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6 Best Social Media Post Design Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Posted on 1/04/228 min read

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  • 6 Best Social Media Post Design Ideas for Valentine’s Day
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Here’s one to the feast of love that paints the town red—Valentine’s Day. Most couples celebrate it by exchanging gifts, going out for a romantic dinner, or even proposing. For brands, Valentine’s Day means coming up with excellent social media post designs to elicit customer engagement and drive sales. The high presence of Millennials and Gen Z on social media platforms makes it all the more logical to promote a practical Valentine’s Day marketing campaign. 

This article is full of unique and engaging Valentine’s Day posts ideas for social media. 

Before we dive into social post designs, let’s look at what data tells us about marketing on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Marketing Data and Insights

Valentine’s Day is not just an annual celebration of love; it is also a peak shopping period for shoppers worldwide. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Valentine’s Day is the 5th largest spending occasion in the United States. In 2020, just before the COVID-19 outbreak, the NRF reported that Valentine’s Day spending in the USA was up by 32%- $27.4 billion more than 2019’s record $20.7 billion.

In 2021, the NRF survey showed that just 24% of the USA adults celebrated with an evening out and spent a total of $21.8 billion, down from 34% in 2020, highlighting the change in consumer’s buying behavior caused by the Covid crisis. 

However, the same body reported that more than 53% of USA adults celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2022. The spending reached $23.9 billion, the second-highest spending year on record since NRF’s first survey in 2009. 

  • Impact of the pandemic on consumer buying behavior<h3>

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the attitude and purchasing patterns of consumers. According to the NRF 2022 report, 41% of American individuals shopped online for Valentine’s Day gifts. And those numbers are likely to rise in the coming years, meaning that brands need to re-evaluate their digital offerings. With more consumers shopping online, creative social media post design has become crucial for brands. Brands with an unintuitive online presence risk losing in front of digitally savvy companies. 

Another trend that originated from the COVID-19 pandemic is that consumers buy Valentine’s gifts online for their partners and their family, friends, colleagues, and pets. Even more, consumers are engaging in self-gifting for mood alleviation. This trend opens many doors for online brands to reach the target audience on social media through a unique Valentine’s Day campaign.

Moreover, PWC’s December 2021 survey revealed that 41% of users mostly use mobile devices to access social media and shop online through social channels. The survey also reported that consumers became more health-conscious, eco-friendly, price-sensitive, local, and digital. More than 50% of consumers said they’ve become digital. To be precise, consumers prefer shopping via mobile phones over in-store shopping.


The above discussion underlines the significance of using Valentine’s Day annual celebration to run successful marketing campaigns on social media platforms to attract customers and increase sales. There are no two ways about it- social media dominates when inspiring customers to buy your products or services. 

Let’s look at 6 social media posts’ design ideas to boost sales and engagement during Valentine’s Day.

6 Best Social Media Post Design Ideas for Valentine’s Day

1. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with heart-warming video content

Consumers are more likely to engage with video content that evokes emotion and tells stories. The video content offers a window of opportunity for creativity and manipulation. Before launching your Valentine’s Day campaign on your social media channels, you can create a buzz for your launch by dropping some hints for a couple of days in a row. This will keep your audience intrigued and keep them engaged on your social media.


Pandora, the jewelry brand, unveils the positive impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on love and relationships around the globe in its latest social media campaign for Valentine’s Day. The concept emphasizes small acts of love found in everyday moments and reminds us that thoughtful gestures can better impact grand gestures. 

Pandora has a unique way of telling stories to the world on social media. It does not follow any trends and solely focuses on its product in its Valentine’s Day social media posts. The brand’s social media post features a video of a couple celebrating the true bond of love by giving one another the sole power to unlock the Padlock and with the Key charm- A little act of love indeed. 

2. Run Valentine’s Day promotions on your best-selling products

Make the most of the biggest sales opportunity of the year by running a promotion on your best-selling products that can be purchased as a Valentine’s gift. Check metrics and insights such as product views to determine which products your viewers have engaged with the most. Create Valentine’s Day promotional posts for that product to grab customers’ attention and help raise the brand’s profile. Every promotional post helps you reach more people.


The Body Shop India is quite popular – and its gift hampers are the showstopper. The brand promotes personalized and customized gift hampers on its social media platforms for Valentine’s Day. Campaigning for sustainability and social good has been part of The Body Shop brand, and it reflects in their Valentine’s Day social media posts.

The Body Shop India’s promotional social media post design talks about their sustainable packaging and reusable gift set boxes. The brand resonates well with growing eco-friendly consumers, thus, attracting more customers and more sales for Valentine’s Day. It uses striking Valentine’s Day templates design to promote its gift sets to customers on social media. 

3. Use a relatable hashtag on all your Valentine’s Day posts

Having the right hashtag for Valentine’s Day can be a game-changer. The Valentine hashtags help you boost your posts’ reach on social platforms. Hashtags are to Instagram and Facebook what keywords are to Google. Create a unique Valentine hashtag for your brand rather than the universal one. It’s easier to rank higher in the browser for less popular hashtags. You can pair the most popular hashtag with your unique hashtag in the caption or comments of your post. Make sure your hashtags are also relatable to your Valentine’s Day concept so your audience can easily find you. Add the unique hashtag to your photos and videos on Instagram for the best results.


