for. Most marketing gurus have spoken in length about being passionate and actively involved in the process of content creation and making sure it truly resonates with the values and thoughts of your brand.

  1. “Great marketers have immense empathy for their audience. They can put themselves in their shoes, live their lives, feel what they feel, go where they go, and respond how they’d respond. That empathy comes out in content that resonates with your audience.” 

—Rand Fishkin, CEO & co-founder of Moz & SparkToro

  1. “Behind every piece of great content is a marketer, publisher, author who passionately and empathetically sought to help his or her audience. But how do you teach empathy to an executive who has none? The answer is fear. You have to show them that if you don’t create the best answer to your customers’ questions, someone else will.” 

—Michael Brenner, keynote speaker and CEO of Marketing Insider Group

  1. “Make your customer the hero of your stories.”

—Ann Handley, chief content officer of MarketingProfs

  1. “Whether it’s B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We are all emotional beings looking for relevance, context, and connection.”

—Beth Comstock, former CMO and GE vice chair, author

  1. “One thing is certain: if you don’t keep an editorial/content calendar, the content doesn’t get done.” 

—Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute

And that’s all for today! Inspired to begin your own content marketing journey? We hope these quotes help you reach your goals. Remember, content creation is not easy, but it is not so difficult if you perfect the art of empathizing with your audience and delivering exactly what they are looking for. 


1. What is a content marketing quote?

Content marketing quotes are learnings from industry experts and marketing gurus about the importance of content marketing in the overarching marketing strategy for businesses. An example could be the statement, ‘Content marketing is the gap between what brands produce and what consumers actually want’ that was uttered by Michael Brenner, author, and CEO of Marketing Insider.

2. What is content-based marketing?

Content-based marketing or content marketing is a specific marketing technique that involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience. Its objective is to drive profitable customer action.

3. Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is important because it helps resolves customer’s pain points and gives answers to their particular questions. It helps build trust with your audience, better conversions, develop connections and generate leads