Actionable Social Media Advice for Millennial Marketing from Top Marketers

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Actionable Social Media Advice for Millennial Marketing from Top Marketers

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Best Actionable Advice for Social Media Marketing From Top Marketers
    1. Find the right social platform
    2. Figuring out the right content for your social platforms.
    3. Social Media Management
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

According to The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), millennials hold a buying power of $1.3 trillion! BCG conducted a study to understand the changing behavior of Gen Y plus Gen Z post-pandemic. The findings say 62% of the combined population has increased their time on social media. This leads us to imagine the impact of social media marketing tips on millennials.

The term ‘millennials’ refers to the human population born between the early-1980s to the mid-1990s. They are also known as Generation Y or Gen Y. Although their birth range is still not clearly defined, Wikipedia states 1981-to-1996 as an accepted definition range for the millennials. further broadens this range from 1977 to 2000.


If you are a business targeting your service or products to millennials, it is important to understand millennials’ buying behaviors and common characteristics.

According to an article on millennial marketing on the top global agency network page, millennials are everywhere on the internet. It further states that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are your (marketer’s) friends in millennial marketing.

Today, social platforms have become a key marketplace to reach millennials. Social media marketing is a crucial tool for positioning your business in front of them.

It is important for you:

  • To be present on the right social platforms
  • To create the right content
  • And to track and manage your pages

While some businesses have thrived, many marketers continue to struggle to make meaningful connections with millennials. If revenue and growth are the goals, marketers must develop marketing tactics targeting this demographic. They must plan for the future if millennials are to be successful. How are you going to do it? Create a millennial marketing plan to begin.

Since millennials currently have a lot of purchasing power, you can take advantage of this with the appropriate strategy. To bind the millennials and convert them as per your business goals, here are a few best social media tips and outbound marketing tactics that will revolutionize how you promote your brand, products, and/or service to the millennial generation to help you get started.

Best Actionable Social Media Advice From Top Marketers

1. Find the right social platform


Social media usage stats show that over 3.96 billion people are active on social platforms as of 2021. Each person has an average of 8.6 accounts on different social sites, according to Backlinko. This huge number could be intimidating if you are new to social media marketing. As a successful social media marketing strategy, your first step is to find the right platform. The platform where your audience is!

To find it, below are the top 2 pieces of advice from famous marketers:

  1. As per Kara Cowie of SkillPath, the nature of your business can help you decide your social platform. If your business is B2B (business-to-business), choose LinkedIn. If your business is B2C (business-to-consumer), start with Facebook and Instagram.
  1. Another piece of advice is from Amanda Dalrymple of Amanda Dalrymple Designs. She suggests doing a demographic test of your prospective clients. This will help you find the right platform; focus on it! Don’t exhaust your time and resources by being present all over the internet.

2. Figuring out the right content for your social platforms

Social media platforms are flooding with content. A video on this page shows how major platforms grew in 12 years.

In this scenario, choosing the right content strategy for your platforms becomes difficult, especially while targeting millennials through your social media marketing.

Experienced marketers suggest using content that is either:

  • Educational
  • Emotional
  • Promotional
  • or Entertaining in nature

We have researched three well-employed social media marketing best practices and strategies that you can use. You should use these for content creation on social platforms:

  1. Use visual and interactive content: An article by John Hsu states that millennials are visual consumers. That means a text post for your social media page will not drive the amount of engagement you want. But a visual (image or gif) or audio-visual (videos) content will do the job.

The article also states that millennials love interactive content. Add infographics, polls, and quizzes to your content strategy for social media marketing. These interactions will hook millennials to your page. 

  1. Attach a cause with your business:


Almost half of the millennial population is willing to buy from a business that supports a ’cause’. Remember, millennials are smart enough to know whether you are here only for profits or to provide value. Gen Y will be more empathetic if they see how interested you are in supporting the world and its issues.

Let us understand the effect of cause-marketing with two examples. Both are from prominent Indian FMCG giants.

Example 1: Nestle India


Nestle India is a subsidiary of Nestle, the world’s largest food and beverage company.

Nestle India stood for the education of girl children. They partnered with the ‘Nanhi Kali’ foundation in Mumbai that supports girl child education across the underprivileged sectors of India.

This campaign triggered an emotional impact on its consumers. It built their trust and positive image for the brand. So much so that people started to feel good about their purchase from Nestle. People repeatedly picked its products from the supermarket shelves.

Example 2: ITC


We all would have at least once used a Classmate notebook. Do you remember something from its back cover?

It says something like, “For every ‘X’ classmate notebooks you buy, ITC contributes Re. 1 to its rural development initiative….”

