Experts Lay Down 9 Best Presentation Design Trends of 2022

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Posted on 28/02/223 min read
Experts Lay Down 9 Best Presentation Design Trends of 2022

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With the onset of the pandemic, the world has turned upside down. Businesses and companies have all been forced to adopt a remote working culture. This working style from home has changed the way teams and organizations collaborate and work together. It has also brought about a change in how brands communicate with their customers to acquire the business. Companies and employees have started using presentations, events, and virtual designs to communicate externally and internally. Due to this, graphic design has undergone a huge change, and new presentation design trends are coming out every year. Now businesses need to engage, inspire, and connect with the audience continuously.  

To help you with your next big presentation, we’ve listed the top presentation design trends of 2022, according to creative experts.

9 Top Presentation Design Trends of 2022

1. Refined Memphis Design


When it comes to trends in PowerPoint design, then the Memphis design of flat shapes, softer pastels, and black geometry will make a comeback. This 80s style will be back in fashion with a slight twist this year. This great design will give your presentation a contemporary and retro look. Today’s PowerPoint design trends include transforming pastel colors, wacky patterns, and bright neon colors to softer, muted shades. Simplified symbols and patterns are now the next big thing.

2. Expressive and experimental lettering styles

You will notice that presentation design trends keep on changing regularly. Another change that is making a mark is typography and lettering styles. Playful elements and typography in fresh colors are now becoming popular. This lettering style includes fancy shapes, shapeless blobs, mismatched letters, and funky strokes. 

Designers are now trying to be more experimental and expressive while keeping graphic designs very functional. However, this design style also comes with the challenge of distinguishing between abstract shapes and readable letters. Though this typography style has a unique vibe, it can sometimes be a very dangerous presentation trend to follow when your audience is not into artsy experimentation.

3. Doodles for more personalization


Though doodles are a simple and artistic presentation format, they are also great if you want to add a more human touch to your presentation slides. In 2022, we’ll see professionalism being added to these illustrations, facilitating a better understanding for viewers.

4. Anti-design presentation graphics will gain popularity


Presentation design trends are fast-changing, and another popular one is the anti-design presentation graphics that are all set to create an impact. Distorted fonts, complex interfaces, geometric shapes, and disoriented layouts will be part of anti-design graphics. Although this design style reflects movement, thoughtfulness, and energy in your slides, it’s not for everyone. Use anti-design graphics if you want to make your presentations edgy and provocative. Slide design trends like these are great to grab your audience’s attention.

5. Parametric presentation design trends will rule


Used extensively in architectural styles and designs, parametric patterns are now going to rule the graphic presentation world. Graphic designers will use geometric designs to give their slides a new look. These smart designs add visual interest and a sense of movement to the presentation. These designs will represent your subject matter gracefully and beautifully.

6. The trendy bubble design


Rounded letters and graphics will also be reinvented by designers this year. Adding professionalism while also keeping the childish style intact will also be part of the presentation design trends to watch out for. Bubble designs show amiability, high spirits, and vivacity. Elongated forms and psychedelic colors are all part of the 2022 bubble design.

7. Grunge graphic design will make a huge comeback


The 30-year-old grunge style is making a comeback most gloriously. The less-polished design features distressed textures, fonts, hand-drawn doodles, gritty backgrounds, collages, and shadowed imagery. Combining these classic elements with the modern minimalism style, the grunge trend is all set to break the conventional graphic rules. So, instead of going in for vibrant aesthetics and flat graphics, this style comes with a lot of energy.

8. Ukiyo-e flat design


There are plenty of different presentation design trends making a huge difference in the graphic world. Another trend that’s drifted away from interior design to the graphic is Japandi. This design is a combination of Scandi hygge and Japanese design. This trend evolves the contemporary minimalism style and adds warmth and calm to the whole design. This style is perfect for packaging, website design, and lifestyle branding.

9. Frasurbane design to gain popularity


This type of style is widely used in interior design and is now finding its way into graphic design. Muted colors, majestic serifs, and carefully placed designs are part of the Frasurbane graphic trend. Though this style isn’t about minimalism, it reflects a balance between sophistication and modern style.


2022 will be challenging for the graphic design industry because of the problems ushered by the pandemic. Though life will be normal again, the world isn’t going to be the same. Graphic designers have realized this fact and have started exploring new ways to tackle the issue and acclimate themselves. This year we’ll see design styles from the 1960s to 1990s making a comeback; however, these designs will have a touch of class and modernization. Try out these top presentation design trends this year to make your presentations stand out.


1. What to expect in graphic design trends in 2022?

Creative, retro designs are the new in-thing in the year 2022. Abstract patterns and asymmetrical background, radical contrast, and experimental typography are also making a mark this year.

2. What’s the refined Memphis design?

The Memphis style is a design style known for its pastel colors, bright neon, geometric shapes, and bold patterns.

3. What are expressive and experimental lettering styles in the presentation?

Playful elements and typography in fresh colors are now becoming popular. This lettering style includes fancy shapes, shapeless blobs, mismatched letters, and funky strokes.

4. What are anti-design presentation graphics?

Distorted fonts, complex interfaces, geometric shapes, and disoriented layouts are part of anti-design graphics.

5. What are doodle designs in graphics?

Doodles are a simple and artistic presentation format; they are also great if you want to add a more human touch to your presentation slides.

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