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12 Tips to Create a Digital Marketing Team

Team Pepper
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Posted on 29/12/215 min read
12 Tips to Create a Digital Marketing Team

Table of Contents How To Build A Marketing Team 12 Essential Elements of a Digital Marketing Team Key Takeaways Conclusion FAQs Various forms of digital communication can promote brands through digital marketing, also known as online marketing. The different marketing channels include email, social media, web-based advertising, and text messaging. By definition, digital marketing occurs… Continue reading 12 Tips to Create a Digital Marketing Team

Table of Contents

  • How To Build A Marketing Team
  • 12 Essential Elements of a Digital Marketing Team
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Various forms of digital communication can promote brands through digital marketing, also known as online marketing. The different marketing channels include email, social media, web-based advertising, and text messaging.

By definition, digital marketing occurs when a marketing campaign appears on a computer, phone, tablet, or another device. A video advertisement, display ad, search engine marketing, social media ads, and paid social posts can all be used as forms of online marketing. Many people compare digital marketing to traditional marketing methods such as magazine ads, billboards, and direct mail. Oddly, television is often included in this category.

Digital marketing has some benefits.

  • It provides your company with international competitiveness, regardless of its size.
  • You can connect your products, services, and brands to various media platforms.
  • Your business can engage customers better with more excellent knowledge.
  • Your business can stay in touch with customers at any time.
  • Customers can provide feedback at any time.
  • Facilitate growth and expansion by staying in touch with customers.
  • Boost revenues more quickly.
  • Measure marketing campaigns more accurately.

Your marketing strategy can be transformed if you use digital marketing effectively. The main objectives are to establish an online identity, build trust, and stimulate customer interaction.

How To Build A Marketing Team

Building a team of growth-oriented marketers can be done in several ways. The majority of best-in-class B2B companies employ six must-have positions. Small businesses or startups should prioritize these six roles to build their teams. Here are some ways to make a marketing team, including functions, responsibilities, and hiring.

This portion of the article will look at the tips to create a digital marketing team.

  • Creating a team-building strategy is essential before hiring anyone. You should, for example, be familiar with the hierarchy of your organization. Find out how your acquisition department and content department work together. Think about the overlapping roles within these departments.
  • The next step is to draft job descriptions and begin recruiting for the marketing department teams after you clearly understand who they are. Employers can post jobs on career websites or job boards like Indeed. When your applicants begin applying, you can start interviewing and vetting them.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask marketing friends for referrals, as it’s essential for your new hires to mesh well with your team.
  • When vetting candidates, you should also check LinkedIn connections to find out if there is any mutual connection. Critical skills for this role include leadership abilities and compatibility with your company’s culture. Moreover, make sure you hire experts. 
  • Choose a team that is highly experienced and knows what it is doing. Even after you hire your team, the work of creating a great team isn’t over. For example, you should provide your employees with training on team culture during their onboarding process.
  • To build a great team, you must document your goals, identify gaps, and iterate your processes.

In the next portion of the blog, we will look at the digital marketing team structure and department structure and learn the ins and outs of a digital marketing agency.


12 Essential Elements of a Digital Marketing Team

1. Advertising on the Internet

Invest a more significant portion of your marketing budget in online advertising as the first step.

Getting a grasp of the various types of online ads can be a confusing process when you’re not used to digital advertising.

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform that uses targeted keywords and presents ads to daily users. If the search terms you enter in Google match those in your ad, it will appear above the search results. This is one of the essential elements to building a digital marketing team.

2. SEO

Effective search marketing increases your brand’s visibility online through search engine optimization (SEO). Your brand needs to be presented to the people interested in your products using on-page optimization techniques and keyword strategies.

SEO was considered unethical in the past because it helped sites rank higher. But today, the purpose of SEO is to legitimize your site(s) and benefit your customers.


3. Blogs and online content

Content distribution, including blogging, has entered the mainstream. Traditional media and blogging have blurred boundaries. Your company website should include a blog to help you protect your personal and corporate messaging.

