20+ Free Online Courses on Social Media and Blogging

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Posted on 21/09/2112 min read
20+ Free Online Courses on Social Media and Blogging

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  • Free Blogging and Social Media Courses You Can Take From Home
  • Most In-Demand Skills
  • How To Choose the Best Course 
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World-renowned poet and anthologist WB Yeats says, ‘Education (learning) is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire.’ This saying is true in every sense, with fire being an unending phenomenon that requires fuel to keep up its warmth. The expression is even more relatable today, given how the current world and its civic advancements function than in the earlier decades.

A world within another world – that’s the genuine feeling that the internet instills in everyone. The world ‘online,’ however, is much more volatile than our own. Like a stormy cloud full of electrical currents, it is constantly changing its shape and rain spots. And this is why you must fuel the fire of learning and mastering it.

With the duplication of several societal and governmental norms into the digital world, a more significant market has emerged where every person is both a consumer and a seller. And to keep the boats afloat in a sea full of fisherpersons, one has to learn the digital marketing game to its roots. Hence, the mantra of getting attention from the audience and turning these audiences into customers has been a craze for the last few years.

Whether you want some audience for your YouTube channel through a social media campaign or just want to gather funds for your environmental cause through blogging, several free social media courses are available to learn the skills. But, you must not forget to be updated and choose your social media or blogging course with care. Here, we bring you a list of free courses that will help you get better, a list of in-demand skills of today, and a list of factors to consider while choosing courses. 

Free Blogging and Social Media Courses You Can Take From Home

Have you ever taken a free blogging course? Are you aware that there are hundreds of free online blogging and social media courses available? Perhaps you’ve already taken a few. 

So, did it pay off? What do you believe the value of a free blogging and social media course is? Isn’t that a little excessive? 

Why do you think that is? These beginner blogging classes provide a lot of content, allow you to learn quickly, and keep you motivated. Here’s a roundup of the best free online courses in social media and for bloggers on topics including blogging, social media, making money, improving blog traffic, and more! 

1. Introduction to Social Media Strategy


This course provides a solid foundation for your social media venture and covers everything from finding an audience to paid advertising strategy. It is a free course by Skillshare with Brian Peters as the guest speaker.

2. Introduction to Social Media Advertising


This free course by Skillshare offers deep insights into the world of social media ads. It covers everything from key terms to audience segmentation and optimization for long-term ad campaigns.

3. What is Social?


This free course on social media is made by Coursera and is an in-depth study of audience targeting, social trends, and data analysis.

4. SEO Training


This course on Search Engine Optimization is offered free by Udemy. Created by Eric Schwartzman, it’s designed to help you get through the integration of SEO in online and offline promotional activities and use SEO in strategies for your website blog pages, social media pages, or LinkedIn profile.

5. Writing for the Web


This is a free course offered by Open2Study. It entails structuring web pages, search engine considerations, making scannable content, and integrating keywords, heading, and links into blogs and web page content.

6. Writing for Brands: Freelancing in the Age of Content Marketing


This is the best free blogging course from Skillshare for writers working with brands and writing content for their blog or website. It entails the basics of writing for a brand, marketing as a writer, and pitching perfectly.

7. High Impact Business Writing


This blogging course is for writers who want to concentrate on written content for businesses and corporations. This is a beginner-level course for learning the basics of business writing, different business documents, and informal or social media communication.

8. Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Graphic Design


This is a free graphic design course from Skillshare and has been developed by the Smithsonian Design Museum. It includes identifying and defining basic design principles, effectively critiquing your work for balance, and applying graphic design to projects.

9. How to Create Better Graphic Design


This free graphic design course by Udemy is designed by Inoshiro Design to help you create designs that sell, bring consistency in ideas, and learn key design terms.

10. The Landing Page Conversion Course


This design course is offered free by Unbounce and focuses on landing page design and elements. Its primary focus is to make landing page conversions easier through visuals.

Combining the above social media and blogging courses will indeed serve as armament for a great online business. Thus, if you’re a professional and need to up your skills game a notch or want to begin with freelance blogging, these are the perfect dry sticks that will keep your learning fire lit.

11. Advanced social advertising

This course is for marketers who want to conduct paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. It includes the social advertising landscape, critical elements of a successful social media ad campaign, advanced best practices for targeting social media advertisements, social ad creation, bidding and purchasing social media ads, measuring the performance of social ads, etc.

12. The Essential Guide to Facebook Ads

This Facebook-created course teaches you to launch an advertising campaign. It’s completely free. If you’re new to Facebook ads, this is a great place to start. It has short lessons that make it easier to absorb information. It also includes screenshots of actual Facebook marketing campaigns.

13. Social Media Quickstarter

Constant Contact’s Social Media Quickstarter program is a simple way for beginners or those needing a refresher to learn marketing strategies across eight platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and Snapchat.

