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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

Localizing content is essential for sales and maximization of your company's profits.

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Be local, bo vocal

When translating a website, try to keep the original flavour of the words, and never lose context in translation. If you are translating a website, translated content is an art form that requires special attention to detail. Mistakes can cost you customers.

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Speak their language

Your content will be more likely to be shared across cultures, which increases its reach and value for your audience.

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Break barriers

Writing in another language actually forces you to think more critically and be more readable in your own language too.

About English to Sindhi Translation Tool

If you're interested in learning more about which languages the Google Translation API is able to translate, go to and type the two languages you want to translate. Or, visit Google's Translation page   to see a list of all the languages the Google Translation API is able to translate.

[Google Sindhi Translator has] been developed to convert up to 500 characters of text from English to Sindhi translation and vice versa. Although the accuracy is not perfect, you can get the general idea of what is being said with a few alterations to phrases and single letters.

Millions of people around the world speak english. For those who are unfamiliar with the language, understanding it can be cumbersome. This is why a translation app like ours is so relevant. While several websites offer english to tamil translation for a few dollars, we believe that translating commonly used words and phrases shouldn’t be something you have to pay for, which is why our app allows you to do it for free. This is the true purpose of this tool, to allow you to converse, informally in english or at least understand spoken english well.

Commonly spoken English to Sindhi phrases

  • Okay.

    ٺيڪ آهي.

  • I'll take you to the bus stop.

    مان توکي بس اسٽاپ تي وٺي ويندس.

  • I like her.

    مان هن کي پسند ڪريان ٿو.

  • I think it tastes good.

    مان سمجهان ٿو ته اهو سٺو ذائقو آهي.

  • I'll call you when I leave.

    مان توهان کي فون ڪندس جڏهن مان وڃان ٿو.

  • I'm not sure.

    مون کي پڪ ناهي.

  • That's enough.

    اهو ڪافي آهي.

  • Everyone knows it.

    هرڪو اهو ڄاڻي ٿو.

  • I don't understand.

    مان نه ٿو سمجهان.

  • Right here.

    ھتي صحيح آھي.

  • I'm an American.

    مان هڪ آمريڪي آهيان.

  • Chicago is very different from Boston.

    شکاگو بوسٽن کان بلڪل مختلف آهي.

  • Be careful.

    خيال رکجو.

  • I'll pay.

    مان ادا ڪندس.

  • I don't speak very well.

    مان تمام سٺو نه ڳالهائيندو آهيان.

  • Thank you

    توهان جي مهرباني

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