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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

You need to provide the same value to your customers regardless of where they come from, so by translating your content into other languages, you'll be able to make additional sales.

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Be local, bo vocal

Localization is the cultural adaptation of words and phrases to resonate with potential customers and help business reach a new market. Cultural understanding, dialect and illustrations help tailor what you have to offer to your customers in a way that they can relate to.

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Speak their language

When you translate content, there will always be readers who cannot read the native language. If you write content only in your native language, you're limiting your exposure to the entire market, not just the native population.

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Break barriers

Not only will you be able to expand your market internationally, you'll also be able to attract more customers from within your own country due to being relatable.

About Amharic to Sindhi Translation Tool

Our Amharic to Sindhi translation tool, powered by the Google Translation API, is a groundbreaking way to right to right language translations. Simply type in the word, phrase, or sentence into the left hand text box, and then click on the translate button below.  Our app then translates your word, phrase, or sentence into Sindhi so that you and other people can easily read it.

As for now, the Google Translate app can convert up to 500 characters in one go. Although this translation is not 100% accurate, it can give you an idea of what's being said! With a few simple changes, it can give you a very accurate translation of what is being said!

There are over a million Amharic speakers in the world. Amharic is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic languages family. Though the language may appear common among those who speak it as a mother tongue, it can seem strange and antagonistic to others who do not. With a translation app like ours, you can easily convert written or spoken Sindhi into Amharic. This application allows you to do this for free. It’s true purpose is to allow those of you who wish to learn Amharic to make casual conversations with those who use it as a second language and make them easier in doing so.

Commonly spoken Amharic to Sindhi phrases

  • በቂ ነው?

    ڇا اهو ڪافي آهي؟

  • ወደ ውጭ ይውሰዱት።

    ان کي ٻاهر ڪڍو.

  • ልሰማህ አልችልም።

    مان توهان کي ٻڌي نٿو سگهان.

  • እባክዎን ይፃፉ።

    مهرباني ڪري ان کي لکو.

  • ንገረኝ.

    مونکي ٻڌايو.

  • እራስምታት አለብኝ.

    مون کي مٿي ۾ سور آهي.

  • እዚህ ጋ.

    ھتي صحيح آھي.

  • እሷ ቆንጆ ነች።

    هوءَ خوبصورت آهي.

  • ለሁሉም አመሰግናለሁ.

    هيترو ڪجھ ڪرڻ لاء مهرباني.

  • ወደ አውቶቡስ ማቆሚያ እወስድሃለሁ።

    مان توکي بس اسٽاپ تي وٺي ويندس.

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