10 Times Wendy’s Twitter Feed Floored Us

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Posted on 23/03/223 min read
10 Times Wendy’s Twitter Feed Floored Us
Twitter is the perfect vehicle to market content. International fast-food brand Wendy’s Twitter feed has continued to delight its audience. Let’s take a look.

American fast-food restaurant brand Wendy’s Twitter feed has been super-effective in using humor as an advertising and content marketing tactic. It is literally the king of roasts. 

Wendy’s can place their Twitter strategy on a pedestal since innovation comes in many forms. With square patties and frosties, Wendy’s has always taken pride in being unique. Its Twitter approach is also a standout. Wendy’s is well-known for teasing competitors, roasting foes, and handing out free meals to deserving customers.

In fact, the brand created the National Roast Day on January 12th, when the entire day is spent with people waiting for Wendy’s to roast them! 

Let’s rewind and see what happened to create this now international sensation. 

Wendy’s Twitter Marketing Strategy

So in 2018, Wendy’s concocted an entirely fictitious social media holiday to unleash a barrage of pointed tweets. Wendy’s Twitter feed is filled with new, humorous tweets and it is evident that the people behind the brand’s fast-food account like to add a dash of snark to their social media, publicly punching back at naysayers and competitors. 

Wendy’s concluded their safe official social media strategy in 2017. They abolished bureaucratic reviews for their Wendy’s Twitter account since the lengthy approval procedure was not conducive to creating an organic, engaged community of devoted followers. 

After empowering its social staff, Wendy’s has become one of the most effective online businesses. Their dedication to tone and uniqueness distinguishes the brand as a true innovator, changing the Wendy’s Twitter account from a one-way communication machine to a wits’ war. 

This is a source of pride for them, as seen in their Twitter bio: “We like our tweets to be as good as our hamburgers—better than anyone expects from a quick food business.”

Let’s take a look at some of Wendy’s most popular tweets in this article.

10 Times Wendy’s Twitter Feed Floored Us

1. When they roasted Dunkin’


2. When they offered their followers a chance to bring back a favorite menu item


3. When Wendy’s and Burger King played the Twitter game


4. When they showed that they are a no-nonsense brand


5. When they put McDonalds on the spot


6. When they were more than happy to respond to a follower’s request for a roast


7. When they showed that they “cared” about their customers


8. When they rose up to the challenge 


9. When they showed how snark should be used effectively


10. When they defended themselves in style


In the End

Wendy’s may not even be your preferred fast-food chain, but they’re most likely your favorite Twitter account by now. Over the last year, the burger joint has gone viral for its incredibly brutal roasts, rivalry with neighboring restaurants, mixtape-worthy rap bars, and the now renowned Wendy’s Twitter roasts—and they’re still running great.

Most of this success boils down to its great social media content writing.


1. Why is Wendy’s Twitter so savage?

It all boils down to how clients perceive your brand at the end of the day. Because of their particular personality, Wendy’s has a lot of brand recognition and appeal. Their feisty wit and sarcasm have become a social media signature.

2. Who is the person behind Wendy’s Twitter?

Wendy’s Twitter account is run by various people (no one can tweet 24 hours a day!) The witty tweet author was Amy Brown, and Brown was the whip-smart snark expert with a razor-sharp wit who started the whole roasting craze and catapulted Wendy’s into a social media sensation.

3. How does Wendy’s use Twitter?

Wendy’s social media team uses Twitter as a real two-way communication tool, putting a premium on consumer involvement. This is especially crucial in our fast-paced, instant-gratification environment, where people have grown to demand it.

4. Why is Wendy’s Twitter so funny?

What helps Wendy’s Twitter account stand out is that it isn’t using any traditional marketing strategies. The brand is recognized for establishing the standard for connecting with its social media followers today.

5. When did Wendy’s join Twitter?

Wendy’s Twitter account was one of the most popular internet memes in 2017. Wendy’s started roasting various Twitter users and companies to achieve popularity, which is one of the most unusual things for a fast-food establishment to do to obtain an edge on their competition.