Blogs are the second most trusted source of information, after newspapers, according to Brown, Broderick, and Lee (2007). Make good use of your blog to enhance your customer relationships.

4. Public relations on the web

The distribution of press releases online increases online visibility and helps you reach your target audience. They can also be used to build links as part of a comprehensive link-building strategy. However, utilize your press releases only when they contain information worth sharing.

Write an article on your company on a media-related website or submit a blog post about your team to various media outlets.

5. Manage and listen to social media

Social media has become an important channel for consumers to interact with their favorite brands. Engage your customers through this medium. Consumers’ expectations of branded communication have changed in the digital age.

This has resulted in consumers expecting your brand to interact with them through a platform that controls every aspect of timing, communication channels, and content. Set up some social media pages of your own and appoint someone in your company responsible for monitoring social media so that you can respond to comments promptly.

6. Online newsletter marketing and email marketing

Email campaigns are highly effective as long as they’re permission-based. Aside from being cheap, direct, instantaneous, and easy to track, email is one of the best forms of digital marketing because it pushes your message to your audience, personalizes your communication, and segments your database.

7. Marketing on mobile phones

SMEs can reach a larger audience through their mobile devices. Mobile phones are quickly becoming a popular medium for marketing. Mobile phone numbers are becoming more available, and more businesses are using SMS to advertise their products and services.


8. Analytics on the web

Analyze your digital marketing effectiveness and customer behavior online with web analytics, such as Google Analytics. Your audience will be better understood when you use analytics.

Management can, therefore, better understand the impact of time of day, day of the week, audience, and engagement metrics on message performance based on deeper analyses.

9. Content marketing

You will gain your audience’s trust if your brand provides valuable and high-quality content. In turn, your business will take the position of authority in the market and be the customer’s first choice when making a purchase decision.

You can accomplish this by publishing content that will answer your audience’s questions.

10. SMM (social media marketing)

Using social media to promote a brand, product, or content is called SMM, or Social Media Marketing. SEM can be organic, paid for, or both, such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). To reach a particular audience, you can publish your content on social media or pay for advertising.

11. Instant message marketing

The use of instant messaging apps is on the rise. Direct messages are available on nearly all social media platforms, including WhatsApp, and it’s a great way to market. Clients can contact these channels if they need support, which makes your brand and the relationship with your customers stronger.

12. Influencer marketing

Now that we’re talking about digital influencers let’s find out what they are: subject-matter experts with a large audience interested in their opinions.

Digital influencers may produce content specific to their voice for your brand. Your products can be tested publicly, regardless of whether the results are positive or negative. This can give your brand a positive or negative image.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many killer strategies to build your digital marketing team.
  • 12 Types of marketing included expanding reach for the team
  • Social bonding and adherence to deadlines is a key takeaway
  • A strong set of skills with a clear knowledge of concepts


Building a better digital marketing agency team with like-minded people onboard is necessary at the very end of the funnel. Various marketing methods have been discussed in-depth and will help in the future. We have even shared many tips to create a digital marketing team.


1. What are the components of digital marketing?

Pay-per-click, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, marketing analytics, and affiliate marketing are all part of a digital marketing strategy. 

2. How to build a team for marketing digitally?

Understand your customer and what they care about.
Spend 20% of your time on things that deliver 80% of the results.
Offer solutions and share value.
Compile a list of your marketing projects and review them. 
Check your procedures regularly.

3. Who can be a good digital marketer? 

If you have a mix of creative and analytical skills, digital marketing is right up your alley. It is helpful if you are good with numbers and statistics. 

4. What is social media marketing? 

Social media marketing (SMM) uses social media networks for marketing a company’s products and services and engaging with customers. 

5. What is influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing involves top content creators improving brand awareness, increasing traffic, and driving messages to brands’ target audiences. Collaborating with influencers is a key digital marketing strategy. 

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