Sick And Tired Of Doing Social Media Content The Old Way? Read This

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Posted on 1/12/215 min read
Sick And Tired Of Doing Social Media Content The Old Way? Read This

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In this day and age, social media has become the key to success in online content. According to Smart Insights, 57.6% of the world’s population uses social media, and the average daily usage is 2 hours and 27 minutes as of October 2021.

These stats prove that the content posted on social media can skyrocket any brand’s name and success. It can give a brand new identity and engage with the target audience so that they stick to it. But, just simply creating posts and running a campaign isn’t enough to achieve this. Many things should be kept in mind for writing good content for social media. Social media content creation involves getting your target audience, knowing them, and adapting to the latest trends.

Are you sick and tired of doing social media content the old way? And if social media content creation tips are what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Social media content creation takes a lot more than posting; it requires a strategy. Times are changing as the world moves more and more towards the digital age where social media presence is everything. So why not move ahead and adapt to the new-age audience?

So how do you achieve this? To start, the first thing that is needed is to identify how to write social media content specific to your brand and can pull an audience to you.

Here are some of the social media content creation tips you will require to boost your social media game. 

Social Media Content Creation Tips to Boost Your Social Media Game

1. Writing

The first and basic type of content required is writing, which includes articles, blogs, stories, etc. If there is good written content, it will tell the users more about your brand and your expertise. One thing to keep in mind while posting written content is not to post very large pieces of content, as this will make users skip the content. Don’t forget to make it interesting.

For instance, in Instagram captions, while 2200 characters is a lot of caption real estate, large text blocks can look messy and distract audiences from the photo or video. Thus, Quintly found that the ideal length is 1-50 characters, which drives more interactions according to an analysis of 5.9 million posts.


2. Visuals

When someone goes through social media, visual stuff like images, videos, and even memes are the most eye-catching and engaging content. Users are more likely to view these than other types of posts. This can be combined with good writing too. Good images and short videos are a great way to let users see the brand differently. With the increasing popularity of short video apps and services like TikTok, many brands have started campaigning on these platforms. According to Business Of Apps, TikTok generated an estimated $1.9 billion in revenue in 2020, a 457% increase year on year.

3. Infographics

This is another great way to engage users on social media posts. Interesting infographics also tend to garner a lot more audience engagement. These infographics can also be used to showcase interesting facts about your brand but also show users information. Infographics with good designs get more user engagement than simple and boring ones. Did you know that visuals like charts, graphics, color design, and images increase readership by 80%?

4. Following trends

This is by far the most engaging in terms of social media content creation. Following up with ongoing trends generally creates a lot of buzz on social media. For example, blending your products or quotes with trending memes can boost your social media content. 

The best way to do this can be by using memes and other ongoing trends. There are a lot of brands already using memes to generate hype and make a good social media presence which results in them getting a huge audience. 

Here is one example of following the meme trends:

5. Collaborations

Collaborating with other brands and even influencers is a great way to get more audience and build up social media presence. Users generally consume brands that collaborate with influencers whom they follow. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities.

For example, if someone sees their favorite sports player using a brand, they will most likely use the same brand. The same goes for any beauty products or food. This social media tip not only attracts the audience but also makes them try it because of its influence. Collaboration is not specifically limited to celebrities or influencers but can also be with other brands.


6. Hashtags

The use of correct hashtags also helps the content in reaching a wider audience. If you post something without any hashtags, it might get very limited reach, but when you post the same thing with hashtags, the reach will grow exponentially. But remember to use correct hashtags. Use of the latest trending hashtags will give your content more coverage than using common hashtags. 

7. Promotional content and contest

You can host contests to create excitement and hype among the audience. Usually, when there’s something to be won, there is engagement. You can also promote your brand by hosting contests, but remember, don’t do it regularly. While this tip is good for boosting reach and growth, it can also negatively affect your brand if you overdo it.

8. Design

When you post anything about your brand on social media, concentrate on spewing a great design that represents your brand well. Many brands have started making their campaign designs unique and minimalist, and at the same time colorful. A good design can elevate an already good post to a larger audience.


9. Interacting with the audience

Of all the stuff that you do on social media to promote your brand, audience interaction is the most important. How does this work? If any user has given feedback or left a comment on your posts, you should ideally interact with them and help them if they need any guidance. Interacting with the audience makes them feel more connected with the brand. If a brand doesn’t interact with the audience then they will never connect with the brand again. But remember, don’t overdo it. Also, sometimes, making witty comments and giving smart replies do wonder. 



These social media content creation tips are sure to boost your brand’s engagement. As mentioned earlier, there has to be a strategy behind all this. Social media strategy is basically an idea (it may or may not be documented) on how to strategize and maximize the audience and social media presence by identifying goals, target audience, and tactics. It is also used to track the progress that content makes.

Once you make a strategy and work upon the steps, keep a few things in mind. These steps may include choosing a campaign, knowing the competition, choosing the correct platforms, and tracking the progress. But these things will also require you to advertise your brand on social media platforms. Running advertisements with creative posts will make users check your brand and try it out. 

You can also spice things up by combining different types of content together. If you post an image with written content, then people will most likely read the text after looking at the image. These social media content creation tips will definitely give your brand a new life. And with the use of other digital platforms such as video-sharing platforms and image-sharing platforms, you can definitely make your brand stand out.  

All these methods should help you understand how to write social media content. 


1. How to write good content for social media?

You can write great content on social media by:
1. Doing a proper research
2. Developing a brand voice
3. Keep posts short and simple
4. Use maximum 
5. Always add a call to action

2. How can I be unique on social media?

Here are six tips on how to stand out on social media:
1. Make posts super fun and relatable
2. Copies should be error-free 
3. Have maximum visual posts
4. Post ‘How-to’ content