32 Video Marketing Statistics For Marketers

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Team Pepper
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32 Video Marketing Statistics For Marketers

Table Of Contents 

  • What Is Video Marketing?
  • Importance And Advantages Of Video Marketing 
  • How To Use Video Marketing To Attract An Audience
  • Important Video Marketing Statistics 
  • Video Advertising Statistics
  • Types Of Video Marketing Platforms
  • Key Takeaways 
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

The marketing world is dynamic and changing daily. Trends, technologies, and strategies are never the same. Hence, it is important to keep your marketing production up to date and ensure viewers know your brand and are convinced enough to buy your products. Videos are a way to do that.  

What Is Video Marketing?


Video marketing is an essential component of marketing plans designed to increase the audience’s engagement through a brand- or product-oriented video. A successful video has the right content, a solid distribution strategy and allows consumers to comment on their experience with the advertised product or solution. 

Importance and Advantages of Video Marketing 

Here are some statistics on video marketing’s advantages and importance. 

  • According to Forbes, marketers who use video for marketing are growing 49% faster than those who do not. 
  • 90% of customers say that videos help them decide which product to buy, whereas 64% say that watching a video makes them want to buy a product. (Source: Forbes)
  • Videos can help improve your brand’s ranking on search engines. The time a viewer spends on your website after finding it on the search engine helps improve your ranking. 
  • Research by Forrester shows that websites that make proper use of videos increase their chances of being on Google’s first by 53% 
  • Adding a video to your website with the product helps embed several linking domains. 
  • Adding a video on the first opening page increases the chances of viewers opening the video by 86%. (Source: Wordstream)
  • 75% of workers view work-related videos weekly. Senior workers share work-related videos with their co-workers nearly 54% of the time. 59% of viewers will open the video first if the page has both text and video on the same product or solution. (Source: Verizon)
  • 72% of people showed that video helped them decide whether or not to buy the product or solution. (Source: Invideo)

How To Use Video Marketing To Attract An Audience

1. It helps to attract a new audience

A video combines visual images, sound, and different effects. It shows a complete picture of the components. As the video is dynamic, it helps engage the audience more than the text, making it an effective way to attract new customers. 

  • Around 84% of marketers say that video helps them generate leads.
  • 85% of marketers say that video helps get the online attention of consumers.
  • Video ads were voted the primary way consumers discovered the brands. 
  • 90% of consumers said they discovered brands and products on YouTube videos. 

2. Videos help in engaging new contacts

Video is an effective way of engaging new contacts because it is an authentic way for viewers to learn about your company and organization. Moreover, they do not feel forced to purchase your product right away and can make their own decisions. 

  • 86% of marketers say that videos have increased their website viewers. 
  • 83% of viewers say that adding video on their website makes consumers spend more time there. 

3. Videos encourage prospective customers to engage

The main aim of marketing is to connect with customers and show them why your product is suitable according to their needs. By using video marketing, you are not forcing them to buy the product; instead, you are showing them all the aspects of your product and encouraging them to engage.

  • 94% of marketers said that video helps consumers understand the products more efficiently.
  • 95% of viewers said that they tend to retain information from a video rather than a text. 

4. Videos are equally impactful on existing customers

Many brands tend to forget the existing customers. Videos help in encouraging brand loyalty and offering existing customers a post-purchase experience. Post-purchase content helps customers get the best service out of their purchased products and builds trust between customers and the organization. 

  • 43% of video marketers said video reduced help center support calls because of post-purchase video guides. 
  • 93% of customers said that they find videos quite helpful for the post-purchase instructions. 

Important Video Marketing Stats

These statistics are from a survey conducted by Lemonlight in March 2021. Around 538 marketers participated in this survey. 

  • 76% of marketing teams invested in video production zones in the last 3 years. Out of this, 44% took responsibility for production internally, 28% hired production companies, and 23% hired freelancers. 
  • 94% of the viewers or customers said that watching a video helps them decide which product to buy. Videos help them compare products and see the key features of different products. 
  • 81% of marketers have decided to follow video marketing techniques, i.e., by adding videos to their marketing strategy over the coming years. 
  • 99% of viewers enjoy watching videos from online brands before shopping for the products. 

Video Advertising Statistics

1. Video marketing stats according to different channels

Video stats for YouTube

  1. YouTube is the #1 promoter on social media.
  2. According to 87% of the people, Youtube helps them make quick decisions regarding the products.
  3. 83% of consumers prefer YouTube to check reviews of different products.
  4. 65% of consumers feel that YouTube is their first preference to watch useful videos. 
  5. 40% of users said that YouTube videos convinced them to buy the product.

Video marketing stats for Instagram

  1. 58% of people say they get interested in a brand after seeing its video on Instagram stories.
  2. 50% of people say that after seeing a brand promotion in Instagram stories, they visit the brand’s website to check the product(s) and tend to buy them.
  3. 77% of marketers prefer to post IGTV videos.
  4. Around 1 out of 4 consumers tend to make a purchase after seeing a brand’s video on Insta Stories.

