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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

If your target market is using a different language than you, you are only locating and connecting with the consumers that can understand you, your services and/or products.

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Be local, bo vocal

Culture also affects what makes good content and what does not, language translation is important in this market as it will resonate with your customers, this is good for sales.

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Speak their language

Translated content goes farther than content written in your native language as it opens up your business to a much further audience and can increase your sales dramatically.

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Break barriers

When you write in a foreign language, you have the added benefit of showing off your vocabulary and making your writing more interesting for readers who might not understand the language (like my grandmother, who is a native in English, but not French).

About Chinese to Yoruba Translation Tool

And it gets even better! If you are a Chinese speaker, you can also translate to Yoruba on the fly while you browse the web. For example, if you want to see what an article in Yoruba thinks about China's economy, simply highlight the text in question and click on the "Translate Page" button that sits in the top right corner of the page. This effectively translates the entire page into Yoruba for your browser, using the power of our Chinese to Yoruba translation tool.

The upsides of Google Translate are that you can use it to translate any language and that framework is constantly improving in terms of functionality and accuracy. The downsides are that you cannot rely on it 100% because it is not something 100% accurate and the way it translates your actual language texts sometimes is unnatural. Currently, the Google team is working on ways to make Google Translate (and all similar software) become more accurate over time and there are many other translation software that work better than Google Translate although they are not that well-known.

There are more than a million people who speak Chinese in the world. For those people who are not able to understand the language well, in regards to spoken and written Chinese language, they can sometimes find it difficult. This is why a translation app is so important. Having a service where people can translate English into Chinese free of charge can help many people who need a translator to at least understand some spoken or written Chinese.

Commonly spoken Chinese to Yoruba phrases

  • 我不喜欢它。

    Nko feran re.

  • 我已结婚。

    Mo ti ni ọkọ tabi iyawo.

  • 这是正确的。

    Iyẹn tọ.

  • 你好

    Pẹlẹ o

  • 我带你去公共汽车站。

    Emi yoo mu ọ lọ si ibudo bosi.

  • 我不会说印地语

    Emi ko sọ Hindi daradara

  • 我稍后再来。

    Emi yoo pada wa nigbamii.

  • 明天见。

    Emi yoo ri ọ ni ọla.

  • 对不起,我们卖完了。

    Ma binu, a ta wa jade.

  • 我想去散步。

    Emi yoo fẹ lati rin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chinese to Yoruba Translation Work?

Our translation service uses machine learning based neural networks to translate text. Whenever you type a word, sentence or phrase in Chinese, an API request is sent to Google, Microsoft or any other Machine Learning system - they then respond with a translated text in Yoruba. Google, Microsoft and other machine learning based systems will use a neural network that allows it to learn over time and that are trained with large amounts of data (trained on billions of words and sentences across the web).

Is translation from Chinese to Yoruba free

Yes, we have no charges for our translation to Yoruba. Both individuals and business entities can take advantage of our translation technology and content translation services. Our translation tool is absolutely for free use for both commercial and private purpose.

Can we download this Chinese to Yoruba translation service?

Unfortunately, at this moment, you cannot download this Chinese to Yoruba translation tool on your device. You must also use it online:

How fast can this tool translate from Chinese to Yoruba online?

Chinese to Yoruba translation is done using Microsoft and Google APIs. It is generally fast and immediate.

How accurate is this tool’s online Chinese to Yoruba translation?

How Machine Translations Work The various translations of a sentence are selected out of the multiple combinations by a computer that examines the sentence, word per word and compares the words in an effort to find the most authenticated translation. A computer then compares these combinations against a database of words from multiple languages. The software finds the most accurate matches. The translation that best matches then displays the correct translation. This is why it's important to have translation services that have translators who have undergone rigorous translating training, so you know your content is going to be translated with accuracy and precision.

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