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Instagram Matrix: The Key to Instagram Growth

Team Pepper
Posted on 24/02/227 min read

Table of Contents

  • The Best Tools for Instagram Growth
  • 10 Instagram Metrics to Track 
  • Key Takeaways 
  • Conclusion 
  • FAQs

If you are building your brand on Instagram, your main goal is to target your ideal audience and increase your sales and revenue. With diverse Instagram marketing strategies, you are shedding your sweat to promote your brand.

But, how would you know if your strategies are correct? Are you able to reach your target audience? Do people connect with your brand?

For understanding all these, Instagram metrics come into place. The metrics are nothing but a detailed overview of everything you want to know to see your Instagram performance and measure your Instagram growth.


The Best Tools for Instagram Growth

With constantly increasing competition, growing on Instagram isn’t a piece of cake. From building your brand presence to reaching a wide audience, you need to put a lot of effort.

Whether you want to grow your brand or boost your reach, there is a tool for everything to reduce your efforts and help you out. Using the right Instagram growth tool can be immensely beneficial for your business account.

There is a pool of such tools for Instagram growth, and you have to find those which work the best for you and maximize your progress. We have made a collection of the four best Instagram growth tools that you use to skyrocket your Instagram performance.


1. Kicksta

This Instagram growth tool helps you gain real followers by targeting your ideal audience. All you need to do is to mention the specifications of your ideal audience, and Kicksta will find them for you without you having to spend hours on them.

2. Hashtagsforlikes

To boost your Instagram performance, you must use the trending hashtags relevant to your posts. Finding them is no more difficult with Hashtagsforlikes. It finds the best hashtags that you can use to boost your Instagram growth.

3. Planoly

There are many things you need to focus on while you are building your brand on Instagram. Creating content, posting, engaging with others all take a lot of time. To reduce your burden to some extent, Planoly comes as a rescue. This Instagram growth tool allows you to schedule your posts to concentrate on other things.

4. Iconosquare

You need to continuously keep track of your Instagram performance to understand your progress and look if your strategy is working. Iconosquare provides Instagram growth analytics by sharing your previous posts’ engagement rate, impressions, and follower counts.

10 Instagram Metrics to Track

1. Reach on Instagram

If you have an Instagram presence, one of your major purposes is creating your brand awareness. You want people to recognize your brand and its products or services, isn’t it?

Reach comes into consideration when you observe your brand’s Instagram performance over the platform. Reach shows the number of people seeing your posts and engaging with them. This also helps you understand what type of posts your audience loves and wants more.


The reach of your posts can depend on multiple factors. It may vary depending on the hashtags you use, the objective of the content you are sharing, or maybe when you are posting. You need to analyze your reach to boost your Instagram growth carefully. But how can you keep track of all this?

Instagram analytics lets you measure Instagram performance by providing an overview of the total accounts reached, content interactions, and other profile activities.

2. Sales

Instagram has many features for businesses to assist them in excelling at their Instagram performance. Your main objective is to reach larger audiences and generate more outstanding sales as a business.

Instagram’s built-in shopping features allow you to measure the sales metric, such as product page views. Thus, fixing your eyeballs on your sales metric is crucial to understand if you are on the right path or need to change your direction.

3. Engagement rate

Is my ideal audience enjoying my content? Are my posts relevant to them? You may have all these thoughts in your mind, but you can easily get the answers to all your questions by glancing at the number of likes, shares, and comments on your post. When people love your posts or find them useful, they give them a like and share their opinions in the comments. Further, they can also share it among their community.

A greater number of responses to your posts implies a better engagement rate.  But how do you calculate it?

A simple formula to calculate the engagement rate is: Total engagement/Follower count * 100 = engagement rate.

4. Instagram Stories metrics

Instagram stories are among the best ways to promote your Instagram performance because they are highly engaging and let you build relationships with your audience. The views, reach, and interactions are shown on Instagram insights for each story slide, so you can easily understand the type of stories your audience engages with the most and use them further.


