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About Chinese to Croatian Translation Tool

Our Chinese to Croatian translation tool works as a reverse translation. First type your sentence or word in Russian into the left-hand text box and select your language pair. The Google Translation API then translates your text into another language within seconds, and it's easy to read too! There's no need to waste hours of your time typing out the same word over and over again into your computer.

Google Translate is a very powerful tool for Chinese to Croatian translation. You can input a sentence up to 20 words in length. You can also translate specific portions of the sentence as well. The translations are not done 100% accurately and you may have to make small adjustments, but most of the time you can get the general idea of what is being said.

是的,超过10亿人以外的每个世界各地的人都会讲中文。对于那些不会讲中文,看到与中文写作者高中文相似的内容可能不会知道有人在说了什么。这个为什么互联网翻译软件 都有这么重要。虽然有几个网站提

Commonly spoken Chinese to Croatian phrases

  • 不用担心。

    ne brini.

  • 洗手间在哪里?

    Gdje su zahodi?

  • 请再说一遍

    Molim te reci ponovo

  • 那是不对的。

    To nije u redu.

  • 冒一次险。

    Iskoristi šansu.

  • 我很冷。

    Hladno mi je.

  • 他非常喜欢。

    Jako mu se sviđa.

  • 我要走了。

    idem otići.

  • 匆忙!


  • 欢迎


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