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10 Retail Brands Bringing Their A-Game to Instagram Marketing

Team Pepper
Posted on 30/03/227 min read
10 Retail Brands Bringing Their A-Game to Instagram Marketing
Wondering what your Instagram Marketing Strategy should look like? We have Curated some of the Best Instagram Marketing Examples in Retail for you!

Years ago, it did not take more than a bird dancing to tunes for a video to go viral. Now it takes much more than that. Today propelling a social media campaign to a viral status is a marketing goal.

As a retail brand, you know how much brand awareness matters. And Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to increase brand visibility.

According to an Instagram report, about 90% of people follow a business or a brand on this platform. We live in a time wherein visual content plays an essential role in business. And Instagram marketing provides you with a unique opportunity to increase your brand awareness.

Have you noticed how some brands are getting a copious number of followers, likes, and hits? Do you want to know how this is possible? Let’s learn some key Instagram marketing lessons from retail brands hitting the brief. 

10 Instagram Marketing Lessons for Retail Brands With Examples

Here are 10 excellent examples of Instagram marketing that you can use for your brand as well.

Lesson 1: Share Stunning Content

Instagram is a visual platform. Some of the best Instagram accounts share beautiful, compelling stories that make a difference. If you share aesthetically pleasing content, it could work wonders for your brand.

Your brand profile needs to follow a set theme and have a look and feel that your audience connects with. Since adult Instagram users scroll through the platform for more than 30 minutes a day, you need to share content that clicks with them.


Followers: 208 million

Takeaway: Nike, an American multinational sports brand, is the most-followed retailer on Instagram. Their feed is full of inspirational and motivational stories. Their Instagram marketing strategy involves visuals that come across as captivating and intriguing. You connect with their motto – ‘Just Do It’ as a follower.


Lesson 2: Make it personal

When it comes to Instagram marketing, it is not always about you or your products. Telling a story that resonates with the community always works. As a brand, you must connect with your audience, engage with them and say something that matters.

Even your captions can evoke emotions that make your brand more humane. Whatever your content may be, create content that makes your brand stand out.


Number of Followers: 5 million

Takeaway: Arguably one of the most searched brands on Instagram, Sabyasachi was one of the first few brands to get Instagram marketing right in India.

The brand has showcased the designer’s stunning collection of bridal outfits and even expanded to other categories on Instagram. But what makes the brand stand out is how they talk about personal stories in a compelling manner. Sabyasachi has created iconic markers every step of the way.


Lesson 3: Connect with influencers

It is a given that you need to connect with the audience on social media. But having a strong influencer base also works on Instagram. With such a partnership, people with a loyal customer base can show off/review your products, helping you reach a wider audience.

By connecting with influencers, you will also gain the trust of their loyal followers. If you put in the right resources, time and effort, the results will be worth it.


Number of Followers: 2.2 million

Takeaway: Nykaa has always collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. Be it Katrina Kaif for her Kay Beauty Collection or Masaba for Masaba with Nykaa. With consistent knowledge-sharing, reviews by key influencers, and tie-ups with beauty gurus, Nykaa has created a brand the audience relates with.


Lesson 4: User-generated content takes the cake

User-generated content or UGC helps you further engage with your audience. This cost-effective method involves one big idea. All you need to do is re-share content created by the audience, making them great advocates for your brand.

You can get creative with innovative campaigns, share gifts and prizes. Not only will your brand ooze authenticity, but your Instagram marketing strategy will hit the bull’s eye. 


Number of Followers: 129,000

Takeaway: When the world was in lockdown, Modelez India’s Oreo campaign #AtHomeWithOreo garnered 249 million whopping impressions.

The brand shared several unconventional and delectable UGC recipes resulting in escalating brand reach. The playful and fun philosophy of getting families together worked well with the target market. In turn, Oreo further deepened customer relationships with their Instagram branding strategy.


Lesson 5: Segment your audience

In the 90s, the best way to reach your audience was via television advertising on television or print media. Fast-forward to 2022; a brand has innumerable ways to put across its message in a targeted manner.

What better way to reach your target market than categorizing them? You can segment your audience based on geographical location, demographics such as age, and psychographics such as behavioral tendencies. 


Number of Followers: 29.5 million

Takeaway: Do you need Instagram marketing for a brand with over 200 million customers? Yes, you do.

Netflix is one of the few brands that has understood that the brand cannot be a monolith. It has segmented its audience by creating separate Instagram handles such as Netflix, Netflix India, Netflix Film, Sci-Fi, and many more.

These profiles are slowly becoming mini-brands in their own right. With a culturally diverse audience, Netflix has created a library of vast content.


Lesson 6: Use hashtags wisely

Creating, monitoring, and using hashtags wisely is the key to an efficient Instagram marketing strategy. Sometimes general hashtags such as #newyear, #diwali, and #birthday work. At other times, you can play around and create unique hashtags of your own. 

