7 Blog Post Ideas That Will Charm Readers in 2022

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Posted on 11/01/227 min read
7 Blog Post Ideas That Will Charm Readers in 2022

Table of Contents 

  • Advantages of a Blog 
  • Why Niche Down? 
  • How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche
  • 7 Blog Niche Ideas to Use in 2022

With almost 4.88 billion active internet users, as of October 2021, there has never been a better time to include blogging in your marketing plan. The time we spent inside our homes, due to the pandemic, had a big role to play in this significant shift. 

In today’s ever-evolving digital space, it is important to establish yourself as a thought leader to raise buzz around your work. Blogging is an effective tool to generate content around a niche that you have expertise and interest in, and gain the attention of your target audience. You can maintain a content calendar to always have a steady stream of good blog post ideas. 

Advantages of a Blog

With the rising popularity of visual content and podcasts, the question that arises is whether blogging is profitable for businesses in 2022. The answer is a resounding yes. Here are a few reasons why. 

  • You need people to find your website to share a story. There are tons of websites on search engines, but they may not be refurbished or updated often. Blogging allows you to publish indexed pages on the website with every new blog. It increases your chance to feature on search engine results pages (SERP) and drive traffic through organic reach. 
  • If you add a call-to-action (CTA) to every blog post, it could generate more leads. These incentives could be free ebooks, fact sheets, templates, or content that would be valuable to your audience. You may also add in landing pages to accumulate information about potential customers. It would not only help you understand your clientele, but you could also track visitor-to-lead ratio through this data. 
  • If you consistently create content in a niche, it would establish you as an authority in that area. It drives sales on the principle that if your audience has benefitted from your blog posts in the past, they would be more likely to come into the sales funnel.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk often says in his blogs that he creates long-form content and has his team chop them up into short posts for his social media. You can repurpose your blogs into social media posts. It is an ingenious way to save time and resources. 

Why Niche Down?

Blogging is an effective tool to grow your business online, as it allows you to curate content on blog post ideas that you specialize or are interested in. Blog niches are specialized areas that you focus on when writing content. You can narrow your audience down by writing relevant content for them. Readers would be more likely to subscribe to your blog if they find highly personalized and relevant content there. Search engines would be able to identify the core content of your blog and it would increase your chances of ranking on them. 

Blog niches can be categorized into three broad areas:

  • Industry-specific content, such as freelancing, work-from-home, or cryptocurrency
  • Subject-based content, such as news pieces and entertainment reviews
  • Audience-based content such as bath products for women or blogs that help small businesses scale up

How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche

Unless you are dealing with a completely off-beat and unique topic, you will find some competition when it comes to the top blog topics. It is difficult to market your blog to a wider audience, even if you are a subject matter expert on that topic. Search engines do not rank blogs based on the author’s expertise alone. Then, how do they guarantee accurate and relevant information to users? Search engines comb through millions of web pages to scan the author of a content piece. Blogs, or any other content for that matter, rank on Google depending on the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) of the author. 

E-A-T is one factor that Google uses to determine the quality of a web page. This concept was introduced in Google’s quality rater in August 2018. It is a part of Google’s effort to ensure that a website displays the most accurate and relevant information to the users. For example, an experienced doctor, who has been published in medical websites and has written on such topics before, would match the criteria for E-A-T. 

Your passion and expertise in an area should determine your choice of niche. However, if you are choosing a Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) niche for your blog, it would take some time for you to build authority on Google around that niche. What are YMYL pages? YMYL is the content that could severely harm a person’s life if published falsely or unethically. Google says, “We have very high Page Quality rating standards for YMYL pages because low-quality YMYL pages could negatively impact a person’s happiness, health, financial stability, or safety.”

It may take some time, but it is not impossible for new users to rank their blogs around a YMYL niche. Ask yourself three questions before narrowing down a niche:

  • Do you have expertise in the niche you want to write about?
  • Are there many people interested in your niche?
  • Does it have affiliate potential? 

You must have at least an intermediate level of knowledge in the blog post ideas you would be writing on. Remember that your users are probably beginners. This is why they would come to you to ask questions. You need a certain level of expertise to answer them. 

A keyword search can show you the level of interest there is in your niche. Unless people are interested in your blog post ideas, it would be hard to generate buzz around it. Google Keyword Planner can show you the average search volume of keywords surrounding your niche. It is best to choose an evergreen niche like piano tutorials rather than Christmas gifting, which is a seasonal niche. You may combine seasonal niches into your evergreen niche. 

