Video Distribution: The Best Places to Use and Share Video

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Posted on 27/12/2110 min read
Video Distribution: The Best Places to Use and Share Video

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is Video Distribution?
  • 10 Best Types of Video that You can Market
  • 10 Distribution Channels to Promote Videos
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Video content can be intriguing, promotional, and worth converting leads into customers; however, it is not always in the right format, published at the right time, and on the right platform. The lack of knowledge of video distribution platforms and what effect they have on your promotion strategies is one of the key reasons most brands fail when implementing their video content marketing strategies.

What is Video Distribution?

Online video distribution is how video content is facilitated on different channels. The process requires you to determine which channels will assist your business with adjusting the right kind of videos for your target group.

A video distribution channel also empowers you to do whatever you wish to with your content and make it engaging, watchable and approved by the viewers. It gives you admittance to a cloud-based server for all your video-related needs where you won’t have to stress over building or dealing with your own framework. The adaptability of a good video distribution channel gives you the likelihood to distribute to the most fitting group in an effective manner.

With the availability of wider networks, organizations are now utilizing an ever-increasing number of videos to draw in their customers. Many are using videos to assist their customers by feeding useful information. Video showcasing is the same old thing; however, it has become an incredible, successful part of marketing strategy now like never. Here’s why it is significant for your business:

1. Improves conversions

A video must be seen as a project because only having a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%, says statistics. Watching a convincing moderator in a video can totally impact buyers’ response and convince them to convert into a customer. Passing on the right feelings through video can be an amazing selling tool if optimized appropriately.

2. Influences buying decisions

More than half of the audience believes that product videos help them with making buying decisions. Also, about 64% of customers say that watching a video makes them purchase the product. Additionally, video content has the power to improve client’s interception of their item or service.

3. Video compliments email marketing efforts

Brands get busy with emails and forget to reach their customers in any other format. Getting somebody to really open your email is a challenge. Simply utilizing video in your title can build open rates and prompt an active visitor to click on your links. This is especially viable in case you’re exhibiting how to utilize your item or express something that you simply can’t get right with only text.

4. Search engines are video-friendly

Web search tools are looking for content that draws in more audience and nothing seems more fit than a video that can have longer and wider visibility. Not just that, YouTube is the second biggest web search tool after Google. So, it makes it obvious that even the audience loves the idea of a video. Additionally, if you share your videos on other social media channels, your odds of increased visibility go through the rooftop!

5. Make emails effective

Utilizing the word video in an email title alone increases the open rates by 19% and reduces the chances to unsubscribe by 26%, as per a report by Syndacast. Adding video to email, then, can increase the open rates by up to 300%, as per MarTech Advisor.

6. Video forms trust

Video is one of the effective ways for creating an image for your organization, empowering you to associate with your viewers and procure their trust. The more videos you display, the better it instructs and illuminates your clients.

7. Video supports social shares

We live in an era of viral videos. Many of the viewers share videos with others if they find it funny or useful. This is your window of opportunity to have a good time and truly showcase what’s going on with your organization.

8. Videos are mobile-friendly

Videos and mobile phones go hand in hand. 90% of your customers watch videos on the go, says a HubSpot survey. Since individuals like to watch videos in a hurry, and the number of mobile phone users is increasing consistently, your audience continues to get bigger and better.

9. Video marketing can explain everything

Make a video to show how your product or service functions. With the help of an explainer video on landing pages, organizations help their clients get a clearer picture of what is going on.

10. Video engages even the laziest buyers

Video content is an extraordinary instrument for learning, yet it’s additionally simple to devour. We are all too occupied to even consider having the opportunity to go through a lengthy documentary. Customers today are advanced and so are their choices to consume content. So, the video content fits right when dealing with customers who are too lazy to go through the longer versions of content.

10 Best Types of Videos That You Can Market

Ever wondered how to promote videos? What are the engaging music video distribution types that help grow a business? Here’s our takeaway:

1. Vlog

A reality short blog that a great many people have failed to notice these days, a type of Internet-based journal. Vlogs are managed by bright and breezy individuals who joyfully expound on their day-by-day tasks and showcase them to the world. Video blogs are video websites, and the thought is, somewhat, as old as the first blog was. They are equivalent to your physical journal.


2. Tutorials

There is a noticeable pattern, these days, for individuals to go to the web when they are planning a purchase. They need to find others’ opinions on those items. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for tutorials. Individuals rush to the channel to search for people they trust to see their opinion on different items as well as how they are using the products.


3. Live Streaming

Live Streaming is one compelling way that most of the viewers are observing when contrasted with a year-old video. This live streaming has an attractive charm to associate with the audience immediately.

4. Webinars

An online class can be an incredible way in expanding your video ROI and directing people to your webpage. A webinar is an internet-based show, Q&A meeting, or gathering that happens live, frequently welcoming viewers. It’s an incredible method for associating with your audience, showing an agreeable face of the organization, and administering valuable data at the same time, hence expanding brand acknowledgment.

5. Product reviews

An item review video centers exclusively around the actual item, and not the analyst. Item audits ought to likewise be short and to the point since they need to catch wind of the item, not the extra content. As an unwritten standard, anything more than three minutes for an item review is excessively long and viewers are probably going to lose interest.


6. Animations

Animated videos are a phenomenal way for independent ventures on a careful spending plan to attempt video content, as you can make them on your laptop and can be anywhere between free to paid. For those with specialized or complex demands, animation videos are an incredible method of separating muddled subjects into a simple to-process medium that anyone can comprehend.

7. Giveaways

If you have clients that are engaging with your products, make a challenge for them to participate! For instance, request clients to submit videos utilizing your item in different conditions by tagging you via social media. This is perhaps the most ideal method for transforming your present clients into brand advocates.

