Top 10 Tips (and Tools) to Increase Facebook Engagement

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Posted on 6/06/229 min read
Top 10 Tips (and Tools) to Increase Facebook Engagement
This blog addresses how you can increase Facebook engagement and the tools you can use.

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What is Facebook Engagement?

10 Tools to Increase Facebook Engagement

● Benefits of Good Facebook Engagement

Facebook has proved to be the perfect marketing platform with multiple marketing tools, features, and ad formats. Today, companies spend vast amounts of money on Facebook advertising.

However, all this investment just goes down the drain when there is very little engagement with your ad posts. Therefore, to make your Facebook marketing efforts and ad spending more effective, you must increase Facebook engagement.

What is Facebook Engagement?

Facebook engagement simply refers to any action Facebook users take on your page or any of your posts on Facebook. These actions commonly include likes, comments, shares, clicking on links, and watching a video you’ve posted.

Facebook tracks engagement for each post and your page as a whole. The engagement can be measured numerically by the Facebook engagement rate. It is a simple formula. Divide the number of engaged users by total page reach. For example, if your post got six comments, 12 likes, and two shares and had a total reach of 1000 people, your post engagement rate would be 2%.


10 Tools to Increase Facebook Engagement

Plenty of marketing tools are available on Facebook and outside to increase Facebook engagement drastically and make your marketing efforts more productive. So, let’s address the pertinent question of increasing engagement on Facebook

Here is a list of 10 tools to achieve higher Facebook engagement.

1. Facebook messenger marketing

Facebook messenger marketing provides a perfect opportunity for digital marketers to gain the first mover’s advantage. It simply means sending messages to customers on Facebook messenger and personally engaging with them.

Many marketers often make the mistake of ignoring messenger marketing and focusing on ad posts only. However, it is a very effective way of reaching out to your target audience. It has been observed that Facebook messenger messages have an open rate of 50-80% and a conversion rate of 3-5 times more than ad posts. Moreover, messenger marketing can cost 30-50 times less than Facebook ad campaigns.

Thus, Facebook messenger marketing is the best way to start Facebook marketing since it offers excellent engagement results.


2. Comment guard

A comment guard is an exciting feature of Facebook Messenger that allows you to add new contacts to your contact list whenever they comment on your Facebook posts. So, if a user comments on your post, they get an automatic private reply in Messenger, and if they engage with this reply, they are added to your Messenger contact list. This way, you can keep on adding engaged users to your contact list.

To take complete advantage of this feature, brands should go for interactive Facebook posts such as a quiz, a contest, etc. Such posts receive many comments, becoming warm leads for the brands.

3. Chat blaster

Chat blasting refers to a method to get your message in front of your Facebook Messenger contact list in just a few minutes. Chat blaster also helps in segmenting the audiences. Since there can be thousands of contacts of different categories and preferences, it is crucial to narrow down on them to target the right audience with the right message.

The MobileMonkey app can schedule chat blasts, interactive Messenger sequences, and create special deals to help you increase Facebook engagement and market your products.

4. Warm engaged invites

This is a tactic where you personally invite people to engage with your Facebook page. This way, you build your page following. You can either make use of interactive Facebook posts such as quizzes or opinion polls or find any Facebook engagement posts with a high engagement rate.

Use this tool to view people who have engaged with your posts in any way and invite them to like your page. This is an effective marketing tactic since you can target already engaged users. This way, you can build a substantial engaged following for your business.


5. Send personal invites in Messenger.

This is an engagement strategy where you invite your friends to like your business page. The invite is sent using Messenger. This strategy is effective as it allows you to send personalized messages instead of automated ones. Thus, it has more impact on users, building a more meaningful connection with them.


6. Manage community to increase engagement

Brands need to establish a community of users to form deeper connections and long-lasting bonds with them. A community helps in building a loyal customer base for businesses. It also helps companies in social listening and knowing what their target audience prefers.

To maintain engagement with your community, you have to be proactive in responding to your audiences who reach out to you publicly or privately. If you are a business owner finding it difficult to form or manage a community on Facebook, AgoraPulse is your solution.

It is a great one-stop social listening and community management tool that works with several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It offers plenty of filtering and tagging features to enhance your engagement. Moreover, it allows you to add team members and assign specific posts or queries to address.


7. Leverage trending content and influencers on Facebook

Post shareable content on trending and popular topics. Such posts will naturally have more engagement. Popular memes or viral content can drastically increase your visibility and brand awareness overnight. You can use BuzzSumo to discover trending posts by searching using a topic, keyword, or domain.

For example, you can search for “content marketing” posts and specify a time frame (say, the last one month), language, and type (article, infographic, etc.). You will get a list of articles out of which you can select the one with the most shares or likes.

BuzzSumo is an excellent platform for researching the topics and subject lines that are most popular at a specific time. It can even be used to find popular influencers and trending authors. Businesses can then reach out to them and partner with them to market their products. This way, brands can leverage the readily engaged audience of influencers.


8. Run a Facebook contest to promote your products

Interactive Facebook posts that are hard to ignore and attract the audience to participate are best for achieving a high engagement rate. Businesses can run online contests and reward the users for winning.

Such contests are useful for lead generation, brand awareness, and promotion of products. Moreover, these contests gather users’ data and allow businesses to know more about their audience and target them in the right way.

