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10 Tools to Build a B2B Social Media Strategy in 2022

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Posted on 6/05/229 min read
10 Tools to Build a B2B Social Media Strategy in 2022
The 10 best B2B social media strategy tools to meet campaign planning, digital marketing needs and help attain your business goals.


Successful B2B companies prove that any business can be fruitful on social media. These companies do an incredible job of sharing content that benefits their audiences. Their social media activities are so practical that they don’t seem too worried about directly promoting their products or services repeatedly.

However, from generating and publishing content to reporting and tracking data analytics, it can be tough to think of all social media marketers’ tasks each day.

Gratefully, a group of splendid social media management tools is accessible to assist. These tools can reorganize your workflows, save you time, and even confirm your content reaches the precise audience at an accurate time. This blog will explore 10 Social Media Strategy Tools that benefit digital and social media marketers.

10 Best Social Media Planning Tools

With social media tools, you can sustain consistency, create a publishing calendar, and schedule posts for enabling result-oriented social media strategies.

Set your B2B business up for success with the 10 Best Social Marketing Tools.

1. Hootsuite

After web analytics, social media publishing and analytics platforms are content marketers’ most used technology tools. Hootsuite caters to both of them.

Multiple team members can deal with numerous accounts from any place through Hootsuite. You can monitor customer queries and send quick messages so that your team members can get a swift response. The Hootsuite dashboard also makes it straightforward to track digital performance and showcase your ROI.

The content library of the tool, where pre-approved content and brand elements are stored, is also a significant feature for B2B marketers.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: Being such an inclusive platform, users of Hootsuite admire its functionalities for monitoring numerous accounts and keywords, connecting with 35+ social media networks, and bulk scheduling of social media posts.

2. Sendible

Sendible is one of the best social marketing tools developed explicitly for agencies with numerous client bases. In addition to the practical functionalities that most social media management tools offer, Sendible facilitates you to tailor your dashboard as per your personalized branding to entice new clients.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: Sendible has some inspiring integrations like YouTube search and the Canva graphics editor. It also offers automation with its features for those users who want to save effort and time on monotonous tasks.

3. Buffer

Buffer is an intuitive, modernized social media management platform relied upon by professionals and small-sized businesses to steer engagement and result-oriented outcomes on social media.

You can leverage functionalities like publishing, viewing analytics, creating landing pages, and stakeholder collaboration with Buffer. The tool assists social media marketers and teams work more resourcefully.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: As a highly comprehensive platform, the user base of Buffer admires it to be highly effortless and intuitive to work with for getting effective publishing results.

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the social media strategy tools that precisely blends numerous social media tools into a single platform. It also facilitates social media scheduling, tracking of posts, and precise reporting.

The platform offers competent customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities. Having the entire profile of your customers assists you in serving them healthier and quickly building relationships with them.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: The appreciation we have heard about Sprout Social is its special reports. Many social media executives found the report format so striking that they would directly send them to their clientele without modifying them.

5. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is one of the top social media campaign tools with precise scheduling, engagement, and reporting functionalities.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: Contrasting the rest, Agora Pulse has numerous unique features like Facebook contest applications, competitor and market research functionalities.

6. eClincher

The eClincher platform is a social media strategy tool that enables you to schedule and publish posts. It also assists in replying to social messages and tracking your social media performance levels.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: What makes eClincher unique from other platforms is that it allows you to automate posts with RSS feeds and smart queues. It facilitates a media library for your pictures and lets you find social media influencers to enable promotions.

7. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is an influential calendar tool that deals with many facets of your social media marketing strategy. With CoSchedule, you can handle and team up to generate your social media posts, promote an event, streamline messages, and facilitate other marketing activities.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: As one of the best 10 social media strategy tools, the CoSchedule platform is practical for social media marketers who want to organize all their projects in one place.

The ReQueue functionality of the tool assists you in automatically finding the best posting times and filling breaks in your social media schedule with your engaging posts.

8. Friends+Me

Friends+Me has a maximum focus on Google+. However, it also enables you to schedule your content to other social media platforms apart from Instagram.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: Friends+Me backs scheduling for Google+ profiles, communities, and G-Suite Google+. It is one of the best social marketing tools that enable you to plan and facilitate automation for reposting your Google+ posts onto your other social accounts.

9. SocialBee

SocialBee is a tool that markets and promotes content to bring quality leads with minimal effort. Its principal feature as one of the 10 social media campaign tools is that it enables its user base to add, organize, and share content across numerous social media channels from one unique place.

It manages promotions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google My Business. It also blends with Buffer.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: SocialBee’s most liked functionality is the option to recycle engaging content while keeping it renewed by leveraging post variations. The tool helps maintain consistent posts while having a balanced blend of content in every category.

10. Tailwind

Tailwind is great for Instagram and Pinterest. Apart from assisting you in scheduling posts, tracking conversations, and gauging results, the tool offers suggestions for enhancing your engagement performance.

Exclusive value-addition by the tool: Tailwind helps marketers by offering extensive features explicit to the visual platforms, like Pinterest content marketing and Instagram UGC content handling.

Why Your Business Requires Social Media Planning Tools

For B2B companies to be effective on social media, their content requires to find the balance between being interactive and not unsettling their audiences’ involvement on the platform. Eventually, these companies must determine their audience’s demands to encash their social media efforts.

Measure, analyze, and evaluate marketing efforts.

You have to track and monitor data to determine your social media marketing success. Social media management tools allow you to screen and measure key performance metrics. You can even allocate financial worth to organic social media engagements.

Earned media value (EMV) analyzes how much organic social engagement and scope would have cost if you had opted for advertisements.

Furthermore, you can leverage Google Analytics as an efficient social media marketing tool that will assist you in measuring your social marketing methods. It also helps in determining which strategies are healthier and which are not.