8. Branding films

A solid corporate marketing film can move your organization’s belief system and impart enthusiasm in the buyers. An expertly delivered film, the marketing video should fill in as a foundation of your brand, as it will assume a huge part in showcasing your message and qualities while building up your corporate character.

9. Makeup/Shopping hauls

Women, specifically, appreciate watching other women do shopping binges for things they think of purchasing. You would find women doing hauls for the thrift markets, luxury brands, and whatnot.


10. Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are a 21st Century product. A shockingly enormous number of individuals like to watch another person unpack items, gadgets specially! These are augmentations of both shopping hauls and product review videos – they fit in the middle demonstrating the usage of the product and further investigating its functions.

10 Distribution Channels Where You Can Distribute and Share Your Video

Once you have chosen your style, it is time to strategize where to promote videos? Here are the 12 most used:

1. Website

Owning a site is probably the most ideal method of advancing your brand and reaching out to more clients. At the point when individuals land on your site, you really want to give them the data that you need them to see. To do this, you can install videos on landing pages, About section, product display pages, and the likes.

2. Emails

Email marketing is one of the savviest promoting instruments for brands. This is on the grounds that email marketing is not difficult to oversee, gives you full control, and permits you to set up direct contact with your clients. Besides, video email showcasing has been expanding in ubiquity as a successful manner to connect with possible clients and drive clicks.

3. Facebook

Facebook has a broad client base, with 8 billion users around the world. For the most part, the posts are texts and pictures, and subsequently, you really want to guarantee that your video captivates everyone.


4. Twitter

Twitter just permits you to write tweets in under 280 characters. Thus, it may very well be interesting to pass on your advertising message with videos. Video tweets can be extremely compelling. However, note that you cannot share videos on Twitter that are longer than 140 seconds.

5. Instagram

With around 1 billion dynamic users, Instagram is visual heaven when contrasted with other informal communities. Instagram permits recordings of a limit of 60-seconds to be posted on its feeds. One of the new patterns that have been highlighted on Instagram is to deliver a teaser and take the viewer’s watchers on a different page to finish watching the video. Moreover, Instagram has choices like vanishing stories and IGTV, where you can post videos and that as well, in no time.

6. Landing Pages

There are a few areas on the website where you can put your video. The principal page that any viewer will experience is the landing page of your site. Having a video on the landing page will give the most accurate picture of your business.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is by a wide margin the most dependable site for B2B organizations to draw in users. There are more than 690 million clients on LinkedIn, in more than 200 nations, with about 2+ new users joining the platform every second. These users are experts from each industry who are on the internet during working hours. This is one of the new video distribution platforms to watch out for. 

8. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most impressive video distribution platforms. You can without much of a stretch transfer videos in various classifications. As this video-sharing site has more than 2 billion users, it is a certain fire method for tracking down your target audience. One thing you want to consider is to utilize the right catchphrases for naming and depicting your video, as individuals will often get lost while going through different videos.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t only for photo posts any longer! Videos may be Pinterest’s most underutilized feature; nonetheless, your pins will stand apart significantly more because of this factor.

10. Guest blogs

Another platform where you can utilize videos to advance your business is your blog. Video can aid your business on your blog the same way it can on your site. One thing to remember is that web search tools like Google don’t explore the substance of your video. In this way, you want to add a little description to your video to assist Google with recognizing your video content and afterward show it up in indexed lists.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose the most remarkable video format for your target group – You really want to pick the most amazing format to work on your range and commitment no matter how you look at it.
  • Don’t trap your viewers with an unnecessarily long video – Lengthy YouTube promotions can cause your designated audience to lose interest or even be irritated, which can hurt your image over the long run.
  • Blend a multitude of formats to keep their interest in your content – By mixing different ways, you can extensively broaden the scope of your content.
  • Make sure that you add proper keywords that best portray your videos.
  • Posting videos across numerous distribution channels is not a one-size-fits-all. Every platform has distinctive video aspects and lengths, and you should know about these during the video creation phase to make a video that will show ideally on that platform.
  • Without arranging an appropriate distribution system for your video, you will underutilize all the hard work you have placed into delivering your video content. Furthermore, for that you really want the right platform to channel your content to your watchers.
  • Sports fans, for instance, like to watch highlights on Twitter or Facebook. Then there are some most likely to watch the whole game live on the big screen. Your distribution methodology needs to cater both.
  • Add captions. Past expanding viewership availability, subtitles assist individuals stay and consume the data easily. Making them particularly helpful when the objective of your video is educational.


Preferably, your video distribution platform needs to constantly change. This guarantees you can quickly ingest and sort new content, give a live video on request, and get hold of old content while it’s still helpful and significant.

Truth be told, video content is much more diversified than the viewers. Content creators can’t simply choose a solitary circulation technique and stick to it forever. That is one more justification for why for some organizations the best arrangement is to pick a video appropriation platform. This gives the adaptability to convey individual recordings to the most proper channels and platforms. You can single out an arrangement of what turns out best for yourself and begin spreading your recordings to the right audience.


1. Which platform is best for sharing videos?

There is not one best platform for all your video distribution needs. While YouTube will be a fit for unboxing videos, Instagram is great for Livestream and Facebook is also perfect for explainer videos or tutorials. Depending on your needs and content, decide which platform is best suited.

2. Is Vimeo better than YouTube?

If you transfer a similar video to both YouTube and Vimeo, the Vimeo one will look significantly better on the grounds that it will have a much higher bitrate.

3. Where should I store my videos for my website?

Choose from, Google Drive, Dropbox, Icedrive.

4. What is the most popular media sharing platform in 2021?


5. Which is the largest media sharing platform in 2021?

Facebook with 8 billion active users

6. What platform has the longest post lifespan?

Pinterest has the longest lifespan of any social platform.