Amharic to Armenian Translation

Use our translation tool for Amharic to Armenian translation with ease.

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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

By translating your content and making it available in multiple languages, you can appeal to and make more sales from non-English speaking customers.

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Be local, bo vocal

Do not reinvent the wheel; if you want to attract new customers, do the research and locate where the information the customers you need can be found. Research is key to the development of a local voice, when you actively seek out information about the ideal culture for your business, you are able to view your content in a different light.

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Speak their language

It's also easier to translate your content than to hire someone to write the same content again in another language, which can be costly and time-consuming.

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Break barriers

If you wish to expand your business to certain areas where you cannot speak the native language, you can translate your content into that region's native tongue, and you will be able to promote your business without difficulties.

About Amharic to Armenian Translation Tool

Literally hours of our time have been spent making the very best Amharic to Armenian translation tool available on the internet, and we're proud to offer it completely free of charge. Try it now and see just how easy it is to translate written Amharic to Armenian, or Armenian to Amharic. Our app works as quickly as you can type in your translation - and, even if you make a mistake, you can use our site revision function to view the original translation and, if necessary, delete it!

Although this translation software is not 100% accurate, you can still get a basic idea of what the original text is trying to say. You can even change a few words or omit parts of words to get the general gist of it. The Google Engineers are working on ways to make the translation more intelligent, reliable and accurate. Hopefully, one day it will produce near-perfect translations!

Millions of people in Ethiopia and around the world speak Amharic. While it may seem similar to many who have learned it as a second language, it has its own unique culture and history. Our website is a way for you to quickly convert Ethiopic text or translate from English to Ethiopic. While you won’t end up an expert in Amharic, you will definitely be able to understand it to a much greater degree or communicate more easily!

Commonly spoken Amharic to Armenian phrases

  • ይቅርታ፣ ተሸጠናል።

    Կներեք, մենք ծախված ենք։

  • አላገባሁም.

    Ես ամուսնացած չեմ։

  • ትክክል አይደለም.

    Դա ճիշտ չէ.

  • ሁሉም ነገር ዝግጁ ነው.

    Ամեն ինչ պատրաստ է։

  • እሱ ትክክል ነው።

    Նա ճիշտ է ասում:

  • ተጥንቀቅ.

    Զգույշ եղիր.

  • በጣም ስራ በዝቶብኛል። አሁን ጊዜ የለኝም።

    Ես շատ զբաղված եմ. Հիմա ժամանակ չունեմ։

  • ገንዘብ መቀየር እችላለሁ?

    Կարո՞ղ եմ գումար փոխել:

  • በደንብ አልናገርም።

    Ես այնքան էլ լավ չեմ խոսում:

  • ልወስድህ ነው የመጣሁት።

    Ես գալիս եմ քեզ վերցնելու։

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Amharic to Armenian Translation Work?

Our translation service uses Google or Watson neural net based services to translate text. Whenever you type a word, sentence or phrase in Amharic - the input is sent to the cloud, where it is analysed using AI based on Deep Neural Net systems. Deep Learning on Google/Microsoft/IBM/Amazon/Facebook servers is used to check the text in Amharic - they then return what they think is an accurate translation for that text in Armenian.

Is translation from Amharic to Armenian free

We can offer you a translation tool to translate your text to Armenian, absolutely free! Now, you can use our software to get all your texts translated, both commercially or privately!

Can we download this Amharic to Armenian translation service?

Unfortunately, at this moment, it is used online exclusively. You cannot download this Amharic to Armenian translation tool.

How fast can this tool translate from Amharic to Armenian online?

We provide an  Amharic to Armenian online translator  capable of returning fast and accurate results thanks to our integration with the Google and Microsoft APIs.

How accurate is this tool’s online Amharic to Armenian translation?

Machine translations are good for implying the general idea of the sentence, if you were to translate it from Amharic to Armenian using Google Translate for example. This online translation software will match the combinations of words up to the individual words and phrases that make up both languages. This way, the computer can figure out what words and phrases mean both ways around, and then connect that with other words equal in both languages. If you want more accurate or contextual translations, visit Pepper Content’s language services ( and get your content translated by expert translators!

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