Basque to Punjabi Translation

Need an accurate, high quality tool to translate from Basque to Punjabi? We are it.

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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

If you are marketing your product to different markets, then you should consider marketing your product to a variety of languages, as well, by translating your content into those languages.

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Be local, bo vocal

Stay true to your vision; from translation to translation you should always keep your original vision in mind, even if you are not striving for perfection, but simply a well-written translation.

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Speak their language

Translate your content and make the world your marketplace.

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Break barriers

You will reach new customers and potential clients that are part of your target audience, simply because your content is translated.

About Basque to Punjabi Translation Tool

Our Basque to Punjabi translation tool was powered by Google Translate . To use this tool, translate from Basque to Punjabi by typing the Basque word or phrase on the left-hand text box. Scroll down to see your translation.

The Google Translate app can translate 500 Basque characters in one request which is not 100% accurate. However, you can adjust this translation to create an accurate idea about the message that the Basque language is trying to communicate!

The most common language in the Basque region of Spain is Basque. The origins of this language are somewhat of a mystery, even to this day. The language is only spoken in three places: the region of Spain, Northern France and parts of Afghanistan. For those who wish to speak it, and also for those who wish to hear it, our translation app is very important.

Commonly spoken Basque to Punjabi phrases

  • Mesedez, idatzi .

    ਕਿਰਪਾ ਕਰਕੇ ਇਸਨੂੰ ਲਿਖੋ.

  • alde egingo dut.

    ਮੈਂ ਛੱਡਣ ਜਾ ਰਿਹਾ ਹਾਂ।

  • Arrazoia du.

    ਉਹ ਸਹੀ ਹੈ।

  • Ez nago lanpetuta.

    ਮੈਂ ਵਿਅਸਤ ਨਹੀਂ ਹਾਂ।

  • Hori ez da justua.

    ਇਹ ਠੀਕ ਨਹੀਂ.

  • Hori da.

    ਇਹ ਹੀ ਗੱਲ ਹੈ.

  • Nire izena da ...

    ਮੇਰਾ ਨਾਮ ਹੈ ...

  • Nire gela garbitzen ari naiz.

    ਮੈਂ ਆਪਣਾ ਕਮਰਾ ਸਾਫ਼ ਕਰ ਰਿਹਾ/ਰਹੀ ਹਾਂ।

  •  gaur ikusi.

    ਰਾਤ ਨੂੰ ਮਿਲਦੇ ਹਾਂ.

  • Buruko mina dut.

    ਮੈਨੂੰ ਸਿਰਦਰਦ ਹੋ ਰਹੀ ਹੈ.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Basque to Punjabi Translation Work?

Microsoft and Google systems, working in tandem with our Language Translation software, bring you the next level of natural language AI translation. The previous sentence you typed (in your language of choice) is translated into Punjabi. This translation is determined by using Neural Machine Translating, Big Data, and is provided by Google, Microsoft, IBM, or any other of the powerful cloud computing providers that we have partnered with.

Is translation from Basque to Punjabi free

Yes, for free! Our tool for automated translation to Punjabi is available for free and is you can use it for whatever you need it for, including both personal and commercial use.

Can we download this Basque to Punjabi translation service?

Unfortunately, at present you cannot download a Basque to Punjabi translation tool on your device. You must use it online.

How fast can this tool translate from Basque to Punjabi online?

We have incorporated the Google and Microsoft APIs in our service to provide a quick and hassle-free Punjabi to Basque translation.

How accurate is this tool’s online Basque to Punjabi translation?

Machines translations facilitate your ability understand the general meaning of a sentence such as if you were to translate from Basque to Punjabi using Google Translate. To do so, computer programs known as translation software use algorithms exactly like this. Computers compare all the possible combinations against individual words in both languages as well as phrases and match them up with other words equal in both languages. This way, it can figure out what words and phrases mean to translate them into the other language. If you want better contextual translation or accurate translation, visit Pepper Content’s language services ( and get your content translated by expert translators!

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