Top Welcome Email Template Designs for Better Engagement

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Posted on 25/04/225 min read
Top Welcome Email Template Designs for Better Engagement
Entice your subscribers or customers with these top welcome emails. Here are some effective designs which can act as a useful tool to engage the receiver.


A welcome email is a message that a brand sends to the customer or subscriber. This is the first communication the receiver gets from the brand. Top welcome emails encourage the readers to engage more, give the brand a chance to introduce themselves, make a personal connection, and encourage the receiver to subscribe to the brand.

Why is Welcome Email Important?

First of all, a welcome email is the first impression. As per Wordstream, welcome emails generated 320% more revenue than other marketing emails. It helps the brand by enabling engagement with the reader and turning them from a potential consumer to a consignor of the product or services that the brand provides.



How to Create an Effective Welcome Email?

An effective welcome email can be of various styles, depending on the main feature it is focusing on. Looking at various welcome email examples and deciding on the perfect and the most appropriate elements of the welcome email is an excellent way to start formulating a welcome email.

Here are some types of welcome emails that can be sent to the reader and some examples of top welcome emails from leading brands.

1. From an actual human being

This is a personalized welcome email sent and signed by an actual person with his name and designation from the brand. This kind of email can create a personal one-on-one experience for the reader. It also allows the customers to give feedback on personal preferences, which can be an important resource for the brand to tailor and formulate future correspondence.

2. Free trial welcome email

A free trial mail is sent to those who subscribe to a free trial from the brand. The welcome email can inform about the brand and also encourage the reader to avail of further paid services from the brand. This welcome email from Shopify is a perfect example.



3. Email template design focusing on product

Engaging the reader in the information about the product is one of the top welcome email template designs which brands prefer having. This provides value to the email since it focuses not only on the brand but also on the product or service the brand is trying to sell. Adding clips of videos or animations of the product or service information can enhance the experience.

4. Show gratitude and provide a free gift to the reader

Some welcome email examples show interesting ways to engage and build the readers’ loyalty through a small gift. A discount code added to the brand’s welcome email can get you a few bonus ‘likes’.

Optimonster, in the following email template design, provides exclusive content as a freebie:


5. Welcome the readers with a special thanks

Just a simple welcome mail showing gratitude to the readers for subscribing to the mailing list can go a long way! This type of welcome email lends a personal touch and sends across a very warm welcome. This can be clubbed with complementing graphics and designing.

6. Welcome email with a reminder

A welcome email reminding the reader why they signed up for the brand in the first place? Though not technically a welcome email, this kind of mail reminds the users about any new services added to the existing list. This kind of mail can also be sent by a brand if a reader has not used any services or products provided; kind of a ‘welcome again’ email.

The email below by BuzzSumo is an example:


7. Call to action in the welcome email

Instead of beating around the bush, the brand must possess a style of moving straight to its goal and calling to action. A call to action calls the reader to take specific action towards the brand. Some examples of a call to action can be ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Subscribe’. The following email template design by Wufoo is a perfect example.

The greatest focus of the welcome email is the button, which is calling to action to fill a form and nothing more.


8. Brand aesthetics in the welcome email

Some of the top welcome emails use graphics and the design of the brand to engage the reader. Such email template design shows how the design and aesthetics of the brand can be used to teach a feeling of belongingness to the readers. The beautiful pink email design by Pretty Little Thing below is one of the best welcome email examples for this style.


9. Informative

An informative welcome email template imparts information about the brand, the services, and its products and drives the reader towards the resources that the brand may provide. It is advisable to keep such information minimalistic so that not to overburden the reader, which might result in lost interest.

Here is an example of a welcome email template by Medium.


10. Exclusive welcome emails

Welcoming the readers and making them feel that they are a part of an exclusive experience. From providing exclusive information about the brand to early access to new launches, the brand can make its ‘tribe’ feel extra special about their bond in many wonderful ways.

11. Playful

A playful graphic welcome email template is bound to make a memorable impression in the readers’ minds. Strategic pops of color, engaging photographs, or fun imagery authentic to the brand are some elements that can be incorporated into a welcome email.

This is a welcome email by Find Me A Gift that reminds the reader about the brand utility.


Finishing on a ‘Welcoming’ Note

Welcome emails are great tools to create engagement even in the initial correspondence with the consumer, holding their attention and generating revenue from various information, services, and offers that can be provided through them. The various examples cited above are some of the top welcome emails in the market. The best aspects can be clubbed together depending on the interests and the goals to create a positive brand identity.


1. How to create a warm welcome email?

To make a warm and welcoming email template design, provide recognizable information, assess the content that the brand promises, and describe what the brand expects in the mail. Showing a little bit of that personality of the brand goes a long way.

2. What is a good welcome message?

A good welcome message must include a personal touch and show the brand’s enthusiasm to engage with the readers. Clear information about products and services must also be provided.

3. What to say in a welcome email?

Thank the readers for subscribing, setting the expectations in correspondence, and introducing the brand. Top welcome emails deliver some incentives to the readers and provide contact and social information.