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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

A secondary benefit of translating your content into multiple languages is that it establishes trust and credibility with your target market by conveying that you're interested in solving their problems.

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Be local, bo vocal

Speak to the people. Brands like McDonald's and Vienetta work to put the taste of home in their food outside of home. Make sure that you are catering to the tastes of your foreign markets and take the time to translate your content for their specific needs; your culture is your brand, and it needs to be something that is appreciated by your intended audience.

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Speak their language

Instead of appearing unpopular because your content is only available in your language, you'll become more relatable because you made a minute effort to translate your content.

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Break barriers

If your goal is to get your content seen by globally distributed networks, then you must translate said content. Simply speaking with minimal grammar and etiquette mistakes is not enough. You must translate in order to break down cultural barriers and reach your intended audience.

About Afrikaans to Hausa Translation Tool

Our Afrikaans to Hausa translation tool can translate your entire text block into another language within seconds. All you have to do is type your text block in our innovative text box on the left-hand side of the page, and click on the "Translate" button. Within seconds, your text block will be translated into another language.

Google Translator app has been made to allow you to get a basic idea of a sentence which has been translated from any language into Hausa and vice versa. Similarly, you can change the sentence by adding, removing or changing some words in the translation and still get the main idea of the topic. The translation of Google Translate is not completely accurate. In the near future, Google will improve the translations to make them more accurate. By 2025, Hausa translation software may be 100% accurate!

Do you speak Afrikaans? Even if it’s not your first language, sometimes it can feel like a second language when traveling abroad. A large percentage of people around the world speak the Afrikaans language, but the language is quite difficult to understand for those who have not learned how to learn it. Luckily, with the introduction of free online translator tools like ours, the difficulties that surrounding language barriers are being eliminated, at least online. Now more than ever, every person around the globe should have the ability to communicate freely with anyone else, regardless of location or any difference in language. With our Afrikaans to English translator, for instance, you can quickly and easily convert Afrikaans into English to allow for a more fluid and open communication between you and your chosen counterpart.

Commonly spoken Afrikaans to Hausa phrases

  • Wat is jou naam?

    Menene sunanki?

  • Ek moet huis toe gaan.

    Ina bukata in tafi gida.

  • Dis jammer.

    Hakan yayi muni matuka.

  • Ek kry koud.

    Ina sanyi

  • Ek moet klere ruil.

    Ina bukata in canza tufafi

  • Ek is jammer, ons is uitverkoop.

    Yi hakuri, an sayar da mu.

  • Ek sal betaal.

    zan biya

  • Vat 'n kans.

    Yi dama.

  • Ek is gelukkig.

    Ina murna.

  • Sy is mooi.

    Tana da kyau.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Afrikaans to Hausa Translation Work?

Our translation service uses Google, Microsoft, or any other machine language system using deep learning neural networks to translate text. Whenever you type a word, sentence or phrase in Afrikaans - the input is sent to the cloud, where, it is analysed using a neural net system based on Microsoft deep learning or any other service. The neural net system returns a translated version of the input which is displayed in Hausa.

Is translation from Afrikaans to Hausa free

Yes. Our content translation to Hausa is completely FREE of charge. Furthermore you are able to use our translation tool for whatever purposes you need it for, for both personal and commercial use.

Can we download this Afrikaans to Hausa translation service?

Unfortunately, you cannot use this tool on your device. Furthermore, it is online only!

How fast can this tool translate from Afrikaans to Hausa online?

Afrikaans to Hausa translation is powered by Google and Microsoft APIs. It is near instantaneous and returns REAL-TIME results.

How accurate is this tool’s online Afrikaans to Hausa translation?

Machine translations help you get a general idea of what the message’s general content is saying. For example, if you were to translate from Afrikaans to Hausa, an online translation website known as Google Translate will interpret the terms and phrases that make up both languages and match them up with other words equal in both languages. The computer program uses algorithms like this since it needs to figure out what words mean alter, and thusly provide borderline accurate translations. For more accurate and contextual translation, visit Pepper Content’s language services ( and get your content translated by expert translators!.

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