Technical Writing: What Is it and Why Is it Important in Marketing?

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Posted on 22/08/225 min read
Technical Writing: What Is it and Why Is it Important in Marketing?
Companies use technical writing for marketing their product and services and providing solutions to issues a customer faces. Here’s why you should use it too.

We all know content creation is significant for businesses striving for a respectable position in the market.

A website with appealing content will easily attract customers who can engage better with your brand. And technical writing is an essential genre of writing in every company.

Technical writing plays a crucial role in the development of any project plan or instruction manual. Here’s everything you need to know about it and how you can make it benefit your business.

What Is Technical Writing?

Technical writing definition


Technical writing is entirely different from traditional writing and does not involve any flowery language or complex vocabulary. The Society of Technical Communication has defined technical writing as a type of content that exhibits any of the following qualities:

  1. The content should be about any technical topic such as medical procedures, computer applications, or other tech stuff.
  2. Any communication via web pages, social media platforms, or help files can be regarded as technical writing.
  3. Content providing instruction on any technical topic like how to do something can be categorized as technical writing.

These types of content are provided by a tech writer whose primary job is communicating with the audience about any technical topic. And the information provided is primarily for users facing technical difficulties and looking for a speedy solution.

Understanding the Characteristics of Technical Writing

Technical writing


Every piece of technical writing in marketing follows a set of characteristics that differentiate them from other forms of writing. These contents are very different from academic or creative writing. And if someone is to create technical marketing content, they need to include these characteristics in the content.

1. Clarity

Technical writing aims to put forth information clearly so that the user does not face any confusion or misunderstanding. Therefore, a technical content writer uses clear and concise sentences.

2. Straightforwardness

The content in this style does not involve using any literary devices. The language used is direct and to the point.

3. Precise and easy to understand

Technical writing always focuses on the object and the steps, and the writers should not beat around the bushes. These kinds of content aim to solve the technical problems people face daily, so it should not have words that are hard to understand.

4. Detailed

The content should be detailed and informative, just like in the textbooks. This style is necessary because this information is sought by people looking for detailed and informative guides on any subject.

5. Structured and skimmable

Technical writing follows a very structured style of writing. One of the reasons behind this is that the form of writing involves step-by-step instructions for the readers.

Furthermore, the information should be presented so that the users can skim it and quickly find the information they seek. Every tech writer should use descriptive headings and include an index for the reader’s convenience.

Technical Writing as a Key Marketing Tool

A lot of companies are using technical writing in marketing to expand their footprint in the global market. This type of writing is mostly done in the help section of companies.

It is aimed at helping them understand how a product or service works and how they can troubleshoot issues they face. Here are a few ways in which brands can use technical writing.

1. Branding

Guides and problem-solving content are some of the best ways to interact with the audience. A company can use technical writing to create such content, which can then be paired with the brand’s personality. This will ensure that the content is a clear reflection of the work of the company.

2. Building trust

Companies that can thoroughly describe their product can market them properly. For instance, if a customer intends to buy a smartphone from a brand, they would look for a detailed product description. And if this description is unclear and coherent, they are more likely to turn away. Therefore, technical writing is required by companies to build trust with their customers.

3. Create a community of customers

A close look at different technical content present on the web will reveal that the comment section of these pages drives user engagement. The comment sections can also be analyzed to find out what users think about the product and services offered by the company. The company can then use this information to better market its product.

4. Market the product better

Technical writing can be used as an effective marketing tool when they are SEO optimized. These informative articles can convey your message better as the users will get detailed information about the product. Therefore, a company that is looking for ways to increase its sales figures can use technical marketing content.

What Is the Purpose of Technical Writing in Marketing

Technical writing importance in marketing


Technical writing aims to present informative content for users to interact with. These types of content are aimed to increase engagement by providing content that is in long form and answers customers’ complex questions.

A technical content writer can create an informative content piece that can generate interest. Simply, marketing can be termed as generating interest and making customers pay attention to any specific product.

Some of the basic goals of technical writing in marketing are:

● To promote newly launched products and services of a company.

● Generate content that can provide a target audience with extensive information on a subject.

● It acts as a supplement for any marketing or promotional content.

● To make customers aware of the USP of any product by giving a detailed and informative description of the product.

● It strengthens the company’s position in a particular industry or niche by providing solutions to customers’ problems.

● Technical writing’s primary goal is to promote awareness about any particular technical concept. The detailed and structured content can be understood by any user, making it easy for companies to communicate to their customers.

● It also helps companies reach a wider audience by driving more users through the comments section discussions.

● Companies can build their credibility and visibility among customers by providing all the information about their products and services. They aim to provide all the information about their product to the customers, making everything transparent about the product.

Some Examples of Technical Writing

Examples of technical writing


Some of the most common examples of technical writing are:

● Corporate documents like employee handbooks, business reports, and orientation manuals for new employees.

● User manuals of different products.

● Educational manuals.

● White papers and case studies for academic purposes.

● Press releases used for making any specific announcements.

Wrapping Up

Technical writing is the best way to generate high-quality content for any website. It engages audience in a better way and improves credibility of a company. Moreover, companies can use it to solve customer queries by creating content that can troubleshoot problems a customer might face while using a product.

Companies can look at online reviews about their product and find out their customers’ common problems. A technical content writer can then use this information to create engaging content with step-by-step instructions on how to solve these problems.


1. Where is technical writing used?

Technical writing is used by companies that need to explain their services to their customers. Most tech companies primarily use them as they constantly need to create content that can explain their products and troubleshoot issues in them.

2. How is technical writing different from other forms of writing?

Technical writing is a kind of writing that focuses more on explaining key concepts. These are structured and are written to explain how a product words. Moreover, it can also provide detailed steps that users can follow to solve any technical issues they face with the product.

3. Is technical writing a good career path?

Many writers often avoid technical writing because there is a very limited amount of work available in this genre. However, companies that require a lot of technical documentation constantly need a technical content writer.

4. What is the use of technical writing in marketing?

Technical writing can be used in marketing to promote a product or service to the customers by providing information on them. By doing this, customers become aware of the product’s USPs and can get more interested in it.