It’s a campaign from ITC under which they support several rural Indian causes. There are many cheaper notebook brands in the market today that consumers can go for. However, Classmate continues to be a top choice among millennials. It shows how millennials are even ready to pay a little extra if your business supports a cause.

  1. Your content should be authentic and relatable:


The above data shows that 46% of millennials post original photos or videos online. This indicates millennials will tend to engage with authentic, original, or rather relatable media.

Using original content can be good social media advice as it is a robust strategy for your social media marketing. So keep it real!

Let’s understand this with an example.

A MOM (Mad Over Marketing) podcast discusses the reasons behind the downfall of Victoria’s Secret. We are all aware of this brand and its products. They use models with impeccable standards of beauty in their product marketing campaigns. This positioned the company’s products as meant for those who have model-like beauty and body.

The millennial generation eventually shifted to more comfortable, relaxed, and sportier looks sometime after the brand was established. However, Victori’s Secret continued depicting the same image of beauty and did not change its approach with time.

Soon, millennials did not find its products relatable and appropriate. They searched for different brands, making Victoria’s Secret lose its market share.

3. Social media management

If you are a B2C business targeting millennials, there is a high chance your social media marketing strategy involves multiple platforms.

As per Alfred Lua of Buffer, having more social pages means you have more tasks on your everyday to-do list. Managing your workflow simultaneously can thus be overwhelming. For convenience, he suggests using social media management tools and following some social media marketing tips.

He mentioned tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, SproutSocial, and others for small-to-medium businesses. And tools like Sprinklr, HubSpot, and others for enterprise-level businesses.

These tools will amalgamate your social pages, helping you stay active on multiple platforms from one place itself. Also, some of these tools include a free trial or even a free plan at times, which can help you try some of the social media marketing best practices and then decide your strategy accordingly.


The top benefits of these tools for social media marketing include:

  • Integrating multiple social pages on one dashboard
  • Planning the content calendar
  • Creating, scheduling, and publishing content
  • Monitoring the performance of social pages
  • Studying the trends of industry and competitors
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and response management facilities

Not just that!

Some tools like Buffer can even curate personalized content ideas for your page. These ideas are generated based on your content history, competitor analysis, and industry trends.


Those were some of the best social media marketing tips and tricks from top marketers. While some of these social media tips & advice are simple to implement, others may require more time and effort. Keep in mind your team’s capability and then decide how to move ahead based on what appears to be working best for your brand.

It’s not difficult to market to millennials because all it takes is a human touch; it’s quite intuitive. Speaking to them isn’t nearly as effective as genuinely engaging with them. You can empower customers to find your business on their terms by providing real experiences and compelling material, as well as listening to what they’re looking for.

These social media tips will work as a foundation for millennial marketing. But the best will come with experience. Keep track of what your millennial consumers are engaging and interacting with the most. And you will gradually start finding the “best social media marketing” strategy for your business by following the above-mentioned social media advice.


1. What are the core pillars of social media marketing?

  • There are five main pillars of social media marketing. They include:
  • 1. Strategy
    2. Planning & Publishing
    3. Listening & Engagement
    4. Analytics
    5. Advertising

    2. What are some top social media marketing tips for beginners?

    According to top marketers, beginners can follow these social media tips to build a strategy:
    1. Sync all of your social media accounts
    2. Older posts should be republished and updated
    3. Posts should be scheduled for the night
    4. To improve engagement, use hashtags
    5. When possible, use graphics

  • 3. How is social media marketing important in 2021?
  • Today, companies use social media marketing to communicate with existing consumers and reach out to new ones while promoting their intended culture, mission, or tone. Marketers can measure the performance of their efforts with social media marketing’s purpose-built data analytics tools.

  • 4. Which is the best social media platform for business in 2021?
  • Instagram is the ideal social media platform for businesses looking to share photographs and videos with their customers. Nonetheless, the platform is a helpful tool for establishing your brand’s identity as it also allows you to implement various social media marketing best practices and tactics to grow your organic reach.

    5. List a few social media content marketing tips in 2021.

    1. Know your audience
    2. Write for your audience
    3. Research your competitors
    4. Find a unique angle
    5. Narrow your focus
    6. Have a purpose for everything you create
    7. Make readers your priority
    8. Make relevant connections to your business
    9. Set your measurable goals

    6. How to get started with millennial marketing?

    Here are five guaranteed social media tips & strategies to get you started in the right direction while marketing to millennials:
    1. Stay mobile
    2. Create peer brand evangelists
    3. Be socially connected
    4. Create authentic content
    5. Give them a say

    7. What are some best social media tips for Facebook?

    Here are some Facebook social media tips to have you solve your digital marketing struggles:
    1. Experiment with Facebook ads
    2. Validate your audience
    3. Retarget using custom audiences
    4. Explore link retargeting

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