Check Out These 11 YouTube Influencer Marketing Examples

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Posted on 25/01/228 min read
Check Out These 11 YouTube Influencer Marketing Examples

Table of Contents

  • How Important Is Influencer Marketing?
  • How Does Influencer Marketing Help Brands? 
  • Why Is Influencer Marketing Important to Grow Business? 
  • Importance of Influencer Marketing: Key Statistics 
  • 11 Examples of Influencer Marketing on YouTube 
  • How to Work With YouTube Influencers
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

YouTube influencer marketing is an essential way to promote a brand today. YouTube remains one of the most convenient video destinations, especially for marketing. Video’s role in our daily lives has grown. It’s tough to envisage a modern-day marketing strategy that doesn’t include it. 

There has been a noticeable rise in the number of IGTV and YouTube unboxing videos, Facebook stories, TikTok videos, and video reviews of products and services. With significant following and credible status in their specific niche, influencers have seamlessly adopted short-form video content as one of their key methods of endorsing brands. If you wish to know more about the subject, YouTube influencer marketing examples are a great place to start.

How Important Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing falls under the ambit of social media marketing. It involves endorsements and product placement from influencers. Tapping into the potential of influencer marketing, you can create awareness for your brand and expand your customer base. 

However, influencer marketing is not simply about sharing reviews and endorsements through videos. It has established itself as a digital marketing strategy in its own right. One of the most significant examples of influencer marketing is YouTube. 

Influencer marketing is the most effective method for generating and increasing brand awareness. It provides a tremendous boost in sales, publicity, and favorable evaluations for new businesses. Furthermore, you may use this method to run a contest, giveaway, how-to video, a quick victory in a product comparison video, and a referral campaign to generate sales.

When we say that an influencer marketing campaign example is one of the most important tactics for marketing, we have plenty of facts to back up our claim. Many firms have used video marketing to achieve fantastic results, including influencer video marketing. As a result, there are numerous statistics on how video marketing methods succeed and provide high ROI.

YouTube influencer marketing combines the two most crucial tools of marketing: influencers and video. An endorsement/review video created by any influencer, who has an active grasp on any of the social media platforms and enjoys a good level of audience engagement, whether on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, is known as influencer video marketing. 

How Does Influencer Marketing Help Brands?

Marketers, today, recognize that video is an essential component of any successful marketing effort, and evidence from both brands and consumers backs this up. The typical company releases 18 videos each month, and customers are enthusiastic about it. In 2020, 86% of people said they wanted to see more video content from businesses. This trend isn’t slowing down; in fact, video utilization is only increasing. This year, 95% of video marketers aim to raise or maintain or increase their budgets. Sales, retention, customer experience, customer education, and other marketing and commercial goals can all be aided by video. 

Video is a powerful tool for attracting new visitors to a website and keeping them there for longer. Brands frequently use social media and other content channels to promote videos to generate traffic to their websites. Influencers play an important role in YouTube marketing, as they already have a well-established channel with a large number of subscribers.

Why Is Influencer Marketing Important to Grow Business?

With its unprecedented growth in the last few years, influencer marketing has redefined some crucial aspects of digital marketing. The best part is, it has not phased out: it is still exhibiting continued growth. You cannot deny the effectiveness and power of influencers in today’s digital landscape. Let’s look at the ways in which brands grow their revenue with the help of influencer marketing:

  • Influencers expand your reach as a brand and position your products and services in the market. Thus, partnering with an influencer improves brand awareness.
  • People, today, have a general distaste for advertisements. Then there are ad blockers that add to the effort of avoiding advertisements altogether. Influencer marketing reaches out to the buyer in a non-intrusive manner, thereby creating highly effective promotional content. 


  • When a YouTube star endorses your product or vouches for the services provided by your business, your business gets noticed and recognized. This fosters a belief that the brand is trustworthy. And based on the sentiment of the influencer, your brand also gets a certain quotient of authority.
  • People are fond of looking for suggestions, when making their day-to-day purchases. When an influencer who has some level of expertise or knowledge in a particular niche promotes a product, it drives the purchasing decisions of the target audience.
  • A significant reason why YouTube influencers are important is the increased use of digital media. With digital media being their area of expertise, influencers connect your brand to the millennials and the Gen-Z market. An influencer exercises way more appeal than traditional marketing techniques.
  • The role of influencer marketing is crucial if you are looking for long-term benefits for your brand. This includes establishing a strong, meaningful relationship with the influencer, which will drive a lasting and fruitful partnership for your brand. 
  • Another thing to mark the importance of influencers today is that they are trendsetters. They are the go-to resources for information and opinion. Be it fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, gaming, technology, fitness, and the like, people respect—and, at times—even idolize their opinions.
  • The most crucial role of influencer marketing is driving conversions and generating leads. 

Importance of Influencer Marketing: Key Statistics


  • YouTube creators are 4X more effective at increasing brand familiarity than celebrities. 
  • YouTube is the second most popular platform for influencer marketing. 
  • Over 90% of shoppers have discovered a new product or service through YouTube.
  • The top 25 YouTube stars get 3X more views than traditional celebrities. 

11 Examples of Influencer Marketing on YouTube

Unlike other social media platforms that permit only a certain length of video content by placing a time restriction, YouTube is meant and designed for sharing long-form video content. It provides individuals and influencers with the opportunity to explore topics in greater depth and share detailed reviews on products and services. Not only this, but YouTube also enjoys extremely high engagement rates. The best method of learning how to maximize the power of influencer marketing for your brand is by observing YouTube influencer marketing examples. Here are 11 examples of influencer marketing on YouTube.

