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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

Through translation, you can geographically broaden your content's appeal, leading to greater profits through increased customer awareness.

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Be local, bo vocal

When you translate your website or content from one language to another, you are connecting with you audience on a cultural and social level. Translation, when done correctly, is an essential and very useful tool in running a successful business. You can get the most out of your marketing and advertising campaigns when you target the right audience. The right audience for yours is your market, and the right language for them is the language of that market.

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Speak their language

You can re-use your content for internal and external purposes such as, press releases, website localizations, PowerPoint presentations, proposals and etc.

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Break barriers

You'll be able to share new and relevant content that is meant for your audience, as opposed to having to translate content written for an entirely different audience in a completely different culture. Translation is an extremely important factor to consider in any marketing initiative, especially when it comes to connecting with a foreign audience for commercial purposes through a different language. As long as you're able to invest in translation, the possibilities are seemingly endless in terms of connecting with a larger, foreign audience that is most likely to assist in the growth of your business.

About Albanian to Urdu Translation Tool

Our Albanian to Urdu translation tool, powered by the Google Translation API, makes it easier than ever to translate content between two different languages. Simply type a word in Albanian on the left-hand text box and click on the "Translate" button below. Our app then translates your Albanian word, phrase, or sentence into Urdu within seconds. Who knew translating could be this easy? No more long nights typing out the same language over and over again just so that you can see how it's translated into another!

In the current form of the Google Translate app, you can easily translate up to 500 characters of text from Albanian to Urdu translation and vice versa. Although the app is not 100% accurate, with some tweaking you can get the general idea of what the Albanian text is trying to say. Google stated that they are working on a more intelligent translating algorithm because the app is in its developing stages.

Millions of people around the world speak Albanian. Many who do not speak Albanian themselves may find it difficult to understand. As Albanian is such a complex language, many times when people think they understand what someone is saying, they don’t. This is why our translation app is so important to the average person, who does not know every language. Our translator offers word to word spoken Albanian translation, along with Albanian to Albanian written translation (so you can ask someone else to show you what something means). This is the greatest way to learn about a foreign language and culture, for free and on your own schedule.

Commonly spoken Albanian to Urdu phrases

  • Faleminderit për ndihmën tuaj.

    آپ کی مدد کے لئے شکریہ.

  • Më falni, jemi shitur.

    مجھے افسوس ہے، ہم بک چکے ہیں۔

  • Shihemi me vone.

    بعد میں ملتے ہیں.

  • E shkëlqyeshme.


  • Kështu është.

    یہ ٹھیک ہے.

  • Nuk dua t'ju shqetësoj.

    میں تمہیں پریشان نہیں کرنا چاہتا.

  • E di.

    میں جانتا ہوں.

  • Unë jam shumë i zënë. Nuk kam kohë tani.

    میں بہت مصروف ہوں. میرے پاس اب وقت نہیں ہے۔

  • Kam dhimbje koke.

    میرے سر میں درد ہے.

  • Kjo është mirë.

    ٹھیک ہے.

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