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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

If consumers in another country can read your content, they are more likely to buy something you are selling.

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Be local, bo vocal

A marketer who is using a non-localized marketing strategy really misses out on a great deal of business opportunities and sales. When you are considering localizing your marketing, you need to be sure that you will choose the best area in which to target your audience. One way to decide where to target is to think about your competition. Though all world markets are becoming more and more interconnected, you can zero in on your closest competitors and demographics. Locating your competition initially may be a great starting point for deciding exactly where you want to go for the sales you are seeking.

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Speak their language

It will maximize your ability to truly reach a global audience by eliminating the cultural separation barrier between you and them, which is a definite plus.

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Break barriers

People are more likely to buy from a person they feel like they know. Translating your content into another language allows your readers to see the humanity in you, making you more relatable. * SEO firms have found that content with the correct localization strategy in place rank higher in the SERPS when compared to those with content written in a single language.

About English to Afrikaans Translation Tool

Hoe jy Engels in Afrikaans vertalings-, wat deur die Google Vertalings API, word gemaak, maak dit makliker as ooit te vertaal tussen meer as twee verskillende tale. Gewoon sit jou Engels woord, of frase in die hooftekste en klik daarop die "Vertal" knoppie onder. Ons app dan vertaal jou Engels woord of frase in Afrikaans. Natuurlik vertaal ons Engels in Afrikaans!

Although the translating software in the Google Translate app is not 100% accurate it can still offer you an idea about what you are trying to translate without too much hassle. The phrase ‘hopefully one day it will be near perfect!’ is commonly used when people talk about how intelligent Google Translate has become in recent years so I think this sounds better than the original.

Millions of people around the world speak English. The language might at times seem familiar to those who have learned it as a second language, but to others it can often be perceived as an intimidating mouthful. This is why a translation app is vital. Our online translator allows you to translate from English into English, and vice versa with over a million words or phrases at your fingertips at no cost! In our world today, it is essential that people have access to any tool they require to communicate with whomever they wish, regardless of distinctions such as location, background language differences, etc. - and this is why it’s up to us as individuals to simply provide a free service that addresses these issues head-on. I hope this has been helpful! :)

Commonly spoken English to Afrikaans phrases

  • Is that enough?

    Is dit genoeg?

  • That's not right.

    Dit is nie reg nie.

  • I need to go home.

    Ek moet huis toe gaan.

  • Please write it down.

    Skryf dit asseblief neer.

  • That's right.

    Dit is reg.

  • Excellent.


  • I don't understand

    Ek verstaan nie

  • Thank you.


  • I don't want to bother you.

    Ek wil jou nie pla nie.

  • I only want a snack.

    Ek wil net 'n versnapering hê.

  • I'm hungry.

    Ek's honger.

  • I'm not busy.

    Ek is nie besig nie.

  • I'm married.

    Ek is getroud.

  • Help!


  • I feel good.

    Ek voel goed.

  • Pleased to meet you

    Bly te kenne

Frequently Asked Questions

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