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Top 10 AI Writing Assistants To Supercharge Your Content

Team Pepper
Posted on 31/05/235 min read
Top 10 AI Writing Assistants To Supercharge Your Content
This article examines the top ten AI assistants with their pros and cons so you can choose the right AI assistant.

The world is saying ‘Aye’ to AI. With good reason — AI assistants can easily supercharge your business, especially in terms of content. Although AI can’t imagine and demonstrate creativity like David Ogilvy, it has advantages that have led to it being used by Ogilvy, the firm (more on that below).

These advantages include creating grammatically correct content quickly and at scale. There are many AI assistants to choose from.

AI is cutting-edge technology that is evolving rapidly. Here’s the list of the top ten AI writing assistants below based on their popularity, efficacy, price, and extras like AI-generated images that they may offer.


If you are looking for a simple AI assistant that creates content quickly, might be the tool for your needs. You can create content from advertisements to blog posts, landing pages, and more with comes from the same folks who created Pepper Content – the leading content creation company that uses human genius to create stellar content online. You can try for free, and if it works for you, you can choose the comprehensive premium plan (which combines talented creators and AI) beginning at $399 or contact for information on the enterprise plan.



  • A fusion of quality human and AI writing
  • Generates quality copy at scale in seconds
  • A clean and intuitive dashboard with integrated analytics
  • Ideates, creates, distributes, and measures content 
  • Integrated with Pepper Docs
  • SEO-friendly content created by default
  • Audits content with word count, readability, and plagiarism checker


  • It is comparatively high-priced 

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the most popular AI software and one of the best AI assistants for writing. It helps write emails, fix grammar, rephrase, and summarize the text. ChatGPT has both a free and paid version. ChatGPT is an AI language model that does not display images.


  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable and efficient
  • Consistent
  • Generates Quick responses


  • Isn’t completely error-free
  • Cannot handle complex inputs

3. Quillbot 

Quillbot is a superb AI assistant for small firms and individuals. It aims to improve your writing through excellent paraphrasing. For example, we paraphrased the simple sentence, “My name is John.” The output provided by Quillbot was “I’m called John.” 

Quillbot scores high due to its ease of use, affordable price, customer service, and value for money. At the time of writing, you could subscribe to Quillbot’s annual premium plan at just $4.17/month. 

Quillbot’s tools for AI writing include the paraphraser, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, co-writer, summarizer, and translator. It comes with extensions for both Chrome and Word. 


  • Excellent paraphrasing tool
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use


  • The translator is inaccurate
  • The plagiarism checker allows you to scan only up to 20 pages/month in the premium version

4. Jasper

Jasper has distinguished clients such as HubSpot, Harper Collins, and DigitalMarketer. One reason is that this AI assistant generates original and creative content. You can use it to write content like blogs, social media posts, ads, and more.

You can use Jasper’s AI writing assistant to create content faster and at scale. Jasper is good for long-form content and great for team collaboration. You can easily create SEO-optimized content and translate it into 25 languages. Experience Jasper with the free trial and see if it is the best AI writing service for you.  Jasper has packages for creators, teams, and businesses beginning at $39/mo. Jasper Art is one of the quality AI image generators online.


  • Ease of use and implementation
  • Speeds up content creation while maintaining quality
  • Customizable writing templates
  • Good customer support
  • Integrated with Surfer SEO


  • Slightly expensive

5. is another AI writing assistant that helps create engaging content at a faster pace. Whether it’s emails, digital ads, social media content, or blogs, can have it ready within seconds. Firms like Nestle and Ogilvy prefer It has over eight million users.’s free plan can create up to 2000 words per month. The Pro plan costs $36/ month, and the Enterprise plan is for large users. Copy AI can write in 25+ languages. 


  • Generates many types of content
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Can create content quickly and at scale


  • The free plan has limited options

6. Copymatic

Copymatic is an AI assistant that can generate blogs, website content, social media content, and marketing copy. You can also use it for AI-generated images. The image generator is included in the Copymatic plan at no extra cost. 

Copymatic comes with three plans Pro, Team, and Enterprise starting at $19 per month. Copymatic also comes with a WordPress plugin. It can be used in 25+ languages.


  • Economical
  • User-friendly
  • Great customer service 


  • Only 1000 words in the free trial

7. Rytr

Rytr can create product descriptions, story plots, and social media posts. Rytr has around five million users and a high rating on third-party review sites.

Rytr is appreciated by academics and firms like Adidas, Dell, and Payoneer, to name a few. Rytr offers content in 30+ languages and has three affordable plans – free, saver, and unlimited. The Saver plan costs $9/month, and the Unlimited plan is just $29/month.


  • Great for short-form content
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Good customer support
  • Good for workflow management


  • Generates repetitive content
  • Few templates
  • Less useful for long-form content

8. Simplified

Simplified is an AI assistant with a free plan for personal use. It generates 50+ types of copy instantly. You can choose between 10+ tones to generate copy specific to your needs. Simplified creates long-form copy easily and organizes your teamwork.

Simplified has over one million users and has an online AI image generator. It also has an iOS and Android app, a WordPress plugin, a Chrome extension, and a Shopify app. Paid plans begin at $24/month.


  • Inbuilt AI image generator
  • Good for long-form content
  • Great for rewriting
  • Free plan


  • Only 2000 words per month in the free plan

9. Frase

Frase is one of the AI assistants that focuses on SEO. If you are looking for an AI-assisted writing assistant that creates content to rank on Google, Frase is the tool. It is meant for those looking to sell online. 

Frase has three pricing plans – Solo, Basic, and Team, that range from $14.99/month to $114.99/month. Each includes all you need to create search-engine-worthy content. 


  • Ease of use
  • Generates SEO content


  • Could write introductions and conclusions that aren’t up to the mark

10. Copysmith

Copysmith can be used for writing Google Ads, headlines, taglines, and content ideas, among other content. It comes in three packages starting from $19/month and is trusted by firms like Google and Uber. You can try it for free without a credit card. 


  • Affordable
  • Good quality content
  • Multiple templates
  • Easy to use


  • Inefficient for long-form posts

Key Takeaways

  • AI assistants cannot entirely replace humans 
  • Different AI assistants work better for different writing purposes
  • Some AI assistants offer more value for money than others
  • AI-assisted writing has valuable benefits like time-saving and collaboration
  • Trying out AI assistants via a free plan is the best way to decide whether to invest in paid versions


AI assistants are here to stay. But they might never replace human writing. There is no telling how leaps in technology can change the AI writing landscape, but there will be changes as the technologies evolve.

Meanwhile, use this list of top AI writing assistants to guide your choice of AI help. Check with the team at!  We are happy to assist you with every query and hope to help you with AI-assisted writing.


1. Is AI going to change digital marketing and content creation?

Yes. Human genius will still play a part in marketing success, but AI could make it both easy and more complex.

2. I am a solopreneur. How do I choose the right AI assistant for me?

Choose the best AI assistant based on its pricing, ease of use, learning curve, and deliverables.

3. I tried ChatGPT, and it turned up a grammatical error – What does this mean?

AI assistants are still far from perfect. You need to proofread and check the output of your AI software before publishing.