Video marketing stats for Facebook 

  1. The content of accounts with around 100,000 followers is nearly 70%.
  2. The optimal length of videos on Facebook is between 2 to 5 minutes. 

Video marketing stats for Twitter

  1. Tweets with videos attract 10 times more people than tweets without videos.
  2. Tweets with videos can be promoted, cutting costs by 50%.
  3. People watch nearly 2 million videos on twitter everyday. 
  4. Videos are the 3rd most popular reason for people to use Twitter.

Video marketing stats for LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share a video on LinkedIn than any other post. 
  2. Silent viewing content on LinkedIn is 70% more likely to be watched.

2. Video marketing statistics for industry trends

  1. 99% of marketing professionals said that they will continue to use videos as their marketing strategy in the future. 
  2. 88% of marketers have decided to invest more money in video campaigns in the future.
  3. Video is the primary form of media marketing used in marketing strategies.
  4. 86% of business owners use videos for marketing their products. 
  5. 46% of marketers are using live videos to promote their companies. 
  6. 94% of marketers believe that videos are an essential part of their marketing strategy. 
  7. 70% of business owners said they’d made more marketing videos in 2021 than before.
  8. 96% of marketers have spent money on video ads.
  9. 16% of marketers do not use videos for marketing, and they say that this results from a lack of time. 
  10. 17% of marketers say that video marketing is too expensive for them. 

3. Video marketing statistics based on consumers behavior

  1. 69% of people would prefer to watch a video to learn about a new product or service. 
  2. 78% of people watch marketing videos per week, and 55% watch marketing videos daily.
  3. 85% would like to see more videos from the brands in the coming years.
  4. 88% of people feel that videos improve work efficiency and ease collaboration.
  5. 84% of marketers check video creating skills before hiring as they think videos are an essential part of marketing. 

Types of Video Marketing Platforms

  1. has a powerful video editor that helps to create professional videos. It provides a social content calendar that helps with new ideas to grow your business. 
  2. Filmora offers a wide variety of overlays, filters, photos or videos, and more. It is easy to use and provides quick access to create and publish videos. It also offers a green screen feature with creative ideas for your messages.
  3. Vimeo is an excellent option if your business has a low marketing budget. It has various features, provides an analysis of how people like your videos, and pinpoints the exact moment when viewers start to drop off. 
  4. WeVideo is relatively easy to use and nurtures collaboration with other creative team members. It provides access to free video clips, music clips, images, and much more to make your video look professional. Customization allows for effortless transition and motion effects also. 
  5. Vidyard is a next-level platform in the form of both creation and analysis. You can customize your plans, select the features you need, and pay for just those. It provides you with customization to add company names to the videos.
  6. Powtoon helps you at every stage of video creation. It has previously-created templates and designs which you can select for your videos and achieve the look you want without putting in much work. Powtoon allows you to upload your videos to social platforms directly and offers 24/7support with replies within 24 hours.
  7. Wistia provides you with useful analytical reports. It also lets you engage with viewers via email to convince them to watch videos. Wistia tells you where the viewers are dropping off so that you can improve your videos in the future. 

Key Takeaways

  • Video marketing is an essential component of marketing plans designed to increase the audience’s engagement through a brand- or product-oriented video.
  • 90% of customers say that videos help them decide which product to buy, whereas 64% say that watching a video makes them want to buy a product. (Source: Forbes)
  • As the video is dynamic, it helps engage the audience more than the text, making it an effective way to attract new customers. 
  • With video, customers do not feel forced to purchase your product right away and can make their own decisions. 
  • Videos help in encouraging brand loyalty and offering existing customers a post-purchase experience.


The above-mentioned video marketing statistics signify that video marketing helps you grow your business. You can make new contacts and engage with existing customers more efficiently. It is an effective way to show your product and convince them that your product is best suitable according to their needs. Consumers show more interest in videos than written text. Video Marketing will be an essential part of marketing in the future and the best way to grow the business. 


1. How effective is video marketing?

Video marketing is 100% more successful than any other content. Videos help generate more shares and likes than any other content. 

2. How much does video marketing increase sales?

Video marketing increases sales by 49%. Businesses using videos as marketing strategies have 34% higher conversion rates than non-video content. 

3. How do you use video marketing?

Firstly decide your marketing goal and decide on the campaign and audience. Explain your brand and try to explain your message in the videos. Decide the budget for your videos, test your videos at short intervals, and try improving them every time. Keep a report of how many people are seeing your videos. 

4. What are the elements of a good video marketing strategy?

Keep your videos short and to the point. Add CTA to your videos in the end. Try to promote your videos on the most effective platforms. 

5. Who should use video marketing and why?

Any business looking to grow digitally should effectively use video marketing to build brand awareness, get new customers, engage with existing customers and stand out from the competition. 

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