Azerbaijani to Finnish Translation

Fast and accurate Azerbaijani to Finnish translation using our translation tool.

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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

Don't translate content yourself, or you might not make your point as effectively. Use a reputable translation company that has experience in your niche to translate your content.

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Be local, bo vocal

Translating your content will open up a whole new chapter for your business and your market. Your marketing messages will not only be more reliable, popular and influential in the market where you are doing business, but also get translated into more tongues, leading your business to a more diverse range of customers.

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Speak their language

Your content will be more relatable to your readers, resulting in a stronger bond with them instead of antagonizing them by using language that is not native to them.

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Break barriers

A good translator will have better suggestions for the wording of translations, allowing you to show your creativity.

About Azerbaijani to Finnish Translation Tool

Our Azerbaijani to Finnish translation tool is powered by the Google Translation API. All you have to do is type your Azerbaijani word, phrase, or sentence into the left-hand text box and click on the "Translate" button. Our app then translates your Azerbaijani word, phrase, or sentence into Finnish within seconds!

Although the translating software in the Google Translate app is not 100% accurate it can still offer you an idea about what you are trying to translate without too much hassle. The phrase ‘hopefully one day it will be near perfect!’ is commonly used when people talk about how intelligent Google Translate has become in recent years so I think this sounds better than the original.

Milyôn usa yilawênaz bikan yên rêgêr hatiye guhertin. Qeşen û keçkirvan hatine şewitandin, hîna çerxerî dîtin.

Commonly spoken Azerbaijani to Finnish phrases

  • ödəyəcəm.

    Minä maksan.

  • Mən necə istifadə edəcəyimi bilmirəm.

    En tiedä kuinka käyttää sitä.

  • Cənab Smit Amerikalıdır?

    Onko Mr. Smith amerikkalainen?

  • Mən çox yaxşı danışmıram.

    En puhu kovin hyvin.

  • narahat olma.

    Älä huoli.

  • Salam


  • Başım ağrıyır.

    Minulla on päänsärkyä.

  • Bu ədalətli deyil.

    Tuo ei ole reilua.

  • Əla görünür.

    Se näyttää hienolta.

  • Tələsin!


Frequently Asked Questions

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