14. Introduction to Social Media Strategy with Buffer

Skillshare offers this course. Buffer is a social media scheduling analytics platform that helps businesses plan and publishes content across multiple social media channels. Brian Peters, Buffer’s digital marketing strategist, teaches this course, and it demonstrates to novice marketers how to achieve success with paid social media advertising.

15. Writing for Brands: Freelancing in the Age of Content Marketing

This course is also offered by Skillshare. There are several topics included under this course:

  1. What does content marketing entail?
  2. The basics of writing and working with brands
  3. Marketing yourself as a writer
  4. How to craft the perfect pitch to a brand?

16. Marketing for B2B Enterprises

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of an end-to-end content marketing process for B2B businesses, how to create a fantastic piece of content and match content to offers that convert, identifying industry influencers, and promotional opportunities are some of the highlights of the course offered by Udemy.

17. Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Graphic Design

Designers Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips bring students through creating unique designs in this 35-minute lesson on Skillshare. Included are the five most crucial and fundamental principles of design, as well as how you might apply them to all of your future endeavors.

18. Visual and Graphic Design

This free Alison course looks at design components including line, shape, form, texture, and design principles like composition, balance, contrast, and hierarchy. The free graphic design program is ideal for anybody interested in learning more about graphic design, industrial design, or the design process in general.

19. Google Digital Marketing Course

WordStream offers this course. It includes almost everything about PPC (Pay-Per-Click), the basic terminologies and structure, keyword research, and all other aspects of SEO. In short, it covers all of the marketing and SEO tools and offers a direct link to always-updated resources for everything Google.

20. Twitter Flight School Course 1 & 2

This free-of-cost course includes the principles of Twitter advertising, managing Twitter Ads, and planning and executing a Twitter video campaign. Learn all you need to know about Twitter Ads by enrolling in Twitter Flight School.

21. Quicksprout Social Media Guides

If you’re looking for a free online social media course with certification or networking training, this is the place to go. There are more than 80 social media marketing guides alone, covering everything from lead generation to content calendar creation.

22. Marketing on Linkedin 

This course will show you how to use LinkedIn to generate leads and establish your brand. The course includes:

  • Making your LinkedIn profile more effective
  • Pages dedicated to businesses
  • Using LinkedIn to share stuff

23. The Quickstart Guide to YouTube | YouTube Creators

Learn how to rapidly set up and use your YouTube channel for business purposes. This course teaches you the fundamentals of YouTube, YouTube’s rules and regulations, and how to brand your channel. 

24. Master Marketing with Pinterest Academy

With nine short courses from Pinterest Academy, you can learn how to manage marketing campaigns and promote your brand on Pinterest. This course involves-
Overview of Pinterest

  • Objectives of the campaign
  • Strategy for creative inspiration
  • Buying and targeting
  • Create a Pinterest account for your business
  • Create a campaign and launch it
  • Organize and track your campaign
  • Create a campaign plan and strategy

25. Email List For Newbies

If you’re new to email marketing and have no experience, you should check out Meera Kothand’s fantastic course. In this course, you’ll learn how to establish a list, how to utilize templates, the key to passive revenue, and how to avoid common email list errors.

Most In-Demand Skills 

You’ll need social media marketing abilities to establish your brand and harness social media to attract a larger audience, whether you’re looking for a better job, freelancing for other firms, or starting your own business. If you’re ready to improve your social media marketing skills, the free online courses on this list will help you learn them quickly without going back to school.

1. Social media video storytelling

A quick tutorial on how to generate high-quality videos with your iPhone or Android smartphone. Learn the principles of video storytelling and how to make videos that captivate viewers at the start, educate and provide value in the middle, and conclude with a compelling call to action.

2. Acadium’s social media and digital marketing apprenticeships 

In remote digital apprenticeships, you’ll learn from vetted business owners. Acadium allows you to obtain practical work experience while studying online marketing courses in social media management and digital marketing from the comfort of your own home.

3. Facebook advertising blueprint

Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms for businesses, with over 2 billion users (plus another 1 billion on Instagram). This social media firm aims to simplify investments in advertising for content creators since many people struggle to create effective ads. That’s why, a few years ago, Facebook introduced Facebook Blueprint to assist people to get better at putting up Facebook Advertising campaigns. They offer helpful instruction on how to set up, manage, and optimize Facebook ads.

4. Google analytics academy

Google Analytics is a free tool that can track the amount of money spent on online advertising. It’s also crucial to understand how to set up conversion tracking goals so you can observe which social media platforms and pieces of content generate the most leads and revenues. While mastering the Google Analytics program can be somewhat technical, anyone who controls websites or social media for organizations should have a fundamental understanding of it.

5. Create a personal website as well as a digital portfolio

This online course will teach you how to set up a WordPress website and create a digital portfolio using case studies. The business problem, the solution you planned and implemented, and the business result in terms of quantifiable indicators are all part of the case study framework.

