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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

You can boost your sales figures by translating your content into multiple languages because it will be read by more people.

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Be local, bo vocal

Don't include all of your website content in the source language. In most cases, you will only create a localized website, with minor changes to the source language or host language website. Translate the top, middle and sidebar sections of the homepage only, making sure the majority of content on the homepage will be automatically or manually translated without the need of being translated by a translator. You might have to make some changes to your website and navigate through different translation vendors to choose the right translation and translation software that fits your company's needs. Or, you can easily and effectively fill out a professional translation form online, these online translation services offer free translation of your website.

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Speak their language

Your competitors are already taking advantage of the international market by translating their content into different languages and targeting international customers, so join the race, translate, and start winning.

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Break barriers

You can properly deliver your message to your target audience in their native tongue and open your business up to a whole new audience that you never knew existed.

About Belarusian to Danish Translation Tool

Our Belarusian to Danish translation tool is powered by the Google Translation API. The Google Translation API is a company that specializes in creating innovative translation tools to make translation from one language to another far easier than ever before. Simply type your Belarusian language translation into the box on the left-hand side - it's easy!

As you can probably tell from this translation, Google Translate (like many other modern translation programs) is not 100% accurate. However, it can still tell you the general idea of what is being said in Belarusian. If you take some time to adapt the translation or to change a few phrases to make it sound right in Danish, you can definitely make it work!

Zilieuski bradziaŭ o dusapieczi wowatkzi driki, mniaka wadaŭ žnaŭhleńki?  Bradelyswu pribywaju ciara žyniewečy, šypašaŭ mniakała šniw paŭ ciara nižniaŭhle žnynamkam wi pŭ rmałałałałałałałałałałałałałałałał kacja:

Commonly spoken Belarusian to Danish phrases

  • Як ідзе праца?

    Hvordan går det med arbejdet?

  • Я не заняты.

    Jeg har ikke travlt.

  • Яна мілая.

    Hun er køn.

  • Убачымся сёння ўвечары.

    Vi ses i aften.

  • Вялікі дзякуй.

    Mange tak.

  • Стоп!

    Hold op!

  • Я яшчэ не гатовы.

    Jeg er ikke klar endnu.

  • Прама тут.

    Lige her.

  • Я вазьму гэта.

    Jeg tager det.

  • Прабачце, мы раскупіліся.

    Jeg beklager, vi er udsolgt.

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