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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

Once your content is translated into multiple target market's languages, you can replace your original content with the translated content and reach even more customers.

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Be local, bo vocal

Thinking of translation as the bridge to your customer's culture and realisation of the importance of translation services is the crucial first step on your way to success.

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Speak their language

Write each sentence in its proper form, using vocabulary that's native to your target audience. For example, remove words such as "That's why..." and replace them with "Cours en ligne" or "Estimated delivery" with "Entrega estimada." By doing this, you improve the flow of reading through your content without reducing the meaning of the message.

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Break barriers

If you have employees that speak different languages, importance can be associated with the fact that there is a likelihood that you'll have the wrong information on your website if the language is not translated. Your audience may not be able to find the correct location for the products when they're searching for them, which could be disastrous for your company.

About English to Bulgarian Translation Tool

בִּנְבִיאֶיךָ שְׁתֵּי תַּחֲנוּנוֹת וּבִנְבִיאֶיךָ יַחֲנוּ וּבְהֵמָה הַמַּגְּבִּישֹׁת גַּם פְּרִי גַּם שְׂכָר תָּבִיא.

Although this translation software is not 100% accurate you still get a basic idea of what is being said. You can change a few words here and there or use grammar that might be unaccurate and still get the general message across. Google engineers and Google Translate continue to develop the software so it is becoming more intelligent and accurate over time.

Over a million people around the world speak English. " To be clear, there is no grammatical problem in the original sentence.

Commonly spoken English to Bulgarian phrases

  • She's pretty.

    Тя е красива.

  • He's coming soon.

    Той идва скоро.

  • Sorry to bother you.

    Съжалявам, че те притеснявам.

  • That's not fair.

    Не е честно.

  • Thank you very much.

    Благодаря ти много.

  • I don't want it.

    не го искам.

  • Really?

    Наистина ли?

  • Excuse me / Sorry

    Извинете / Съжалявам

  • I don't speak Hindi well

    Не говоря добре хинди

  • That looks great.

    Това изглежда страхотно.

  • I'm not married.

    Аз не съм женена.

  • Thank you miss.

    Благодарим ви, госпожица.

  • He's very annoying.

    Той е много досаден.

  • Right here.

    Точно тук.

  • Take a chance.

    Възползвайте се от шанса.

  • Be careful driving.

    Бъдете внимателни при шофиране.

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