10 Tips For A Great Social Media Design For Your Next Posts

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Posted on 20/04/226 min read
10 Tips For A Great Social Media Design For Your Next Posts
Designing a great social media post might look like a regular task but includes several elements to make it more effective. Read this article to find out.

Social media platforms have become a significant part of marketing nowadays. Every business is striving to make a strong social media presence today. They are using every means to share their brand with the audience. Social media posts play a major role in that.

If you want to put yourself in front of your audience in a way that they don’t forget you, you need to have strong visual content on social media. And to ace that, you must shift your focus on creating good designs for your social media posts.

In this article, we have shared our top social media post design tips that could help you achieve your brand goals on social media. So, let’s get started. 

Why Should you Focus on Good Design for your Social Media Posts?

When you invest in creative social media post design, you increase your chance of being remembered by the audience. If your design is relatable enough, they might share it, thus increasing the visibility of your posts and social media channels. So, it is safe to say that good design is equivalent to high engagement. 

A good design aims to communicate your brand’s message more easily to the audience and keep you one step ahead of your competition. Design plays an essential role in your marketing efforts.

10 Tips for Designing a Good Social Media Post

Here’s a list of 10  social media post design tips that would help you present your brand in the most favourable way on these platforms:

1. Choose the right color combination


First, your social media posts need to be eye-catching, and the right color combination is extremely important. You won’t want to use colors in your posts that would immediately turn off your audience, making them leave your social media accounts.

Each color says something or portrays an emotion. You must pick a color that reflects your brand’s personality clearly. For example, if you want your brand to look trustworthy, you might choose the blue color. Similarly, you can choose colors like orange or yellow to show a playful side. No matter what color you choose, make sure you are not overusing it, as it might confuse your audience about your brand’s vision and perceptions.

2. Use the right font and text


The next important thing is using the right font and text. Choosing the right font can boost your social media graphics while sending the right message to your followers. Since visuals can be a combination of images and texts, you must maintain a balance between them. Your audience might not like long and complex text in the graphics.

Therefore, the idea is to convey your message in a short and crisp text that can easily be added to the image and convey your message more effectively. This type of content receives more engagement, and the chances are that it might get more social shares.

3. Use social media analysis wisely

Social media analytics can help understand how your posts are performing. This gives you a clear idea of what type of content is doing well and which is not. When you have this information, you can plan your strategy accordingly. 

You can focus more on creating content having high engagement. Learn from what different you did there and implement it in your next posts.

4. Build a great strategy

Social media is all about strategy. The better your strategy, the better your engagement. Your social media marketing strategy should clearly answer your goal, what you want to achieve from it, and how you would achieve it.

All of your social media posts should reflect that strategy. Although social media strategy is vast, there are some common niches that you can add to your posts, including leadership posts, brand posts, general posts, etc.

5. Add the right graphic elements


Another thing is to add the right graphic elements to your posts. You might think that lines, graphics, animation, etc., have gone out of style, but that’s not right. When you add these lines, shapes, illustrations, and more to your posts, you enhance its appeal making the audience like your post better. 

You can use arrows, boxes, and some shapes to show the most important information. 

6. Showcase your brand values in the design

When creating social media posts, it’s essential to focus on your brand’s identity. You must design your social media posts in a way that has a touch of storytelling about your brand.

You can keep a fixed color, text, and style in your posts to showcase your brand’s emotions. The idea behind this is to let people easily identify your brand by just looking at the posts. You can also add your brand’s logo in posts wherever you can.

7. Create content according to the channels

Different social media platforms have different types of audiences. And therefore, you must know all the platforms so that you can deliver content accordingly. For example, Instagram is more about visual content, so you must treat your audience with more eye-appealing visual content. 

Similarly, Facebook is more of text-based and image content both, so you must focus on such content there. Likewise, LinkedIn is more of text-based professional content.

8. Choose the right size

Each social media platform entertains a different image size. It’s essential to have a clear knowledge of these image sizes to use that in your social media strategy.

  • Facebook: 852 x 315 cover photo, 180 x 180 profile picture, 1200 x 630 regular post
  • Instagram: 1080 x 1080 post; 1080 x 1920 stories; 1080 x 1350 portrait; 1080 x 566 landscape; 110 x 110 pixels profile picture
  • Twitter: 1500 x 500 header photo; 400 x 400 profile picture; 900 x 512 post
  • Pinterest: 600 x 1260 pins; 165 x 165 profile image
  • LinkedIn: 1584 x 396 banner image, 400 x 400 company profile picture

9. Optimize for SEO

How can you keep your social media posts on top of your competitors? Of course, a unique and creative social media post design is important, but you must also make your posts SEO-friendly. The popularity of visual search has increased a lot, including tools like Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, etc. So, you must keep your posts optimized according to them.

SEO is important for any platform, and you need to add the right keywords in the visual descriptions and alt tags. You can add the keywords in hashtags for Instagram. Also, make sure you are adding quality captions and geotags that would help you get better results for your posts. 

10. Keep a consistent style

Lastly, you need to maintain a consistent style throughout your social media profile. But for that, you need to know what your followers like, what products you are trying to sell and how you would like to present your brand to the audience. 

There is No Fixed Strategy for Social media Posts

You need to design your posts on a set theme. You can fix two-three templates and make your posts in that format. If you are thinking of retweeting or sharing other people’s posts, you must keep in mind to choose the posts that resonate with your brand’s personality.

Visual graphics are extremely important in today’s date. It helps you stand out amongst your competitors. Social media pages aim to engage your audience and enhance your brand awareness. Therefore, you must build a good strategy to design the best social media posts.

While these social media post design tips would surely help level up your social media game, you must understand that there is no fixed strategy for social media posts. However, we tried to sum it up in this post. Hopefully, it will be of great help. If you have any additional tips in mind, share them in the comments section below.

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1. What are the elements of a good design?

A social media marketing post design should be simple but creative. You must add your company’s logo as and where required. Also, you need to optimize your posts for different social media channels, keeping the right size in mind.

2. What is a template for social media posts?

Social media templates are formats that businesses can use for their different social media channels, which helps them increase their organic reach. These templates are branded and include some sort of logo or business images.

3. What is a social media kit design?

A social media kit is a document that contains different elements like size, design, and templates that you need for your different social media accounts and marketing.