5 LinkedIn Content Tips for the B2B Marketer

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Posted on 10/01/225 min read
5 LinkedIn Content Tips for the B2B Marketer

Table of Contents 

  • What is LinkedIn?
  • 5 LinkedIn Content Tips 
  • Dos and Don’ts of LinkedIn
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

LinkedIn is more than just a platform where people look for a job. The content published on the platform is driving change, as people engage with the posts, participate in polls, offer clear insights on a sensitive issue, and make themselves be seen and heard. Therefore, it is essential to know these 5 LinkedIn content tips to get a head start if you plan to leverage the platform for building your brand. 

LinkedIn has brought a sea-change in the lives of the people who are creators, writers, professionals, and job opportunists. The most effective way to use the platform is to empower others by journaling small things that create a big difference in your professional life. 

Finally, LinkedIn is a hub for businesses, founders, brands, and marketers alike. It is a goldmine for people looking to build a brand, capitalize on their work and skills, and have direct conversations with recruiters. Therefore, the question we should be asking is, how to write a great LinkedIn post? 


What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the largest professional marketplace that operates via its website and app. Members can be individuals looking for a job, recruiters offering a job, influential people including CEOs, founders of big companies, and businesses. 

Of late, as the creator’s economy is gaining traction, LinkedIn has become a must-use platform. People are publishing articles, offering tips and tricks that they learned from their own experiences, helping others overcome failure, networking, and showcasing their skills. Therefore, to gain maximum benefits from LinkedIn, every person should know these LinkedIn content tips. 

5 LinkedIn Content Tips


According to a report, 94% of marketers use LinkedIn as their primary choice among other social media platforms. LinkedIn content is influential in forging professional relationships among B2B marketers. Let’s look at 5 quick tips on improving our content game on LinkedIn. 

1. The game of headlines

Understand that attention span plays a role in deciding “yay or nay” for anyone; the platform doesn’t matter. Readers on LinkedIn are, of course, more refined and would prefer exciting content. Therefore, being at the top of your headline game is essential. 

You can research trending keywords, going by the algorithm. You can also opt for something unusual or unconventional. Think out of the box and remember that a bit of drama in the headlines would just be for more views and shares. According to research, words like “mistakes,” “habits,” “tricks,” “successful,” “failure,” “weakness,” etc., are suitable for making a catchy headline. The aim is to encourage your viewers to stop and engage with your content. That’s the whole deal of LinkedIn, to aim and hit with a proper plan. 

2. Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs

Once you have convinced your readers to click on the headline, the content within is next. Long paragraphs are a big no, whereas bullet points work just right. If you are a creator, then it depends on how creative you can get with your content. Having an idea will not alone lift the burden of making it popular and successful with your audience. 

Bullet points manifest that you are being direct and know exactly what you’ve learned. People like reading content that’s on point without diverting from the main headline. Moreover, it helps in establishing the creator’s authority. 

If not bullet points, then you can also use short paragraphs. There’s no clear-cut rule. However, we recommend sticking to a paragraph only if you have content that needs an explanation. Otherwise, incorporate emojis, GIFs, statistics, and images to bring your content to life. 

3. Use simple words and simple language.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and thus, one can assume that its users are well-educated. However, it does not mean they are willing to read complex sentences in aimless articles. Therefore, one easy way to ensure that your readers understand your content is to adhere to SEO’s Flesch reading score. 

The higher the Flesch reading score, the easier your content is on the readers’ eye. This, in turn, leads to instant shares and engagements. Secondly, keep the tone conversational and light instead of weight it down with boring straight facts. 

4. Long-form content is preferred on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, the longer the post, the better it will perform. The average word count for LinkedIn articles is between 1900-2000, which is enough for a writer to build an opinion around. The automatic effect of the long-form content is the flood of comments, likes, and shares of your post. 

Therefore, research well to write delightful content that will introduce you to some amazing leads. 

5. Consistency is the key.

Your job is not done after posting content on LinkedIn. More is required of you to reach the ultimate creator tag. You cannot be erratic on LinkedIn because that will put off your readers, and they wouldn’t be able to connect with you as you want them to. According to the algorithm, if you are posting long-form content, post at least twice a week at a decided time. Or post daily, at a fixed time. 

Being consistent will help you understand your target audience better. You will be able to decide what and how you should continue posting. Therefore, it is the main blanket that keeps your authority in place. 

Key Takeaways

  • Carry out a survey to know your target audience and their questions.
  • Don’t feel threatened by the influential creators; learn from their journey and try to include some aspect of it, for starters. 
  • Be genuine and straightforward in whatever you are communicating to your readers. 
  • Engage with others’ content as much as you can. By doing this, you will leave an indelible impression on their post, and they will engage with your content. 
  • Don’t post videos; use images but limited to 8. The data suggests that people engage less with videos and other multimedia except for images. 
  • Be creative in your posts. Don’t do what others post unless you feel inspired by it. 
  • Be regular with your content because the quantity matters more than the quality in the beginning. It’s called the compounding effect. 


LinkedIn has opened the gates of new possibilities with its publishing feature. The wise are all in it for getting the maximum benefit. And thus, the above LinkedIn content tips are crucial in making a strong case. It’s a living journal of your skills, opinions, values, and achievements. 


1. How to write a good LinkedIn post?

1. Catchy headlines
2. More bullet points 
3. Simple words and language
4. Longer word count 
5. Being consistent

2. What are the 5 types of content you can publish on LinkedIn?

1. Blog posts
2. Industry news and research articles 
3. Listicles and quick tips 
4. Achievement posts 
5. Research papers

3. What content performs best on LinkedIn?

Long-form content performs best on LinkedIn. The word count ranges between 1900-2000 words.

4. How do I increase my views on LinkedIn?

You can be regular in posting your content on LinkedIn. 
Simultaneously engage with others’ posts. 
Be open in commenting about your ideas and opinions whenever you see a post that interests you. 
Finally, go through the above LinkedIn content tips for better understanding.

5. How many LinkedIn views are viral?

There are no set numbers, but the research indicates that anything over 100,000 views can be considered viral.