Dunkin’ Donuts India celebrates the annual celebration of love with a romantic Valentine’s Day hashtag. The social media post design includes animated visuals of Valentine’s donuts and the unique Valentine hashtag and infographics. By using the hashtag strategy in social post designs, Dunkin Donut India exposes the content to new audiences while making the brand more searchable on the platform. The brand invites fans to create or share a funny Valentine’s Day meme on their stories, using the hashtag #WeAreAPerfectMeme for a chance to win treats.

4. Create interactive social media posts and stories

Create an interactive social media post and story to enhance the customer experience and increase your online engagement on social media channels. You can design a Valentine’s Day interactive post that allows customers to create a personalized experience for their partners. 

Almost every marketer is aware of the power of interactive posts, and they’re capitalizing on them to the fullest. Instead of sticking to ordinary content, create an interactive social media post design to encourage your audience to engage and participate in your Valentine’s Day celebration—whether it’s a task, quiz, or interactive infographics. An interactive experience strategy is also a great way to collect data about your prospects.


Starbucks India creates a cute animated interactive post on Instagram for Valentine’s Day celebration. The festive posts include fun interactive content to communicate with the audience. One of its interactive contents features Valentine’s Day task called “Play barista for a day! Give your partner a cute name.” 

This task invites customers to be a barista for a day and add a cute name for their partner’s Starbucks cup, post a screenshot of the cup on their story and stand a chance to win Starbucks India ValenCoin. By inviting its customers to get involved with the annual Valentine’s Day activity, Starbucks India ensures that it remains top of mind for many people around Valentine’s Day. 

5. Run a Valentine’s Day giveaway post

If your business has any products or services that support Valentine’s Day themes, then run a giveaway contest on your social media platforms. Creating a social post design for the giveaway contest is a fantastic way to build your network and grow leads. Using your product as a giveaway prize is also the best way to gain product exposure. It is also a great way to show appreciation and entertain your customers, especially singles, on Valentine’s Day. 

Make sure you choose your top-selling products or services that your audience would love to win. Create a captivating giveaway post with beautiful images, videos, or graphic designs, and layout precise details for entering the contest at the end of your caption. You can also download pre-designed Valentine’s giveaway templates from free graphic platforms like BeFunky and Canva


Nykaa Beauty is heavily active on social media, and the brand regularly promotes beauty and personal care products through giveaways, offers, and influencer marketing. For Valentine’s Day, Nykaa Beauty posts an eye-catching image of its best-selling product range, “Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom,” as the Valentine’s Day giveaway prize on its social media. 

And the giveaway product is styled with a unique Valentine color palette and graphics that express love and romance. The giveaway contest asks participants to like and save the Valentine giveaway post, follow @nykaabeauty, tag three friends, make sure they follow the brand and share their favorite Wanderlust range. Nykaa Beauty’s Valentine’s Day giveaway post celebrates the singleton community moving away from the conventional Valentine’s Day narrative.

6. Create a social media post design featuring an influencer

Use a stellar influencer marketing strategy to quickly increase brand awareness and reach in your Valentine’s Day campaigns. Collaborate with the right influencers who share your brand values to showcase your Valentine’s Day curated products or gift boxes and reach new target customers. Create an exclusive Valentine’s Day social media post by teaming up with influencers, especially many video content, to gain the audience’s attention. When you drag in an influencer to promote your Valentine’s Day content, it helps you gain credibility and visibility instantly. 


KitKat India collaborates with actor and influencer Ayushmann Khurrana for its Valentine’s Day social media campaign #LoveBreak. The campaign features short clips of the actor indulging in KitKat, along with cute Valentine-inspired graphics. Moreover, the brand highlights its unique and exciting packaging for the special day. 

KitKat India knows how to use the best hues for its infographics and play with colors. The delicious brand celebrates Valentine’s Day with its vibrant and pleasing social media post design.

Key Takeaways

  • Valentine’s Day is an important event for brands across the globe to drive sales and attract more customers through social media platforms.
  • Targeted and attractive social media post designs are crucial for increasing brand visibility and most important for growing customer engagement.
  • Interactive social media post designs play a significant role in enhancing user experience.
  • Free graphic design tools like BeFunky and Canva can be useful to create graphic content for social media. You don’t need any design experience to use these tools.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to market your brand to your niche audience, reconnect with your customers, and create an authentic connection with them through your social media post designs. 

So if you’re planning to design a Valentine’s Day social media post, it can be helpful to look at the above six best social post design ideas for your brand’s Valentine’s day content. Take these tips as a good starting point to increase engagement and sales on social media.


1. What are the different kinds of social media post designs?

The different types of social media posts to engage your followers and bring the most value to your business are promotional, interactive, entertainment, inspirational, educational, conversational, and connection posts

2. What type of social media content gets the most engagement?

The video and live streaming content get the most engagement on social media. People are more likely to engage and share videos with their friends than any other type of content

3. How can I increase my sales on Valentine’s Day?

One of the best ways to increase your brand’s sales on Valentine’s Day is to add dedicated Valentine’s Day posts on social media.