10 Easy Ways To Design A Newsletter

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Posted on 5/04/226 min read
10 Easy Ways To Design A Newsletter
If you are planning to run an email newsletter, here are the top 10 newsletter design tips for making it a smooth process for you.

An email newsletter is an email sent at regular intervals to the audience with an aim to inform the audience about any changes, updates, or tips related to the product and service being promoted. 

In other words, an email newsletter is a newsletter that is used while running marketing campaigns. It keeps the audience updated with all information about your products and services. 

For instance, if you are a company that sells personal care products, your email newsletters are likely to be targeted around making the audiences aware of your products, their usage, benefits, etc. If you are a digital marketer, your newsletters will be focused on promoting your services and providing your audience with information about new trends and digital marketing. 


10 Tips to Design an Email Newsletter  

If you want to know how to design a newsletter in Word or other applications, you are at the right place. Here are the top 10 newsletter design tips for you: 

1. Write original copy 

Enhancing brand promotion and creating a brand following is the primary aim of an email newsletter. It is a channel that can help you provide your customers with unique and vital information about your product, brands, and services right in their inbox. 

Rather than using it as a tool for increasing visits to your website, you must use it to provide content that is relevant to the customers, solves their problems, and adds value to their lives. Therefore, rather than copying ideas from elsewhere, write an original newsletter that can convey your ideas and your message. 

2. Use attractive imagery 

To increase reader engagement and make your newsletter more appealing, you must use good quality and relevant images in your copy. 

Using more images and infographics is the best way to design a newsletter. Images not only break down the text and make it more readable it is captivating and quickly catch the reader’s attention. 

Moreover, readers find reading the text along with an image easier compared to plain text. Therefore, you must ensure to include attractive imagery. You can also use memes, gifs, and infographics to catch the readers’ attention further. 

3. Encourage signups 

Another great newsletter design tip is to promote your newsletter sign-up page on various social media pages. Whenever you make a social media post, include your newsletter sign-up page’s link in the content. 

Similarly, make your website visitors sign up for your newsletter. Meanwhile, make sure that the sign-up process is very easy and not too complex, as having a complex sign-up process might put off the visitors. 

4. Get your header-right

Make sure the header represents the brand logo and name to make it easier for the reader to find out who has sent the email. Moreover, it should communicate the brand personality and be visually appealing. 

5. Use the right tools 

Before you go on to start sending your email newsletter, make sure you find the right tool or software for doing so. The best tools can help you distribute your newsletters to multiple people quickly and easily. They not only allow you to send a lot of emails but also protects your emails from reaching the spam folder and make campaign management and templating smoother. 

6. Use the right CTAs

Another great email newsletter design idea is to use the right CTAs to persuade your audience to take some action towards your newsletter. The CTA asks them to visit a website, purchase a product, subscribe to a service, sign up, or simply like a social media post. Make sure you structure your CTAs in a manner that helps increase engagement.

7. Keep it focused

Make sure you stick to the purpose of sending out the newsletter in the first place. Keep your message focused on your audience and ensure that the message delivers the appropriate value to the readers. 

8. Develop the right format for your newsletter

A great way to design a great newsletter is to develop a format for your newsletter. Make sure this format is unique and not taken from any pre-built templates. Develop a format of your own and make your newsletter look unique. Don’t forget to add social media buttons and the link to your website to make your newsletter more engaging.

9. Take feedback

Ensure you include a feedback form or a rating scale in your newsletter to gather information about how your readers feel about your newsletter. However, this will not help you improve your existing newsletters; you can surely work on the insights derived and alter the newsletter strategy in the future. 

10. Test before sending and use catchy subject lines

Make sure you test your newsletter before sending it to your target audience. The most challenging and important task of having a successful email campaign is making your customers open your email. The subject line plays a very important role in this. Therefore, make sure your email subject line is catchy, unique, attractive, and compelling. 

Why are Email Newsletters Important?

While you might think that email newsletters are outdated and would not be of any help in promoting your brand, this is not true. Email marketing, if done correctly, is still the best way to promote your products and reach out to a targeted and relevant customer segment. Here are the top reasons why email marketing is important for your brand: 


1. Helps promote your products

Email newsletters are an effective tool to promote your new products and services your customers are not already aware of. The best way to design a newsletter is to create them in a manner that helps promote your product and service offerings. 

Rather than directly selling out your new products, focus your newsletter on informing your customers about your product and telling them how it can solve their problems. 

2. Ensure high customer engagement

Sending emails regularly helps keep your customers engaged and also helps you place your brand from time to time. Keeping your customers engaged will help promote your brand, and your customers will start remembering it. This will further boost your overall sales. 

3. Keep your audience up-to-date

You can also use email newsletters to keep your customers updated with all the new and vital information. For instance, you can include crucial information like a change in the address, the launch of a new website, a change of store operating hours, or any other information you deem vital for your customers. 

4. Helps support other marketing channels

You can link your newsletter to other marketing channels like your social media accounts. For instance, you can showcase your top-performing social media posts and post their snippets in your newsletter. You can also include the link to your YouTube videos in your newsletter and support your social media marketing channels and your website. 

5. Promote your events and discount offers

Another great email newsletter design tip is to use newsletters to promote any events you are hosting and any discount or sales you are offering. For instance, if you are running a Friday discount offer, you can use an email newsletter to promote it and reach out to your customers. 

With the high engagement rate of email newsletters, they have become a widely used tool for brand promotion and marketing communications. Now that you are aware of the best newsletter design tips, you can go ahead and design your own unique newsletter. Just keep the above-mentioned tips in mind, and you are good to go. 

Email marketing totally banks on well-written emails that land well with the audiences. Head to Pepper Content’s email and newsletter writing services to develop great content for your brand’s email marketing strategy.


1. What is the difference between a newsletter and an email?

While you might confuse them with each other, newsletters are different from marketing emails. Email marketing emails are sales-oriented, and their main objective is to sell the product or service. However, a newsletter is personal in nature and aims to create brand awareness. They can also generate higher sales by making the brand known, but their main intent is brand promotion.

2. Are email newsletters effective?

Compared to the other social media or digital marketing channels, email newsletters have a high engagement rate due to their personal nature. If designed correctly, an email newsletter can effectively promote your brand and engage with your customers. Email newsletters are also more effective in generating new leads and converting them into customers.

3. What can I use an email newsletter for?

You can include the following in your newsletters to add value to your readers and promote your brand simultaneously. 
1. Any news and updates about your company and brand
2. Links to your blogs and a background story to it
3. Include your upcoming events and expos.
4. Your upcoming offers, discounts, and deals on your products and services
5. Catchy and attractive CTAs