5. Instagram Reels engagement

Instagram is a visual platform where pictures and videos are the best way to grow. Reels are short videos of a few seconds that can be used to share glimpses of product launches and reviews, how to use them, and behind the scenes.

Instagram reels are also a great way to engage. Instagram insights show you how people respond to your reels by displaying the likes, comments, reach, plays and interactions.

You can calculate your Instagram Reels engagement rate by doing some math: Reels Engagement Rate = # of Reels interactions / Reels Plays *100

6. Best time to post

Your ideal audience may not be active on the platform every time. So for better Instagram performance and growth, you need to post and engage with your audience when they are the most active. 

Here comes into consideration the best time to post, which can be simply determined by experimenting with different times and comparing the analytics to observe which posts receive better engagement and at what time of the day.

There are some Instagram growth tools that you can use to find the best time for you to use the platform and remain active.

7. Follower growth

If your brand posts are reaching new people and they are finding it useful, they are most likely to follow you. This increase in the number of followers determines the follower growth rate. A large number of followers can be used to build brand credibility.

You can determine the growth rate in terms of your recent follower count. If you have fewer followers and you’re getting new followers at a reasonable rate, it means that your marketing strategies are fruitful. If this doesn’t happen, it signifies that you need to modify your strategy for better Instagram growth.

8. Post shares

If the audience is sharing your posts with another Instagram user, they are finding them useful and engaging. 

This metric can be helpful to measure your Instagram performance and make the appropriate content and strategy for the future.

9. Saves

Just like post shares, post saves can also be a useful metric when it comes to understanding which type of content prompts your reader the most.

Thus, keeping an eye on the save count can help you find the type of content which grabs your audience’s attention.

10. Website traffic

Instagram is a great path to get a lot of traffic on your website. You can drive your audience to your website by providing links in the Instagram stories or in your bio section.


Instagram insights let you monitor the exact number of clicks you get on your website, and this number can be used to ideate what drives your audience to your website. You can modify your strategies to generate more clicks and more sales using analytics. 

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram metrics let you measure your Instagram performance.
  • There are various tools for Instagram growth, such as Hashtagsforlikes, Iconosquare, Kicksta, and Planoly.
  • Some of the most important Instagram metrics include reach and impressions, sales, engagement rate, the best time to post, saves, and share.
  • Instagram analytics gives you the details of total accounts reached, content interactions, and other profile activities.
  • To understand your Instagram performance, you need to fix your eyeballs to your sales metrics.
  • Instagram stories and reels engagement gives you insights into the performance on the type of content that the audience wants to see more.
  • A greater number of saves and shares on your posts signify better engagement and can be used to determine the most engaging content.


With over 200 million businesses on Instagram, it’s essential to use the right strategies to stand out from others. Building a brand presence and winning your audience’s trust takes time and effort. So, you must track your Instagram performance to make sure your efforts don’t go in vain. 

Instagram metrics help you to understand what works for you and what does not by giving detailed information about your reach, engagement, followers, and a lot more. It’s crucial to keep track of these Instagram metrics to observe your Instagram growth.


1. How do you track Instagram performance?

You can track your Instagram performance by opening your profile and clicking the Insights button. You will get to see the metrics under the overview option.

2. What are KPIs for Instagram?

The KPIs you should be tracking on Instagram are reach and impressions, engagement rate, follower growth rate, best posting times, and Instagram stories engagement.

3. Does Instagram have analytics?

If you have a business profile, you can easily access your Instagram analytics in the insights tab, which can help you measure your Instagram performance.

4. What are good social media metrics?

The engagement rate, account reach, impressions, number of followers, referrals, and conversions are some excellent social media metrics to measure Instagram performance.

5. How can I get free Instagram analytics?

You can get your Instagram growth analytics by using free analytics tools like Instagram insights, Iconosquare, Crowdfire, Pixlee, and Squarelovin.

6. Can you check who visits your Instagram profile?

Instagram hasn’t introduced this feature yet, but if you’re using the Instagram Business account, you can get to know the number of people who visit your profile in the last 7 days if you’re using the Instagram Business account.