Keep an eye on what your competitors are posting. Research industry-specific words that work for you. Hashtags are a surefire way to get the attention of new users.


Number of Followers: 388,000

Takeaway: Chumbak, a homegrown lifestyle retail brand, has been creating stunning social media content. Their Instagram marketing involves curated content that looks like art. What stands out for the brand is how they creatively use generic and brand-specific hashtags to gain and retain followers.


Lesson 7: Stay current and topical

Banking on what’s trending at the moment is a great way to connect with the audience. This way, the audience knows that you are not just sharing automated content. You are going the extra mile with innovative and creative marketing strategies.

Staying topical conveys that your brand is trendy and loves to comment on the current mainstream news.

Amul India

Number of Followers: 394,000

Takeaway: Amul, one of the oldest brands in India, has always brought its A-game to marketing. Now the brand is taking it up a notch with its Instagram branding strategy. Whether it’s about India winning the World Cup, the elections, or the untimely death of a public figure, Amul always has a say. 


Lesson 8: Share tips and tricks

In retail marketing, it’s not all about your product. You need to go above and beyond to help your audience connect with the brand. Improving engagement and brand awareness is the ultimate goal.

One of the ways to do this is by sharing tips and tricks if you are a consumer-centric brand. This way, you build trust with your users, interact with them regularly, and create a fan base of your own.

Sugar Cosmetics

Number of Followers: 2 million

Takeaway: A relatively young brand, Sugar Cosmetics has taken the fashion and beauty industry by storm. One of its key Instagram marketing strategies involves sharing make-up tutorials. The brand has created social media hype with strong user interaction and influencer marketing.


Lesson 9: Get your sponsored ads right

Advertising on Instagram has become as common as breathing. And why should you make it a part of your Instagram marketing strategy? The answer is simple – you can control exactly how much you want to spend and on whom.

As a brand, you have multiple options – a carousel, a video ad, a post, or a story. You can increase your reach more than ever before with this feature.

Michael Kors

Number of Followers: 17.1 million

Takeaway: Are you aware that this global fashion powerhouse was the first brand to use Instagram ads? It created quite an uproar a decade ago, making most users aghast with this marketing technique.

Within 18 hours, it had gained over 34000 followers. To date, Michael Kors has been using Instagram ads creatively for higher online ad returns and an increased customer base. 


Lesson 10: Say it with memes

A smart way to engage with the audience is by working with viral memes. If it’s fun and quirky, your brand could get organic traffic directed towards its page.

You could use this method to promote discounts, deals, or promotions. Alternatively, you could also share an opinion about a current topic with a meme. It offers a humorous way to talk about your brand.

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Number of Followers: 675,000

Takeaway: Zomato India, the food tech giant, has mastered the art of meme marketing. Today, it is the first brand that pops in people’s heads when they think of memes. As part of its Instagram strategy, Zomato uses relatable memes to engage with the audience.


Are You Ready to Make the Most Out of These Instagram Marketing Tips?

Instagram is an excellent tool to drive brand awareness, recall value and boost sales. Now that we’ve shared some innovative Instagram marketing strategies with you, it’s about time you get going. As your digital presence grows, so will your brand.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram marketing can help you create eye-catching and engaging content.
  • Learn to involve the community to get your message across.
  • As a retail brand, define your content pillars.
  • Plan your Instagram schedule, but remember to keep up with current trends and topics.
  • Share stunning and aesthetic content that matches your brand values.


1. How do I grow my retail business on Instagram?

Retail brands can leverage Instagram for their marketing needs. An efficient Instagram marketing strategy involves:
1. Product and brand features in a subtle manner
2. Contests and giveaways
3. Audience engagement and interaction 
4. Instagram sponsorships for promoted products

2. How do I collaborate with an influencer on Instagram?

In today’s digital marketing age, people believe influencers more than brands. They can help convert innumerable people to brand loyalists. If your Instagram marketing strategy involves influencer collaborations, here’s what you must keep in mind:
1. Choose influencers that align with your brand values
2. You can either pay an influencer or share your product for them to review
3. Being generous with your offer always helps
4. Sponsored posts also work

3. How do you master Instagram marketing?

As a retail brand, there are several ways in which you can bring your A-game to Instagram:
1. Give exclusive offers through Instagram 
2. Share valuable content 
3. Make relevant posts and stories
4. Tie-up with micro-influencers and strong brand ambassadors 
5. Create and use brand hashtags
6. Use IGTV and reels efficiently

4. What kind of content works best on Instagram?

As part of your Instagram branding strategy, you need to remember that the following kind of content works:
1. Content that is visually appealing and aesthetic
2. Consistent and authentic posts and stories
3. Behind-the-scenes and fun facts 
4. Lifestyle quotes 
5. Brand stories that have an edge
6. Memes and current trending topics 
7. Open-ended questions that invite interactions