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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

When people can more easily access your content, you can obtain more sales by building and encouraging a network of international partners.

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Be local, bo vocal

By translating your content for your customer's target market, you are connecting with potential clients on a very deep level by radiating goodwill and marketing healthy products. Your site visitors will buy products that radiate good will because goodwill is culturally connected.

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Speak their language

It is essential to consider translating your content to the local language so that the overall sentiment you convey to your readers will match with their perspective.

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Break barriers

When you share content that has been translated for your audience, you're taking a step to convert them into customers instead of just advertising to them.

About English to Sesotho Translation Tool

Google Translation has helped thousands of people worldwide who struggle with foreign languages. Starting today, we're just one step closer to bridging the gap between language learners and a new language. If you're struggling to communicate with other individuals who speak a different language, Google Translation will help you bridge the gap. Our English to Sesotho translation tool allows you to do everything from translating websites to translating the words in your newsfeed. One thing's for sure - now you have no more excuses for not understanding those pesky foreigners ;-)

Currently, you can literally convert up to 500 characters from English to Sesotho translation and vice versa in one request. Although this translation is not 100% accurate, you can easily get a basic idea. As time continues and the Google team continues to work on this tool, it will become more accurate and reliable. In fact, Google is currently working on ways to modify the application so that it will be able to detect the context and better discern important aspects of the conversation.

Around a million people around the world speak English, and for those unfamiliar with the language as a second or foreign language, understanding it can be hard at times. For this reason, a free translation app for mobile device users on the market like ours should be everywhere, as this allows you to convert written or spoken English into English easily and at no cost.

Commonly spoken English to Sesotho phrases

  • I can't hear you.

    Ha ke u utloe.

  • Hello


  • I'm not sure.

    Ha ke na bonnete.

  • I'm not busy.

    Ha kea phathahana.

  • I’m fine. You?

    Ke phela hantle. Uena?

  • I think it's very good.

    Ke nahana hore e ntle haholo.

  • He's very annoying.

    O tena haholo.

  • Sorry to bother you.

    Ke masoabi ho u sitisa.

  • Take it outside.

    E ntše ka ntle.

  • Left / Right / Straight

    Ka ho le letshehadi / Ka ho le letona / Ho otloloha

  • I'm an American.

    Ke Moamerika.

  • He likes it very much.

    O e rata haholo.

  • Thanks for your help.

    Ke leboha thuso ea hao.

  • It’s too expensive!

    E turu haholo!

  • Right here.

    Hona mona.

  • Help!


Frequently Asked Questions

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