You can better attach tracking tags to your campaigns to track them precisely. And be sure to use the analytics within every social media platform for performance monitoring.

Social media management

Social media management tools assist social media professionals in planning and distributing their content.

These tools support the company’s reach and influence audiences on different social media platforms. Most used tools comprise HubSpot,, Zoho Social, and Hootsuite.

Tools like Crowdfire enable content scheduling, and it also facilitates you to handle your Twitter account with a following and unfollowing feature. It recommends different content forms for sharing too.

Crowdfire uniquely connects your blog posts, YouTube channel, and eCommerce stores creating social media posts for each update on your website portals.

Content curation and creation

If you want to stand out in feeds, you must create exclusive content and accompany your posts with striking visuals like pictures, infographics, illustrations, and text turned into art.

Content creation tools such as Canva have precise templates that enable you to swiftly produce visuals that look attractive, have your logo and tagline on them, and are constant with your brand.

Tools like Social Pilot curate and recommend content from different industries, including technology, education, and fitness, effective if you want to curate content effortlessly.

Identify discussions that require a service response

Use boards and streams on Hootsuite to track numerous networks for discussions and conversations around your business services. Then, you can swiftly respond to support requests, even when you are not linked or tagged in these debates.

You can also use the Hootsuite Content Library to conveniently store, organize, and share pre-approved social support text with your customers. This assists in reducing response times while sustaining discussions consistently.

Monitor, measure and enhance your support performance

Social media tools like Hootsuite let you gauge and share the effect of your social customer support activities. This functionality allows you to monitor what’s working and enhance what is not.

With the Hootsuite Analytics tool, you can analyze how long it takes your team to react and determine what is conveyed by incoming comments and private messages on diverse social media platforms.

Post planning and publishing

Post planning tools assist marketers with identifying higher quality content, better planning of your publishing calendar, and consistent content posting.

Post planner tool specifically curates, rates, and makes it effortless to find content that has previously engaged your target audiences.

Quantify the business value

Tools like Oktopost cater to B2B marketers who want to get leads through social media platforms and enable the business worth of their social marketing efforts. From content promotions to employee advocacy, Oktopost has all the features B2B marketers would need to generate prospects.

Even the Storytellit tool offers you numerous social media content ideas, assists you get referrals and leads, lets you increase your digital reachability, and much more.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium tool for insights on leads to reach audiences on the LinkedIn platform. It offers you the capability to send InMail messages to targeted accounts.

Social media advertising and analysis

You can create and handle advertisements for your social media platforms in one place and then view what is working and what is not while your campaign is live. You can methodically test diverse images, banners, ad content until you find the right blend.

Social Flow is a social media publishing, marketing, and advertising tool leveraged by many leading publishers such as Fast Company and The New York Times.

AdEspresso is a tool that facilitates real-time analysis of social media ads. The platform takes out the guesswork of how your advertisements interact with your target audiences concerning your campaigns and targeting criteria.

Key Takeaways

Tools can effectively manage social media platforms to display organization stories, product, and services benefits, and create an emotional connection with target audiences by:

Building and nurturing a strong network on social platforms

Enable social media management, listening, and publishing

Monitor current and recently trending business events

Work on content curation as it is a vital part of a marketing strategy.

Leverage personas to lead content creation for diverse client categories

Use these tools to elect and use the precise social media platforms.

Save time and generate a competent customer support system with these tools.


The key to remaining applicable on social media is to be involved in the discussions your target audience is attracted to, even if it doesn’t have much to do with your services and products.

The above 10 social media campaign tools will assist you in setting realistic goals, engrossing in conversations, tracking competition, sharing content, and leveraging multimedia. These tools will also help you have an illustrious brand voice and uphold consistency with your planned B2B social media strategies.


1. Which is the best B2B social media management tool?

Social media management tools come in all forms and scopes, and what suits you best rests on your social media objectives and requirements. We hope we have mentioned at least one effective tool of 10 social media strategy tools that might apply to your B2B requirements.

2. What are the core benefits of leveraging social media marketing tools?

The benefits of these tools include content ideation and creation, graphics and media editing, organizing your content calendar, creating story templates, and tracking social media performance. You can research, enable a competitor analysis, and monitor campaigns and your accounts’ progress with time.
If you want to do well and beat the competition, you require these social media tools to understand what these competitors are doing and if what you are doing is working or not.

3. How do social media analytics tools shape B2B strategies?

Social media analytics tools offer you a variety of data and insights. They showcase how well your posts and campaigns perform and track your keyword’s progress.
Rival IQ is a tool that provides the capability to benchmark your post and profile performance against your competitors instantly. It can track market competition and what strategies are yielding results.

4. How do social media tools support digital marketing professionals?

Being a digital or social media executive involves more than merely publishing posts. Digital marketers manage the business strategy, graphic design, and content creation and are partly customer care promoters.
For dealing with all these duties and managing tasks, diverse social media tools are vital for these professionals.

5. How to decide which tools to leverage for enabling your social media strategy?

Every individual and company has its requirements for facilitating social media marketing. For deciding on which tools to leverage, you will need to explore a diversity of variables:

Goals and objectives: Does the tool match your digital marketing goals and objectives?
Time factor: How much time will it take to explore how to utilize a tool and how much time will you require to use it in further activities?
Costing: What is your overall budget?
Fit to the workflow: How much does this tool realize your workflow? Do you require an approval procedure or enable several user bases?

6. How do social media management tools track discussions around your brand?

Once your content is ready, you are still required to tap that post button. The 10 best social marketing tools mentioned in this blog assists you in communicating with social accounts and monitoring conversations around your products and services.
So, the more social media platforms you have, the more essential these tools are for your company to track discussions concerning your brand.