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Importance of Product Descriptions: 5 Ways Product Descriptions Can Drive Sales

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Posted on 22/02/228 min read
Importance of Product Descriptions: 5 Ways Product Descriptions Can Drive Sales

Table of Contents

  • What Is a Product Description?
  • What Is the Importance of Product Descriptions? 
  • 5 Key Elements of a Good Product Description
  • 5 Key Benefits of Product Descriptions
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
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Have you ever come across an appealing text beside a product that compelled you to buy the product? Don’t you always check the features listed beside a product before buying it?

The text placed beside a product listed on a website is known as a product description. The importance of product descriptions lies in the fact that they help your website and product stand out. According to research conducted by LinkedIn, there are around two to three million e-commerce websites globally, excluding China. It is pretty hard to make your product visible, as countless other options are available in the market. 

A good product description must highlight your product’s unique selling point (USP). You may think your product is the best, which it probably is. But why would a customer trust you? Your product description should be able to convince them. An attractive product description has the potential to turn people into paying customers. In this blog, we explore the many benefits of product descriptions. 

What Is a Product Description?

Every company has a product or service to sell. A product description pitches that product to potential clients in a lucrative manner. In other words, a product description summarizes the best features of your product or services, convincing the customer to trust you. 

The importance of product descriptions lies in their ability to position the product such that the customer chooses it to alleviate their issues using it. A good product description is never too salesy. It talks about how the product can address a customer’s issues. A customer-centric outlook is the best approach to writing a good product description.

What Is the Importance of Product Descriptions?

Today’s customers want to evaluate their options before making a purchase. One of the leading marketing surveyors, Salsify, reported that 87% of online customers said good product descriptions influence their purchasing decisions. 

In a hyper-digitized world, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic shifting paradigms online, more and more people have resorted to online shopping. The importance of product descriptions cannot be undermined in such a digitized world. Product descriptions act as the brand’s voice, informing you about the best features of each option. The importance of product descriptions is also underlined by their ability to help customers make well-informed buying decisions. The more creative and appealing the product description, the more likely it is for customers to be enamored with your brand. 

5 Key Elements of a Good Product Description

Product descriptions are often placed right next to the product or under the product title and images. A product description should be concise, genuine, and easily readable. 

A good product description requires the combined efforts of a fine wordsmith and an excellent salesperson. The trick is not to list the features of a product like a robot, but to write so compellingly that the viewer adds it to their cart. Let us review some points that illustrate the importance of product descriptions. 

1. Emotional connection

Listing product features does not just stop at persuasion. You need to dig deeper. Your copy should not only tap into the benefits of the product but also focus on the emotion behind it. You should not simply narrate your products’ features. Instead, you must talk about how your products will improve the customer’s life. 


2. Highlight the benefits

There is a fine line between listing the features and highlighting the benefits of a product.  When you simply list features, it may feel boring or inauthentic. To persuade customers to trust your brand, you have to switch the tone. You have to reflect on what issues the customers are facing, and list the points that address their customer pain points. With such a simple shift in your writing, your customers would come to trust your brand and buy your products. 

3. Persuasive tone

Have you seen words like “Buy Now” and “Introducing the Latest Launch” beside products? “Now,” “amazing,” “great,” and “introducing,” are strong, actionable words. They quickly catch the eye of the reader and compel them to click. Try not to include too many strong words, as it may dull the effect. One or two persuasive words in your copy will have you realize the importance of product descriptions on your website. 

4. Relevant keywords

SEO refers to the practice of including keywords that have high search volumes in your copy. The importance of product descriptions lies in making a sale or converting a viewer into a customer. First, you have to ensure that people can see your content. Even if you have a great description, an attractive visual, or an amazing product, you won’t be able to convert if nobody gets to see your product.

 Including SEO keywords in your copy will take your product description to the next level. Thorough keyword research will help you choose better keywords and increase visibility. You can hop on to Google Console and look at the trending terms. However, be mindful so as not to cram in too many keywords. Keyword stuffing will reduce the readability of your content, and your product description will not serve the intended purpose. 

5. Easy readability

Product descriptions are often written in bullet points so that the customer can gloss over them quickly. If you use bullet points, you have the perfect opportunity to use strong, actionable words. Since pointers are mobile-friendly and take up less space, the best features of your product stand out. Succinct copy, persuasive words, and numbered lists are the distinct features of a good product description. 


The importance of product descriptions lies in helping brands sell their products. Writing attractive copy for a product can prove to be an effective marketing strategy. If you are writing product descriptions for multiple social media platforms, you have to tweak them according to the audience’s demands. Shorter phrases sprinkled with keywords work well on Facebook and Instagram, while LinkedIn demands a more holistic description. 

5 Key Benefits of Product Descriptions

Almost every eCommerce site carries product descriptions. And many marketing blogs stress the fact that product descriptions are a must. But, what is the importance of product descriptions? Product descriptions can influence sales and conversions (if done correctly). Let us discuss the biggest benefits of product descriptions below. 


