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Social Media Today: Should Brands Take a Political Stand?

Team Pepper
Posted on 27/04/2210 min read
Social Media Today: Should Brands Take a Political Stand?
We will discuss in-depth if social media and politics should go hand in hand.

Marketers have different takes on social media and politics. While some belief in standing for the right cause, others believe in marking a safe distance from any political cause. 

Political and social causes have existed forever. Earlier, people used to be conscious about putting their opinions forward; however, things have changed for the better! Nowadays, consumers are looking for brands that can give a voice to their opinions (for a cause they genuinely believe in). 

Taking a political stance appropriately is as critical as taking business risks. Although people have different opinions, consumers today are keen to know a company’s stand on political issues.

Be it a social or a political cause, as a brand, you are supposed to speak about the issues that are important for your business. Your brand voice matters; although not everyone would find the statement melodic, you still got to sing your heart out. 

The Bitter Reality of Social Media

The harsh truth is that we breathe social media today. Our lives revolve around different social media platforms for businesses and personal use. So, it’s not surprising that the role of social media in politics has increased.

A machine can’t work without proper oiling and greasing. Similarly, a brand can’t stand on social media without having an authentic and unbiased opinion about political causes. You need to align your team to work in the right direction. After all, no brand can afford to shun consumers and their demands, can they? 

Akin to the way, you’d need an expert mechanic to lubricate your vehicle; to achieve political brand alignment, you need expert agencies to handle your stances positively. 

The impact of social media politics has surged so much that political social media marketing has become a new thing. The fame game isn’t limited to big celebs anymore. Politics is for you as well. The real question is, why is it important to take a stand for such causes? Let us dissect the details.

Why Should Brands Take a Political Stand?

This is an ongoing debate. However, some audiences, like you, are pretty much unaware as not many speak about it. Everyone knows that half knowledge can always be dangerous. Thus, we don’t want you to fall into this pool of emptiness. So, here we are to throw some light on social media and politics.


1. Your customers want it

Sprout’s research report says that 66% of respondents felt that brands should take a stand on political and social issues. Your audience lives on social media today. These platforms have provided a fantastic space to share your opinions on political and social causes. Social media and politics are intertwined with an unbreakable bond today. You must live with this bond.

The influence of social media on politics is immense; however, it is unpredictable if the influence will be positive or negative. Social media platforms are crowded with a plethora of opinions, so you can imagine the level of unpredictability.

We are saying that both social media and your brand hinge on the audience. You have to do what your customers wish. And that is showing support for the political cause you believe in.


Your brand may still be at risk because there will always be someone opposing your viewpoints. The trick is to handle the communication professionally and avoid indulging in negative conversation.

Holding your opinions can do more damage than speaking about them. Silence is not the answer. When a brand speaks, it ought to set a tone for itself; and be a voice for those who lack courage. When your brand’s voice is heard, it is exposed to a diverse and greater audience. Lastly, voicing your opinions may make your brand more vulnerable and confident.

2. Taking the right political stand might make your brand

Social media has become our second home, but sometimes it feels far from reality. Thus, you need to be careful of the content you share in public. That’s the power of social media; it can either make or break your brand.

If you want to experience and indulge in the positivity of social media, quality research is mandatory. While planning to take a political stand, start with a checklist. After conducting your research, tally the checklist.

Most importantly, make sure that it is relevant to your brand and there are no or minimum chances of falling into negative consequences. Remember, once you are in the negative zone, it’s not only the social media, but the news media may also join forces to ensure that your downfall pops up in the spotlight. We all are aware of the media’s influence on politics.



Yes, an in-depth study of media in politics is crucial. Media plays a huge role in politics and can be a game-changer for your brand—even a small political statement matters.

Thus, it’s essential to check the relevancy of the statement. Most importantly, know all the reasons behind your support for the political cause, as your one opinion will directly impact your consumers. Your candor would either increase consumer loyalty or reduce it. The brand voice and opinions should be fair and logical. That’s the point of intersection between both social media and politics.

3. You can bring prominent political issues into the limelight

Social media can be both a curse and a boon! It completely depends on how you could use it.

Social media politics can be highly risky; however, giving a voice to your opinions can yield good returns too. You know the saying, ‘’higher the risk, higher the returns.’’ There are a lot of underlying issues that society is well aware of; however, it brushes it under the carpet because it either doesn’t care about speaking up or fears criticism.

However, many organizations speak about the political and social stigma; they are making this world a better place. By stepping up and raising your voice, you are enlightening the audience.

But remember, it’s social media and politics, and people have different opinions. Opinions of some sections of the audience and yours can clash, resulting in backlash and a flow of negative criticism. This journey is filled with challenges; however, no journey turned out to be thrilling and exciting without crossing some hurdles. 

Remember, your opinions matter. It can bring those political issues into the limelight that remain hidden in the dark corners. 

4. It can attract a wide audience base

Social media gives a space to share your thoughts with the public. So, social media as a political tool is a great way to keep your audience glued to you.

If you research well and tap into issues that your audience cares about, chances are they would appreciate your stand and become more loyal to you. However, mere words wouldn’t cut. Take action and prove that you mean your words. It is believed by 31.6% of marketers that brands can gain a host of loyal customers by taking a political stand.


If you indulge in social media politics, there will always be opposition waiting to see your downfall; however, there will also be those who are extremely loyal to you and keen on seeing your brand reach greater heights.

While there are ongoing debates on many issues, social media and politics remain the most discussed ones. Therefore, if you plan to attract a wide and loyal audience base for your brand, take a political stand positively.

How Can You Go Ahead with Taking a Political Stand? 

