Chinese to Nyanja (Chichewa) Translation

Need to translate from Chinese to Nyanja (Chichewa)? Try our most accurate machine translation tool.

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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

A larger customer base equates to a higher chance of making more sales by translating your webpage into other languages.

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Be local, bo vocal

Translation is important to reach a wider market of customers. Use the power of language to connect culturally with customers to increase sales and profits.

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Speak their language

When you sell your products via an online store, you increase your customer base to as many people who speak and understand your translated language. If you write your content in English, you're only marketing to people who speak English as their native tongue. You definitely want to broaden your customer base.

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Break barriers

You will avoid the issues with slow or no content propagation, since your content did not first have to be translated. Content that is publish in your primary language will be reflected when it is translated into another language.

About Chinese to Nyanja (Chichewa) Translation Tool

This is a tool that makes it easier than ever to translate text between two different languages. To use this tool, type whatever it is you need translated along with your language translations in our text box on the left-hand side. It provides you with the best possible translations between two languages.

Currently, the software in Google Translate is not 100% accurate. However, you can still get an idea of what it is trying to tell you. Google engineers are working round the clock to make the software much more intelligent and accurate in the future. When that happens, it will not be too far from perfect!

Millions of people around the world speak Chinese. Many of those who do not speak it as a second language find it difficult to learn and understand it, as it is often difficult for them to follow what is being said by those who speak it. Our translation app allows users to convert written or spoken English into Chinese, which allows this language barrier to be broken free of charge, as learning another language shouldn’t cost you anything.

Commonly spoken Chinese to Nyanja (Chichewa) phrases

  • 史密斯先生是美国人吗?

    Kodi Bambo Smith ndi aku America?

  • 芝加哥与波士顿非常不同。

    Chicago ndi yosiyana kwambiri ndi Boston.

  • 我不会说印地语

    Sindilankhula Chihindi bwino

  • 我6点下班。

    Ndinyamuka pa ntchito 6.

  • 闻起来很糟糕。

    Zimenezo zimanunkha zoipa.

  • 我非常忙。我现在没时间。

    Ndine wotanganidwa kwambiri, ndilibe nthawi tsopano.

  • 我未婚。

    Sindine wokwatiwa.

  • 我头疼。

    Ndikumva mutu.

  • 你会说英语吗?

    Mumalankhula Chingerezi?

  • 太贵!

    Ndiokwera mtengo kwambiri!

Frequently Asked Questions

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