Bulgarian to Macedonian Translation

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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

By reaching out to customers in multiple countries, you can also open up new opportunities for reaching new customers, as well new markets for your product.

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Be local, bo vocal

Cultural translation is important because some people could be offended by words or phrases that they personally use and understand, but many others might not understand the true meaning behind certain cultural expressions. This can offend customers who are looking to do business within your location.

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Speak their language

Your translated content gives readers an excuse to request a specialist who can translate your material into the language of their choice.

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Break barriers

Translation will allow your content to reach more people. Your main goal as a marketer is to find your target audience, right? Why not start by translating your content?

About Bulgarian to Macedonian Translation Tool

Our Bulgarian to Macedonian translation tool makes it quick and easy to go back and forth between words and phrases with one simple step. You can communicate your ideas to others without all of the hassle of going back and forth between Google Translate and Microsoft Word (Word, 2013) .

Although Google Translate is not 100% accurate yet and can only translate one paragraph of 500 characters, you will notice some words are spelled differently or are changed in order to make the text flow. As time goes on, Google Translate and other translators will become more accurate and offer a smoother flow. Google’s software engineers are working hard right now to make sure their translators are as accurate as possible.

[Bulgarian is widely spoken by] over _ million people around the world. For those who are unfamiliar with the language, learning and communicating it can be difficult. A translation app like this allows those who speak Bulgarian to convert their spoken or written words into English, or even speak or write them in Macedonian. When one is able to communicate in any language, they are able to better their whole life, and we believe that people shouldn’t have to pay for that - which is why we offer a free Bulgarian to Macedonian and Macedonian to Bulgarian translator. This is a service meant to facilitate communications, so that you and others can learn Bulgarian and speak it freely.

Commonly spoken Bulgarian to Macedonian phrases

  • Извинявай, че те безпокоя.

    Извинете што досадувам.

  • Аз я харесвам.

    Ми се допаѓа таа.

  • Не съм зает.

    Јас не сум зафатен.

  • Моето име е ...

    Моето име е ...

  • Моля, кажете го отново

    Ве молиме кажете го повторно

  • Той е много досаден.

    Тој е многу досаден.

  • Слизам от работа в 6.

    Сигам од работа во 6.

  • Аз съм омъжена.

    Јас сум во брак.

  • ядох вече.

    Јадев веќе.

  • Това е добре.

    Во ред е.

Frequently Asked Questions

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