How To Choose the Best Course 

To learn how to help your brand, employer, or client develop a successful social media presence, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a marketing degree. The internet is full of materials that can teach users how to create and implement social media marketing plans for their businesses. 

Learning well and having in-depth knowledge is the key to being good at what you do. And when it comes to free learning and free online classes on social media, you mustn’t cross that road blindly. Being careful about your learning style, knowing about the learning facility and its validations is essential for free blogging courses or social media training.

Many blogging courses only focus on the basics of writing trends and the use of language. It is undoubtedly important to know these blogging tricks. But you also need training on the more nuanced factors like hyperlinking, placing ads, conducting basic site designs, attracting an audience for your blog, and much more. Here are a few factors you must consider before choosing a free blogging and social media course.

1. Check the learning method

Everyone grasps information differently and at different speeds. Hence, the learning method or sharing of information must suit your lifestyle and not be too much or too little for you to grasp.

Two basic learning methods are self-learning with simplified data (which many online institutions do) or face-to-face training at a schooling facility. To choose between the two, you must understand your learning capabilities. Can you learn by reading and practicing, or do you need a hand to point out your omissions? Would you instead study between your tasks with flexible hours, or would you want to schedule six hours regularly for guidance training? 

With the current lifestyles and busy schedules, it is essential to have flexibility, so most blogging and social media courses are segregated into short syllabuses and distributed online. So you must find the right one among the best social media courses available that gives you the flexibility of time and access to information whenever you want. Being able to revisit, review, and validate your data is the first important thing to consider while choosing blogging courses or social media training.

2. What content does the course cover?

Knowing how you learn fast is important, and so is knowing what you’re going to learn. There is a difference between having knowledge and having in-depth, real-life learning. It is vital to question what content and subject areas the course covers in its syllabus.

Any course on blogging, for example, must have the following content covered:

  • Deciding the niche of your blogging website
  • How to research for blog post ideas
  • Understanding the community of your blog niche
  • Importance of keywords, demographics, and content strategy
  • How to drive traffic to a blog post
  • SEO strategies
  • E-mail blog marketing

Social media training should similarly cover different social media marketing, analytics, relationship management, etc. The key is always to research what you want to learn and choose a course that gives you the right mix.

3. How or will you be assessed?

The knowledge that you’ll earn while learning is not to be kept stagnant. Applying your knowledge to real-life problems and getting results, good or mediocre, is important to test what you’ve learned.

Assessment of all learning mediums is vital as it highlights the shortcomings of one’s skills and knowledge. If a course provides methods of testing your knowledge through exercises or time-binding assignments, it will get you the expertise you want. Good courses will always have assessments that help you sharpen your skills. 


However, the significance of paid blogging courses is also considerable. In fact, remarkable! But, at times, it just goes out of the budget. If you are a new blogger or want to improve your blog traffic, then you’ve found this post at the right time. This post has covered a range of free online courses on social media and blogging. Needless to say, online courses are perfect for self-learning individuals who aim to master new skills and lead their careers without paying hefty amounts.

One of the reasons to recommend taking courses is that it allows you to interact with the course creator. It will help you take part in the social communities to interact and engage further. It also helps to improve the relationship with the blogger.

In brief, there are multiple benefits of taking free online courses of blogging and social media. Also, you don’t have to pay a penny. Just sign up and enjoy the content.


1. Is blogging still profitable in 2021? 

Yes, blogging will never go out of style. One thing that makes blogging great is that it converts better than most other platforms, including YouTube. Blogging is the most effective approach to create a brand, increase profits, and increase conversions online.

2. What are the characteristics of an excellent blogging course?

Easy-to-understand content, experienced trainers, and the ability to educate you on how to grow a blog are just a few of the benefits.

3. What is the finest free blog-starting site?

Here’s a list of some of the finest free blog-starting sites for 2021.
and Medium 

4. What does a social media marketing course cover?

Social media marketing covers a range of skills and central aspects of social media marketing like Copywriting, Content Creation, Multimedia, SEO Specialist, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Analysis, etc.

5. What is the best course for blogging?

Dare to Conquer. 
Hubspot Academy.  
SEO for Bloggers. 
Write it. Don’t Fight it. 
Beginners Guide to SEO. 
Grow Your Blog Fast.
Elite Blog Academy. 
SEO For WordPress. SEO for WordPress is a popular Udemy course with more than 22,000 students at the time of writing.

6. How long is a social media marketing course?

A course on social media marketing can take as little as three months; however, full-time efforts typically take six months. Social media marketing employs various platforms, each with its own set of content requirements and techniques for success.

7. How can I learn blogging for free?

There’s a wide variety of courses available online (such as the ones we mentioned above), which can help you master your blogging basics and even launch your very own blog in a matter of a few weeks! Try them today!