It has become crucial to spill your thoughts on social media; however, there are certain things you need to consider before commenting on any political issue. No one wants to get drowned in waters of risk and uncertainty.

1. Pick the right political side

‘’How should I pick up the right political stand?’’ The answer is not so simple; however, it depends on how cleverly you spill your thoughts.

Before you pick a side, answer your audience’s questions: “Why is this brand speaking about this issue?’’ ‘’Is this political cause relevant to the brand?’’ “Is the brand honest and authentic about its opinion?’’

You must know all the answers to these questions because the public won’t leave them unanswered, especially if you are in India. The role of social media in Indian politics is as important as in other countries, if not more.

Political parties, like Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress, etc., have been ruling social media with their agendas. They have even developed their respective IT Cells to handle social media. This has led to a surge of social and political debates.

Hence, it is critical that before using social media as a political tool, cross-check a few pointers. And they should start with the reason behind you taking a political stand and the relevance of the issue to your business. 

2. Collaborate with expert social media agencies

Marketing and advertising have become a new norm for boosting business and your stances. And, who does it better than social media agencies?

The market is flooded with such social media shops. All you need to do is find the one that perfectly fits your brand. Political social media marketing is the new trend, and you should leverage it appropriately.

With the rise in the influence of social media on politics, it is the right time to leverage these platforms to take a political stance. What’s better than doing it creatively without bruising audience sentiments? So, collaborate with these agencies and use social media as a political tool.

3. Be more specific in your research

Nowadays, the role of social media in politics has become crucial and more of a necessity. Businesses would struggle without social media, and so are your political opinions. Most importantly, millennials have crowded this space, and they care about brands taking a bigger step.

Imagine your favorite brands speaking about the issues you care about the most? It’s an exciting and emotional feeling together. The Sprouts report mentioned earlier indicates that the chances of an increase in consumer loyalty are higher when a consumer strongly agrees with the political statement given by the brands.

On the other hand, we can’t deny that the risk of negative comments is high too because there will be consumers who would be at odds with your statements.

Thus, it is ideal to be careful and specific in your research. Study your audience and determine whether a dominating share of them would agree with your opinions. Emotions drive the loyalty of consumers.

We all know the importance of the role of social media in Indian politics; thus, hitting the right mark is crucial for you. Have thorough research and obtain an estimate of the audience number that would sync with your stance. It will help fine-tune your public opinions.

4. Pick the right time to voice your opinions

We all are guilty of sometimes speaking without being cognizant of the place and people around us. As the saying goes, there’s always a right time to do things; you just have to figure it out.

Social media and politics are probably the riskiest platforms for such a misfire! Hence, you must conduct your research thoroughly, prepare a strategy, and time it perfectly. Understand that the impact of social media on politics is huge, and you may capitalize on it by playing it smart.

Key Takeaways

  • Hire expert agencies for political social media marketing. These agencies can help you voice your thoughts in an increasingly effective fashion.
  • Time your public opinions; social media and politics are tough spaces to tackle.
  • Be honest about your views on political issues because the impact of social media on politics is immense. It can influence opinions and make communication easier.
  • Taking a political stand is crucial because it can help create a loyal consumer base for your brand.
  • The media’s influence on politics is immense. Thus, be cognizant of “what, where, and when” while making your thoughts public.


People have been debating and protesting social and political issues for a long time now; however, now, they have the platforms to be vocal. Today, we have several mediums to share our views and thoughts about political causes.

Furthermore, consumers have become more attracted to brands that have the right political stand, without any biases.

You simply can’t ignore social media politics because it has seeped into the business world. Over the years, political unrest has increased, and people have become increasingly serious about their voting rights.

Companies need to be more vocal about their thoughts and opinions in times like these. But taking a stand doesn’t mean spreading propaganda. You should be honest and authentic about it. The role of social media in politics has become a necessity, so be sincere while taking a political stand.

We hope you can relate to some of the shared insights (if not all) into social media and politics discussed in this article. 


1. Why is political social media marketing important for brands?

Creative political social media marketing allows you to put out your opinions positively. On the other hand, it can even help you accomplish your social media goals. The influence of social media on politics is huge; thus, you need to be smart and thoughtful while marketing your opinions.

2. How can brands face backlash from the audience? 

Brands can definitely face backlash from the audience. As mentioned, the cocktail of social media and politics is not a smooth space to dwell. So, you need to be well-prepared for everything that is going to come your way. Sometimes, the audience against you may be equal/greater than the audience in sync with you.

3. Why is the role of social media in politics critical? 

Over the years, social media and politics have seen immense changes. The impact of social media on politics is so huge that it can either make or break your brand. Thus, one needs to be very attentive and sharp while delving into social media politics.
It can be a complete game-changer for your brand. It’s you who need to decide whether you are game for the outcomes.

4. How can take a political cause increase audience loyalty?

When company values align with its target audience, it secures a special place in the consciousness of consumers. However, being handy with stats from consumer surveys and research is critical.
Because not everyone in your target audience will agree with your political statement. When opinions clash, there is a chance of a backlash or negative comments from some sections of the consumers. Despite all these, you should stay honest and authentic in your approach. Your opinions should align with your business and be genuine.

5. Why do consumers support the authenticity of companies? 

Consumers believe in businesses that are honest to their audience. Sugar-coating their views and opinions may fall into unwanted controversy, resulting in the loss of their customers. 
With social media and politics both being on the radar, you cannot risk losing your brand’s value by misleading about your political thoughts.
Authenticity is as significant as taking a political stand. Like other countries, even the role of social media in Indian politics has become indispensable, which is why a deep and thorough understanding of the same is essential.