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English to Samoan translation? We've got you covered.

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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

Running a blog in your target market's language creates more potential customers/readers for you to reach out to and sell your offerings to them.

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Be local, bo vocal

Localization can be the difference between success and failure to a business. Using the right words, cultural sensitivity, and intelligence in how you phrase your content and how you can relay this information to potential customers can be the difference between creating lasting brand recognition and leaving money on the table.

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Speak their language

You'll be expanding your international exposure and attracting a broader range of business opportunities, including creating strong relationships with international businesses that you can utilize to the benefit of your company.

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Break barriers

Your content can be used as a marketing tool to help you acquire new customers. If you step over the language barrier and translate your content, you open up a larger market of potential clients to do business with.

About English to Samoan Translation Tool

Our English to Samoan translation tool was made possible by the Google Translation API, which translates your word, phrase, or sentence into another language within seconds. All you have to do is type your translation along with your language pair in our innovative text box on the left-hand side of the page - it's easy!

Although this is a very basic translation (and not 100% accurate) you can still guess the meaning of it. However, if you ignore one or two words or change them a little, then you can easily guess what is being said in Samoan. The Google team is working on their software in order to make the translations 100% accurate. Currently Google Translate has a 500 character limit for each sentence.

Billions of people worldwide speak English, which is a language many Americans and other native English speaking speakers take for granted. However, those who speak English as a second language may struggle to pick up and understand this easy, but foreign, language. Our translation service allows users to convert written or spoken English into English easily, at a virtually unlimited selection of words and phrases available for free without paying for them!

Commonly spoken English to Samoan phrases

  • I don't like it.

    Ou te le fiafia i ai.

  • Welcome

    Afio mai

  • Right there.

    O iina.

  • He's coming soon.

    Ua lata ona sau.

  • I like her.

    Ou te fiafia ia te ia.

  • Good idea.

    Manaia lelei.

  • I get off of work at 6.

    Ou te alu ese mai le galuega i le 6.

  • Right here.

    O iinei.

  • See you tomorrow.

    Feiloai taeao.

  • I feel good.

    Ou te lagona le lelei.

  • Take it outside.

    Ave i fafo.

  • I hope you and your wife have a nice trip.

    Ou te faʻamoemoe o loʻo maua e oe ma lou faletua se malaga manaia.

  • I'm very busy. I don't have time now.

    Ou te pisi tele. E leai so'u taimi i le taimi nei.

  • I'm married.

    Ua ou faaipoipo.

  • Be careful.


  • Thank you very much.

    Faafetai lava.

Frequently Asked Questions

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