An app called 22Social is an excellent option for building contests. It uses three components: interactive (video and live-streaming), autoresponders (AWeber, MailChimp, etc.), and tracking (Google Analytics, AdWords, etc.). You just need to install the app on your Facebook page for usage.

Running a promotional contest is one of the best ways to increase user engagement with your Facebook posts and generate awareness about your products without being pushy.


9. Include email addresses and phone numbers.

Users enter their email addresses when creating their Facebook accounts. You can access their email addresses with the help of a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Create a chatbot in the MobileMonkey app that asks for the user’s email id. The user will just have to click a button to pre-fill his address. Thus, you can use two different channels, Facebook and email, to engage your audience.

Getting a customer’s phone number is a challenging task. But, again, with the help of chatbots, you can get a user’s phone number if they provided it to Facebook. When asked for their phone numbers on Messenger, Facebook automatically fills it. Then all you have to do is reach out to them on their numbers.


10. Use eye-catching images and videos for increased visibility.

People will automatically engage with something they find appealing and interesting. That is how you have to make your Facebook engagement posts and ads. With Facebook, a visual platform, create images and videos that stand out. Post beautiful content that captures users’ attention and stops them from scrolling through their feed.



One of the best tools for creating such amazing images is the Adobe Spark Post. It is very easy to find a picture using keywords. It gives access to thousands of images that are free. The app has many editing features that are available to enhance your image. It can integrate with other Adobe apps such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

You can use other apps also like PicLab, Canva, or PicMonkey. These apps are simple to use and create stunning graphics. Even better than images, post videos to grab eyeballs. Facebook’s autoplay feature can be used to draw a user’s attention to your videos.

Lumyer is also another fantastic animation app where you can add animation to an image and convert it to a video. Or use Flixel, which creates cinemagraphs where only a part of the video moves. Adobe Spark Video is also a video creation tool worth trying.


Benefits of Good Facebook Engagement

Facebook engagement can make or break your marketing strategy. There’s no point in implementing a social media marketing strategy if you don’t have an engaged audience to even look at your posts in the first place. So, whatever efforts you make, first ensure that your audience is willing to engage with you.

The benefits of having a high Facebook engagement rate can be many, but here is a list of the primary ones:

Social credibility

When people react to your posts and share them, it provides social proof to the audience about your brand’s credibility and popularity. They also start following your posts which promotes trust in your brand. Brands with less engagement on their ad posts appear suspicious to potential customers. They would instead buy from a brand having strong engagement and positive reviews.


Marketing reach

Social media is ideal for marketing because of its instant reach to a large audience. A higher engagement rate shows that people are giving attention to your posts, which is the purpose of marketing. As engagement increases, the reach of the posts further increases. This allows you to promote your product before many users and get more leads. It can also lead to higher traffic to your website.




Traditionally, advertising was in the form of billboards and TV ads. This entailed a higher cost in comparison to advertising on social media. Moreover, such advertising targeted everyone, even those for whom the ad may not be relevant.

Facebook allows you to target your ads to a select group of people who will be interested in your product. Thus, if your ads attract a lot of engagement, they can serve the purpose with a smaller marketing budget.

Brand awareness

Higher engagement naturally leads to more brand awareness. It is important to build a reputation for your brand while you are just starting or maintaining a good reputation when already established.


This is made possible by increasing Facebook engagement. Now, Facebook’s algorithm works so that posts with significant engagement have higher visibility. Otherwise, people will have to visit your page to see your posts, which is not very likely.


A higher engagement rate shows that the users find your posts interesting and engaging. When this happens regularly, they follow your page and pay close attention to your posts. This interest in your brand can help you quickly bring any updates or new product launches to the audience’s attention.

In Summary

Businesses have correctly realized the importance of social media marketing. However, what remains to be acknowledged is that the efforts you make are useless without paying attention to your Facebook engagement rate.

Digital marketers should consider increasing the engagement rate as their priority, irrespective of the marketing channel. Fortunately, there are several apps and tools present within Facebook and otherwise to help you track and improve engagement. Get started with it to reap long-term benefits.

Key Takeaways

Facebook engagement includes any action taken by someone on your Facebook page or posts. The actions can be like, share, comment, link clicks, and other reactions.

It can be measured by using the metric of Facebook engagement rate, which is simply obtained by dividing the number of engaged users by the total post reach.

A good Facebook engagement rate can lead to several advantages for your brand. It provides social credibility and trust to your brand, expands its marketing reach, shows that people are interested in your posts, and increases brand awareness. It is also a cost-effective means of advertising since higher engagement proves that the ads reach the right audience.


1. What do you mean by Facebook engagement?

Facebook engagement refers to any kind of action a user indulges in regarding your Facebook posts or Facebook page. User engagement can be in likes, comments, shares, link click, or even watching a video.
It can be measured with the help of engagement rates, and a high engagement rate shows that users are interested in what you’re posting.

2. What are the advantages of strong Facebook engagement?

Every business should strive to achieve a high engagement rate to have a successful Facebook marketing strategy. This is because if people don’t engage with your posts in the first place, there’s no use in posting them.

3. What are the different ways to increase Facebook engagement?

● Facebook messenger marketing
● Building and managing a Facebook community
● Creating posts on trending topics
● Chat blasting
● Pull email addresses and phone numbers from Facebook
● Using eye-catching and attractive images and video.