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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

A bigger consumer base will translate into having more sales by writing in different languages.

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Be local, bo vocal

Localize your content, if you want to connect with the local people, translate your documents, process and, of course, website into their native language. Your website will then be available to your intended audience.

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Speak their language

E-commerce is more global than ever, with the ability to earn in several different currencies (only USA is different).

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Break barriers

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About Amharic to Hindi Translation Tool

Our Amharic to Hindi translation tool is powered by the Google Translation API. Simply type a word in Amharic on the left-hand text box and click on the "Translate" button. Our app then translates your Amharic word, phrase, or sentence into Hindi within seconds. These features and more - it's all here and ready to use!

Even though it is not 100% accurate, Google Translate is sufficient enough to produce a basic idea of what is being said or written. You can change a few words around and still get a clue! The engineers at Google are working on it to make the translations more intelligent and correct. Hopefully, one day it will produce a near-perfect translation!

Millions of people around the world speak Amharic. Understanding this language for those who don’t understand it can be complicated. Our free translation app is a great way to learn this language. Learning a new language can be costly, but our online translator allows you to translate from English into Amharic, and vice versa with over a million words or phrases available at one’s fingertips at no cost! In today’s global community it is essential that everyone has access to the tools needed to communicate freely with anyone else, regardless of location or background language differences, so now more than ever it's up to us as those in the know to simply provide a free service that addresses these issues head-on.

Commonly spoken Amharic to Hindi phrases

  • ስላስቸገርህ ይቅርታ።

    आपको परेशान करने के लिए माफी चाहता हूं।

  • ክፍሌን እያጸዳሁ ነው።

    मैं अपने कमरे की सफाई कर रहा हूं।

  • አላገባሁም.

    मैं शादीशुदा नहीं हूँ।

  • በጣም ይወዳል።

    उसे यह बहुत पसंद है।

  • ዕድል መውሰድ.

    जोखिम में डालना।

  • ሁሉም ያውቀዋል።

    इसे हर कोई जानता है।

  • እኔ እከፍላለሁ.

    मैं भुगतान करूंगा।

  • እባኮትን ቀስ ብለው ይናገሩ

    कृपया धीमें बोलें

  • ስራ አልበዛብኝም።

    मैं व्यस्त नहीं हूँ।

  • በጣም ውድ ነው!

    यह बहुत महंगा है!

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