A keyword search would also allow you to check monetization opportunities for your blog. Generating ad revenue is one of the most popular ways for writers to earn through their blogs. Check the “top of page bid (low range)” and “top of page bid (high range)” columns in the planner to determine if advertisers would be willing to pay to display their ads on your blog. 

7 Blog Niche Ideas to Use in 2022

Your blog topic ideas are just around the corner. Here are some blog niches that you could create content around:

1. Food and travel

Writing about food and places is a great way to attract an audience because almost no one can resist the allure of exploring places and trying new recipes. Make My Trip, India’s leading travel and hotel booking platform publish bite-sized travel content to engage with their audience. Ankita Sharma, their content marketing lead, stated that they try to be relatable and create fear of missing out (FOMO) among the newer generation to attract visitors. 

Sub-niches: food discovery, restaurant reviews, baking, wine tasting, fine dining, and language and travel, among others

2. Entertainment

Everyone, from kids to grandparents, has one favorite TV show. You could publish content around entertainment shows, comedy, or theater. You could have a blog dedicated to your love of Korean dramas or Spanish thrillers or just write about a multitude of films in different languages. Yours would always be a go-to blog for when anyone needs movie recommendations. 

Sub-niches: movie reviews, K-pop content, comedy, theater, and magic shows, among others

3. Business and finance

We can never have enough personal money management tips and finance plans for our business. If you are an expert in money management or time management or would like to advise people on professional upskilling, this niche is a perfect fit for you. 

Sub-niches: entrepreneurship, business tips, frugal living, investing, making money online, financial independence, personal savings, insurance, retirement, and pension savings, among others

4. Marketing

The ever-evolving digital landscape has changed marketing tactics forever. Content has become an essential pillar of marketing in recent years. Unique blog ideas around content creation are in high demand. You can highlight features of your product, or talk about something that failed or curate a list of FAQs in your niche. 

Sub-niches: content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and copywriting, among others

5. Study hacks

Students are often in need of some extra guidance to help them tide through exams. Blog ideas around study hacks could be guides to manage time, self-studying tips, mood boards to collate multiple topics, mind-mapping, and so on. If you are someone who knows about learning disabilities or an expert in helping people cope with exam stress, you could publish relevant content around it. 

Sub-niches: SAT prep, online courses, language learning, K-12 blogs for parents, time-management techniques, among others

6. Health and fitness

With remote fitness becoming a lifestyle as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a huge demand for content in that niche on the internet. One of the best blog ideas in this niche is combining fun with exercising, as we are often unmotivated to begin working out. Fun ways to exercise would ensure some quality family bonding too. You could talk about personal development regimes and weight loss, but be mindful that whatever you post does not shame any community. 

Sub-niches: weight loss, skin care, hair loss, minute workouts, fitness equipment, and supplements and vitamins, among others

7. Art+DIY

The pandemic has led to a spike in creative tutorial guides and content. Everyone is sitting bored at home and looking for something to occupy their time with. If you have a penchant for art or do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, you can create a blog centered on it. You need not be an established expert to create creative content. You can just begin and track your progress online. 

Sub-niches: crocheting, sewing, woodwork, photography, videography, watercolor painting, and design tutorials, among others

Key Takeaways

  • Blogging has become an important part of the digital landscape today. 
  • As of October 2021, the internet had 4.88 billion active users. 
  • Blogging helps generate more leads through effective CTAs. 
  • Consistent blogging can help you position yourself as an authority in your niche. 
  • Food and travel, entertainment, education, and health and fitness, are some blogging niches you can choose. 


Blogging is an essential component of today’s ever-evolving digital world. It not only helps your brand gain visibility but creating relevant and engaging content will help you build meaningful relationships with your target audience. In turn, it can also help you generate leads. The internet is brimming with blog post ideas. However, before deciding on a blog niche, understand the message you are trying to convey and determine the requirements of your target audience. 


1. What is known as blogging?

A blog is an online platform on which you can regularly update content. Of late, blogging behavior has changed considerably, and you can now monetize your blog.

2. How can blogging help businesses?

Blogging can help drive traffic to your website, generate greater leads, and even earn conversions. The importance of relevant and meaningful content to build a brand simply can’t be undermined.

3. What are some sub-niches of marketing?

Social media marketing, PPC advertising, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, and copywriting are some of the sub-niches of marketing.

4. What are some blogging niches to consider?

Food and travel, entertainment, education, marketing, and business and finance are some blogging niches that you can consider.