1. They boost conversions

The most significant benefit of product descriptions is that they help with conversions. How do you ask? An effective product description is succinct and draws the customer’s attention. As they read the best features of your product, they are more likely to buy it. They should be detailed so that they answer all the key questions the consumer may have about the product. Product descriptions, when written properly, also foster an emotional connection with the brand.  

2. They are useful for SEO

Product descriptions, when written keeping SEO guidelines in mind and after conducting thorough keyword research, would make a website rank higher on search engines. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, the importance of SEO cannot be undermined. A well-written product description appeals to consumers and search engines alike. They include keywords to improve your brand’s visibility. 

3. They increase organic traffic

One of the biggest benefits of product descriptions is that they increase organic traffic to your website. SEO keywords increase your chances of ranking on search engines. When customers click on your product and find a succinct and genuine breakdown of its features, they are most likely to trust your brand. 

However, do not stuff keywords. Search engines rank websites based on the relevance of the content. If customers open your page and do not find meaningful content, they will probably avoid your website in the future, thus lowering your reach.  

4. They strengthen the brand’s voice

A lesser-known benefit of product descriptions is that they make your voice stand out from a sea of competitors. A product description is your brand’s way of selling a product. If you just list features in a monotone, boring way, it won’t create any connection. Including too many keywords will make it look spammy (and probably won’t make sense grammatically). 

If you can list the benefits of using your product in a humorous and relatable way, you have already won. Try to use strong words and sound genuine in your product descriptions. Focus on how your product can help your customer.  


5. They enhance trustworthiness

If your product descriptions are genuine, people will trust your brand. The most common mistake most copywriters and marketing professionals make when writing product descriptions is that they just list the features of a product. A product description is your brand’s voice. Use that space to establish a bond of trust with your customers. Focus on your user and tell them how the product will address and solve their issues. This will establish your presence as a trustworthy brand. 

Another important benefit of product descriptions is that they personalize as well as popularize your brand. While the inclusion of SEO keywords increases visibility, your chances of ranking on search engines, and organic traffic on your website, the product copy establishes a personal connection with your audience. Keep in mind that you have to appeal to both humans and search engines. Your product copy should be relatable and relevant. Use storytelling and humor, and keep your content relatable to foster engagement.

Key Takeaways

  • A product description usually refers to the text beside a product on an e-commerce website. 
  • Writing a product description requires a fine blend of a wordsmith and an excellent salesperson. Your primary goal should be to establish your brand’s voice and drive sales. 
  • One of the most significant benefits of product descriptions is that they establish the brand as a trustworthy voice. 
  • Remember to always keep product descriptions genuine and fresh. 
  • SEO keywords are essential to increase visibility. However, too many keywords will make your product description look like spam. 
  • Another benefit of product descriptions is that they personalize as well as popularize a brand. If your product description has a humorous touch, and appears genuine and relatable, you will foster an instant connection with the audience. 


As the online shopping paradigm has gained much traction due to the pandemic, several companies are realizing the importance of product descriptions. They are one of your primary marketing tools. There are many benefits of product descriptions, some of which include enhanced trustworthiness in the brand, increased emotional ties between the brand and user, and greater visibility. 

When writing a product description, ask yourself what would make you buy a product. Think from the audience’s point of view, and structure your copy accordingly. Some products need to be captured in action to appeal to their desired audience. For instance, you will find sportswear companies showing their products on athletes captured mid-movement, as this proves the flexibility and versatility of such products. 


1. Why are product descriptions important?

Product descriptions help a customer make informed purchasing decisions. They also make your website look professional, as it would be absurd to just list products and their prices, without informing the customer anything about them. One of the most significant benefits of product descriptions is that they help the audience connect with your brand better. You can foster a lot of engagement with a unique and effective product description. 

2. How do product descriptions help with sales?

Product descriptions, when written properly and filled with SEO keywords, increase the visibility of your website. Product descriptions directly speak to the target audience and establish your brand as a trustworthy one. If your audience does not trust your product, they will never buy from you.  

3. How to define your target audience?

You could define your target audience with a demographic like age, gender, and occupation, among others. If you are selling musical instruments, you will want to appeal to people interested in music. For instance, if you are selling knee pain medicine, obviously, you will reach out to an older audience or athletes.

4. How to make product descriptions stand out?

You have to know your audience and their demands in depth. If you know your audience, you can cater to their needs better. You will know their pain points, and you will be able to highlight how your product helps them. If you cannot communicate your ideas to your target audience, you won’t be able to drive sales. 

5. What are some common mistakes one makes when writing product descriptions?

Most copywriters and marketing professionals think product descriptions simply demand a list of features. It is far from the truth. The importance of product descriptions lies in helping your brand strike a connection first. It is a marketing tactic that helps you gain the trust of your audience. You can utilize product descriptions to communicate ideas, foster engagement, and establish a trustworthy relationship with your audience.