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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

Translating content into other languages helps you widen your target market's reach, which attracts new consumers who are interested in your products.

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Be local, bo vocal

If you are creating content for your website, blog or any marketing platform, you must make sure that it is created to your potential customers' cultural standards. If you follow the ordinary translation tactic of simply pasting the text into Google Translate, you are effectively telling your customer that you are uncommitted to the success of your business.

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Speak their language

Good content keeps readers engaged and interested in your brand.

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Break barriers

If you're serious about your business and you want to reach the greatest number of customers, it makes sense to create Content that can be translated into other languages.

About English to Bengali Translation Tool

If you have any questions about our translation tool, please don't hesitate to contact us here. We'll be sure to get back to you with answers and solutions as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Although the Google Translate app is not 100% accurate you can still understand the general idea behind the sentence or several sentences. Even if you leave out portions of words or phrases from the sentence, it usually still makes sense. The Google team are currently trying to optimise this more as they want it to become more translator in the future.

Millions of people around the world speak English. Those who have studied it as a second language know it well enough to understand what it is they are communicating themselves. For those who have not learned it, however, English can still seem antagonistic and difficult to comprehend. This is why a translation app like ours is so important. Our app allows users to easily convert English into English and vice versa. In today’s global community it is absolutely essential that everyone has access to the tools needed to communicate in their own preferred language freely with anyone else no matter which location they may be and no matter which language they speak themselves. And it is our goal to directly address this issue head on by creating an English to English translation app that users can use for free and without having to pay for what should be a very easy, simple and intuitive service to use.

Commonly spoken English to Bengali phrases

  • Help!


  • He's very annoying.

    সে খুবই বিরক্তিকর।

  • I'm not ready yet.

    আমি এখনও প্রস্তুত না.

  • I'll pay.

    আমি পরিশোধ করবো.

  • That's right.

    সেটা ঠিক.

  • I'm cleaning my room.

    আমি আমার ঘর পরিষ্কার করছি.

  • I hope you and your wife have a nice trip.

    আমি আশা করি আপনি এবং আপনার স্ত্রী একটি সুন্দর ট্রিপ আছে.

  • Chicago is very different from Boston.

    শিকাগো বোস্টন থেকে খুব আলাদা।

  • That smells bad.

    এটি খারাপ গন্ধ।

  • Stop!


  • I'm thirsty.

    আমি তৃষ্ণার্ত.

  • She's pretty.

    সে সুন্দরী.

  • Excellent.


  • Really?


  • I think it's very good.

    আমি মনে করি এটা খুব ভালো.

  • I feel good.

    আমি ভাল অনুভব করছি.

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