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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

If you want to increase your online revenue, you can achieve it by translating your content into other languages.

Be local, bo vocal

Culture spanning is something you will want to keep in mind. A language is a bridge that connects two different cultures together. It should not be treated as a wall that isolates you from your customer. Translation allows you to speak to your customer in a context that they can relate to. Use the right words to connect culturally with the people most important to your business: your customers.

Speak their language

It is extremely important to translate your written content so that you don't hinder your product or service's distribution. Although your products and services may appeal to those of your own culture, they need to reach everyone to boost your company's growth.

Break barriers

Translation prevents miscommunication. A lot of people do not take the time translate their content before posting it on their site or blog because they just want to share their content as quickly as possible. However, from my experience, I've actually seen a lot of people who have agreed with me on this point. Great content is great content no matter what language it's in. Do not neglect to translate your content if your site has more than one language.

About Czech to Esperanto Translation Tool

Our Czech to Esperanto translation tool is a groundbreaking Google Translation app that makes it easier than ever to convert words, phrases, or whole sentences you know into another language in mere seconds. Just enter your Czech text and choose your target language to start. The Google Translation API then converts it into Esperanto - it's that simple!

Google currently has an app that allows people to translate words and phrases between languages to English or Spanish and vice versa. However, out of the other 11 languages that Google Translate can translate, it does not have the option of translating directly to and from Esperanto, for example. Esperanto has a particularly unique alphabet that is actually a combination of the alphabets of various other languages and although Google Translate successfully manages to translate from and into those particular languages to and from English, for instance, it is unable to handle Esperanto. Esperanto is also a constructed language that was made as an international second language, like Chinese and Latin, and it has more than a hundred thousand native speakers .To minimize confusion, the Esperanto alphabet has eighteen letters that are a combination of letters from German, the Cyrillic alphabet, Greek, and the Roman alphabet. This is a very convenient alphabet

La granda nombro de homoj en la tuta mondo parolas ĉeĥe. Aliaj, kiuj ne la lingvon, ofte opinias ke ĝi estas malfacila lerni kaj kompreni. Sed hodiaŭ la apliko de nia tradukilo facile kaj libere konvertas afice de ĉeĥe en la afikse, kaj inverse.

Commonly spoken Czech to Esperanto phrases

  • Ahoj večer.

    Ĝis revido ĉi-vespere.

  • Uvidíme se zítra.

    Ĝis morgaŭ.

  • Já jsem v pohodě a ty?

    Mi estas bona, kaj vi?

  • Přeji vám a vaší ženě pěkný výlet.

    Mi esperas, ke vi kaj via edzino havu bonan vojaĝon.

  • On má pravdu.

    Li pravas.

  • Je velmi nepříjemný.

    Li estas tre ĝena.

  • Odcházím z práce v 6.

    Mi foriras de la laboro je la 6-a.

  • Děkuji za všechno.

    Dankon pro ĉio.

  • Myslím, že je to velmi dobré.

    Mi pensas, ke ĝi estas tre bona.

  • Dobře.


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