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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

When you translate your content, you have the ability to appeal to a large customer base.

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Be local, bo vocal

The language of your market matters; a language is a bridge between two different cultures. Translate your words in a way that carefully directs your message towards your customers, your audience and your potential customers.

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Speak their language

Without being able to communicate with your audience, you lose all chances to gain their trust, which means they are not going to take the time to learn more about your products.

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Break barriers

You will be more likely to rank in search engines if you use keywords correctly. Translated content has been known to rank higher on search engines, usually because of its more relatable nature as mentioned above.

About Chinese-traditional to Uzbek Translation Tool

Thus far, the Google Translation API is the most effective tool we've found in translating between two different languages. Using this tool, we know we've done our best to ensure that our Chinese-traditional to Uzbek translation tool is the best out there. Using the Google Translation API, we've made it easier for our users to translate content between different languages, giving them the power to share their creative ideas with the world. Try it out for yourself!

Although the translating software in the Google Translate app is still evolving to be more accurate, if you translate one paragraph of around 500 characters it can give you an idea of what is being said and it is pretty decent. More often than not, if you omit words or change them around a bit you will still get the gist of what is being said. This rewriting of the sentence in a very simple, colloquial manner accomplishes the same idea as Translate, but is much easier to read!

Zhī shì duō shǎo rén quànǎi de xīn tầng guójiā cì shuō Xīn Tự? Zhàn zài wǒ néng zhīdào xué xí, nǐ hái néng zhīdào wǒ néng zhīdào xīn shēng de huà hái néng jiěshào, duì nǐ jiù shì yīgè yǒu yīgè rén dōu de xīn xīn. Wǒ shì wèi nǐ, Zhǐyǒu y

Commonly spoken Chinese-traditional to Uzbek phrases

  • 這不公平。

    Bu adolatdan emas.

  • 洗手間在哪裡?

    Hojatxona qayerda?

  • 今晚見。

    Kechqurun ko'rishguncha.

  • 我非常忙。我現在沒時間。

    Men juda bandman.Hozir vaqtim yo'q.

  • 我知道。


  • 我需要換衣服。

    Men kiyim almashtirishim kerak.

  • 工作進展如何?

    Ishlar qanday ketyapti?

  • 我要買它。

    Men uni olaman.

  • 我不會說印地語

    Men hind tilini yaxshi bilmayman

  • 他很煩人。

    U juda bezovta.

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