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Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: Which Platform To Be On In 2022

Team Pepper
Posted on 28/02/227 min read
Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: Which Platform To Be On In 2022

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Benefits
  • Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram Demographics
  • When to use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • New Social Media Platforms And Reels: Why Are They Obsessed
  • What If One Social Media Website Is Not Enough
  • Final Thoughts 
  • FAQs

We are surrounded by several new social media platforms today that offer many exciting features and ways to connect. However, it is very hard to decide the best one out of all that will stay relevant in 2022. If we look at Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, they all are excellent social media platforms but serve different customers. We will help you find out if they can serve you as well. This detailed guide will help you choose the perfect social media platform for you to be on in 2022.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Benefits


Using one of the new social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter has its separate benefits and perks. We have listed all the benefits you can get by using one of the three new social media websites:

Twitter benefits

Twitter is beneficial for those who like to share their achievements, opinions, goals, thoughts, and more with their followers or want to know what’s happening with their favorite professionals. 

Facebook benefits

Facebook is a great place to connect with people and businesses. It can also provide you with daily news updates and funny memes. Recently, Facebook started its own reels features to enjoy TikTok-like short videos.

Instagram benefits

The primary benefit of Instagram is its ease of sharing pictures and videos. The main focus of Instagram is to provide a way to convey emotions, feelings, expression, and joy using pictures, videos, and reels as the medium. This type of social media is trendy among youngsters and stars looking for ways to increase their followers.

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram Demographics


Even though Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all social media platforms that entertain millions of users of all ages, sex, and locations, there are still substantial demographic differences between these three new social media platforms. 

Here is a clear picture of the demographics you may encounter in these three new social platforms:


If you choose to sign up with Facebook to enjoy the experience of promoting your brand on a new popular social media app, you should know what type of people you can expect to meet. Facebook is the biggest social media platform regarding the number of members goes. It has an active monthly user base of over 2.89 billion!

Additionally, you should know that Facebook has changed its name to Meta and is trying to come back as one of the new social media platforms. 

Finally, if you take a look at the demographics of the Facebook community, then you will notice that Facebook has the lowest numbers of teens and young adults registered. The age group that is most active on Facebook is between 25 to 70+. It is a gathering place for all the working adults to share their personal life with their friends and family. 


Instagram is relatively very new compared to Facebook and other new media platforms. However, its demographics are just the opposite of Facebook’s. 

Instagram enjoys a relatively young customer base that varies from age 11 to 35+. It is one of the few new social media platforms with a very big customer base of teenagers. It has installed strict policies to make it a safe new social platform for teens. 

Moreover, even though many Instagram accounts belong to older people who are 40+ in age, Instagram offers suitable posts for the younger generations the most. 


Twitter is a mixture of both Facebook and Instagram as it provides content for both the young and older generations. 

Twitter is a place where you can voice your opinions, unlike Facebook and Instagram, where the main focus is to post pictures and videos to get more likes and recognition. 

Twitter is one of the new social media sites that enjoys a customer base that varies from 15-70+ in age.

When to use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

A brand should start using social media platforms when they feel that they will help them achieve their goals. Such goals could include spreading brand awareness, generating leads, interacting with consumers, or even finding out what people are saying about their brand. 

More literally, the exact timings that brands need to crack to promote themselves largely depend on when their user base is active. Some research shows that the best time to post on these new social media platforms is ideally 10 am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

But this time and several different time sets online are for novices and haven’t yet run a campaign or a series of posts. Audience insights are the one and only deciding factor in understanding when to post on social media.

New Social Media Platforms and Reels: Why The Obsession

New social media platform Instagram offers Reels, a video making, editing, and uploading facility for users. Not only that, even Facebook provides a similar feature, and people love it. 

Reels have become an integral part of social media that will be a crucial deciding factor for people looking for new social media platforms in 2022. 

TikTok first introduced the reel feature in 2018, but it did not catch the eyes of creators and social media users. However, reels became prominent during the lockdown period of Covid-19 when people were stuck at home. 

These were boring times for millions of people who usually spent most of their time working. They turned towards their phones and started looking for new ways to get entertained. That is when they came to discover Reels. Creators, influencers, video makers, and others jumped on this bandwagon to display their creativity. 

Facebook and Instagram also adopted Reels and integrated this as one of the main features of their websites. 

Instagram figured that the search button on the app was the most clicked button on Instagram, and so they replaced their search button with the reels button. This simple move changed everything, and there was a burst of users watching reels on Instagram. 

It came to a point where Instagram surpassed all other apps that provided Reels features. 

After witnessing the surge of people wanting to watch and create these short videos, experts concluded that this feature is a very important factor that customers will consider while choosing the next social media platform in 2022. 

Thanks to that, Facebook and Instagram heavily invest in developing new features to support Reel users. 

Facebook even pulled in some strings to integrate Instagram Reels on their Facebook Reels section. Soon, Facebook users will view all the Reels made by Instagram users on the Facebook app. 

How To Decide Which New Social Media Platforms is Best For You

After going through this article, you must have understood a little more about the three new social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

These three are the best of the best in the industry for all the features they provide to their customer. They all have something different to offer and a very varied customer base. 

If you are still confused about which one of these would be best for you in 2022, then you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Gather your thoughts and think about what you need from a social media app.
  • Step 2: Think if you wish to make a stranger your new friend or simply wish to consume the entertainment these new media platforms provide.
  • Step 3: Consider your age and location before deciding on the social media platform. 
  • Step 4: Go through the benefits section of this article and find out what each social media website offers for its consumers. Check if they provide what you are looking for on social media sites in 2022. 
  • Step 5: Now that you understand your needs, match it with what the social media platforms provide. 

What if One Social Media Website is Not Enough

There is a very high chance that only one social media platform would not be sufficient for many users. For example, if you like to watch Reels and follow great leaders, only opting for Instagram will not be enough as many leaders do not post much on Instagram. 

They use Twitter. So if you are looking for new social media platforms in 2022, then there is a good chance you might want to consider signing up for two or three social media platforms to get the whole experience of the online social world. 

Final Thoughts

When you finish reading this article, you will distinguish between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are all social media platforms, but they all are entirely different and suit different needs. 


1. Is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter free to use?

Yes, all three of these new social networks are entirely free to use. However, you should know that they charge money to use some features like advertising. It has been rumored that Instagram is testing their subscription version that will be rolled out soon. Thus, you might have to pay to use Instagram in the future.

2. Which new social media sites are best for quickly fetching followers as a public speaker?

If you are good at public speaking and addressing people, using Twitter and Instagram would be the best to get followers quickly. Twitter, especially, is the best platform out of the two as it is home to all intellectuals and listeners. 

3. Which new social network is best for uploading reels?

If you like to create and post reels, the best social network would be Instagram or Facebook. These social media platforms help you create and publish reels and provide a separate reels section for your customers to interact. 

4. Can I run ads on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram facilitates paid ad running services for all users. Instagram is a place for sharing pictures and videos with your followers, and that’s why it attracts millions of people from around the world. Thanks to that, your ads can reach all corners of this world.

5. Are upcoming social media platforms based on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook?

Yes, there is a very high chance that the Upcoming Social Media Platforms will be based on the same strategy as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The reason for it is simple; these New Social Media Websites are the best out there when it comes to providing service, fun, and connectivity.