1. Vlogs

Vlogs or video blogs are one of the most popular formats used by YouTubers. Gary Vaynerchuck is an excellent example here. He was one of the first marketers to leverage video content. Vlogs have a raw and genuine appeal, and can engage readers from the get-go. 

2. How-to videos

How-to videos are increasingly searched for and watched by YouTube users worldwide. They help people solve problems for real, by addressing their pain points and giving invaluable practical advice. Shopify is one of the finest examples of how-to video marketing.


3. Motivational talks

We cannot talk about the power of motivational talks without mentioning one of the best YouTube influencer marketing examples: TEDx Talks. With a subscriber count of over 30 million, TEDx records live events and embeds them in video presentations. 

4. Animated videos

This is a specialized niche, but a lot of influencers are dabbling in animation marketing these days. They share product reviews and tutorials in the form of animated videos on YouTube. Especially for technical or complex products, animations are a good way to break down complicated concepts into easy-to-digest pieces of information. 

5. Tutorials

Tutorials are increasingly used by YouTube influencers to explain concepts step-by-step to their viewers. A lot of tutorial videos are in the form of FAQs. Headspace, a meditation platform, is an excellent example of this. 

6. Case studies

Although case studies sound like something that is mundane and heavy-to-understand, video case studies are actually a thing on YouTube, and they are pretty popular. Not to mention the fact that they are engaging as well. Magnus Lygdback, who has trained actors like Gal Godot, shares fitness case studies by breaking down diets and workouts, on his YouTube channel The Magnus Method.

7. Interviews

What better than inviting an individual who holds expertise in a particular niche, and getting them to talk candidly? Leveling Up by Eric Siu is a great YouTube influencer marketing example. It is essentially a video library of interviews with marketing professionals like Neil Patel.

8. Product reviews

A large chunk of YouTube marketing is in the form of product reviews. They may be paid or unpaid, and feature an influencer talking about a product or service. Product reviews by influencers are a great way to drive a brand’s visibility. 

9. Live videos

Literally the most popular tool of YouTube influencers, live videos provide the viewers with an opportunity to become a part of the conversation. They can ask queries and doubts on live sessions. A lot of influencers are remodeling live sessions and interactive webinars, wherein they can share screens, invite other industry experts and guest speakers, and respond to comments and questions effectively.

10. Unboxing videos

One of the most popular examples of influencer marketing on YouTube, unboxing videos are a great way to promote your brand. In these videos, an influencer or product reviewer shoots themselves while unpacking a product. They record their reactions and go on to talk about what they liked/disliked about the product upon opening it.

11. Explainer videos

If an industry or a niche is difficult to explain through how-tos and live streams, explainer videos are a better option. They are more detailed and descriptive. Coinbase effectively creates videos that explain processes and trends pertaining to the cryptocurrency space. 

How to Work With YouTube Influencers

We are in the era of social media and the internet. Every year, technology advances and changes. As a business, you must keep up with the latest trends to ensure that your site and items remain current. That includes learning about influencers and how collaborating with them can help your business thrive. Influencers will assist your brand in reaching its target audience. When it comes to choosing and dealing with influencers, the most crucial factor to keep in mind is constantly being courteous and respectful. You want to maintain a working relationship that benefits both of you. Don’t burn bridges; you never know when you’ll need to work with them again or how your previous connections can help you make new ones. People question authenticity all the time, so the more genuine a relationship/partnership is, the better.

Key Takeaways

  • An endorsement/review video created by any influencer, who has an active grasp on any of the social media platforms and enjoys a good level of audience engagement, is known as influencer video marketing. 
  • YouTube can be used to share long-form video content, and it also enjoys a higher level of engagement than any other video channel.
  • Video marketing has resulted in increased sales, publicity, and positive reviews for several businesses/brands in the last few years.
  • People have a general distaste for advertisements, while influencer marketing reaches out to the buyer in a non-intrusive manner.
  • Influencers not only set trends, but they also drive conversions. 


YouTube is one of the most popular influencer marketing platforms, most of the credit for which goes to the long-form video content the platform supports. While watching YouTube videos seems like a passive online experience, it is highly effective in influencing purchasing decisions and building credibility. YouTube influencer marketing is undoubtedly effective; but as a brand, you need to make sure you provide the influencer with the required autonomy and creative freedom for best results. For further inspiration, you can always look up YouTube influencer marketing examples.


1. What do influencers sell?

Influencer marketing is a strategy that businesses use to promote their product or services. They do so by partnering with popular social media users and bloggers. Therefore, influencers sell the credibility factor of brands and help businesses get a large audience.

2. What are the advantages of influencer marketing?

There are several benefits of influencer marketing, including a higher volume of sales leads, higher credibility in the market, greater reach, and improved marketing content.

3. Who is an influencer?

An influencer is an individual, who has a sway over your desired target audience. They either have specialized knowledge in the field or exercise certain authority. Their presence in a niche is what makes them a useful launch-pad for brands who are on the lookout for credibility.

4. How to identify real influencers?

There are some quick ways to check if an influencer is genuine.
– Start by checking their level of engagement. 
– Assess the quality of the content they share. 
– Research their endorsement history: whom they have worked with, what products they have promoted, etc.

5. What are some of the brands that use Influencer marketing?

A number of brands rely on influencer marketing. Adidas, Pepsi, Nike, and Apple are a few top brands that use influencer marketing.