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7 Terrific Tips to Increase Organic Twitter Engagement

Team Pepper
Posted on 28/04/225 min read
7 Terrific Tips to Increase Organic Twitter Engagement
These are the seven great ways to increase Twitter engagement and meet your marketing objectives.

Many digital marketers and creators use Twitter as a powerful social media tool. This can build awareness, boost conversions and create loyalty. The network has been steadily growing since it was established in 2006. At present, it has close to four million users. Over half of them access Twitter every day.

It’s estimated that around 6,000 tweets are posted on Twitter every second. This means a staggering number of over 500 million per day. The challenge is: how to increase Twitter engagement organically?

Social media strategies need to consider why people log on to Twitter. Research shows that the main ones are getting news, being entertained, keeping in touch with family and friends, and following brands.

All of these are good starting points for how to improve engagement on Twitter. You can look at some of these social media post ideas to start your engines.


Barriers to Increasing Twitter Engagement

There are many reasons why marketers fail to meet their objectives on social media. To begin with, the solution to the problem of how to boost Twitter engagement should be strategic. It’s not about making an individual tweet go viral. The objective should be clear. The aim should be to generate informative content constantly.

It’s also essential to use relevant metrics. Data that measure followers, likes, comments, and more should be collected and analyzed. This can be linked to other analytic tools such as brand awareness and sentiment analysis. Without doing this, marketers often misjudge the true impact of their tweets.

Twitter Analytics is a good starting point. Here, you can see dashboards for tweet activity, followers, clicks, and retweets. Checking these over time allows you to measure and boost your reach. This is an important step in how to grow Twitter engagement.

Timelines are another way to boost Twitter engagement. Twitter trends and interests change rapidly. Tweets that are not up-to-date run the risk of low engagement levels. The lifespan of a tweet is short. To take advantage of this, marketers should commit adequate resources and stay agile. You need to engage early and engage often.

To overcome these barriers, brands should tweet regularly, be responsive, and measure results against long-term objectives. Consistency and quality will pay off in the long run. This is worth keeping in mind for those asking themselves how to increase Twitter engagement.

7 Tips for Boosting Twitter Engagement

On Twitter, engagements refer to the number of times users interact with a tweet. This could be in the form of retweets, replies, likes, or clicks on tweet links. The engagement rate is the number of engagements divided by impressions.

Here are seven ways to increase Twitter engagement. Try them out for yourself to build relationships, start conversations, and influence consumers.

1. Keep your audience in mind

Researching and understanding your target audience is the cornerstone of all marketing activities. It’s no different on Twitter. When you understand your consumers’ needs, aspirations, and pain points, you will be able to craft tweets they will be interested in.

You will be able to offer value with tweets that entertain, inform or persuade. The impact can be enhanced with appropriate calls to action.

2. Use a genuine voice

A strong brand has a recognizable style of communication. This is sometimes referred to as the brand voice. A brand’s tweets should reflect this. They should sound genuine, as though from a real person. Jargon and irrelevant slang should be avoided.

Many brands use a light-hearted tonality on Twitter to create engagement. For example, Netflix has a witty style linked to its streaming movies and shows.


3. Include images

It’s estimated that tweets with images get twice the engagement of those that don’t. That’s why some best-performing brand tweets always include appropriate visuals.

The type of image matters, too. Stock photos and traditional product shots are likely to be overlooked. Instead, you can show products in use, real people, and unusual situations. Attractive infographics and other data visualizations are appealing. You can also turn soundbites and inspiring quotes into images.


4. Use hashtags

Tweets with hashtags also score high on the engagement scale. Consumers use them to link to trends or search for them. For marketers, hashtags can raise awareness, reach segments, and spark conversations.

On Twitter, it’s best to use just one or two hashtags per tweet. They work well for launches, events, and contests. Branded hashtags are another way to attract interest, as Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke demonstrates.

5. Conduct polls

Most people love to express their opinions. With Twitter polls, you can give your consumers a chance to do this. Twitter polls can offer insights into content plans, brand decisions, and product promotions. They are also a great way to encourage feedback. They often lead to future conversations. Don’t forget to add unique hashtags to your polls for better reach.


6. Repurpose content

As a digital marketer, you must already have several pieces of content. They could be blogs, videos, newsletters, interviews, and more. A good tactic to create engagement on Twitter is to repackage such content in tweets – with links to the originals.

You don’t have to do this with all content. A smart move is to take the best-performing pieces of content and tweet about them in a compelling way.

7. Always be relevant

Earlier, we touched upon the value of being relevant. This aspect is one of the most important ways to create engagement on Twitter. Relevance can be discovered by looking at the trending topics your consumers are interested in and researching their habits.

The more the relevance, the higher the engagement rate. Relevance can apply to all tweet elements, from the subject to the hashtag, from videos to images.

Summing Up

Every tweet can contain up to 280 characters. Marketers who seek engagement should make each one count. There will always be a demand for quality and relevance on Twitter and elsewhere. It’s best to start with a social media strategy linked to overall business objectives. After that, you can work out a plan to create fresh and relevant content on Twitter. 

Many successful marketers create a content calendar with important events to know how to increase Twitter engagement well in advance. You can find inspiration for tweets from your consumers’ interests, existing content, trending subjects, and even news headlines. Then, you’ll be set for real-time and long-term engagement.


1. Why is my engagement so low on Twitter?

It could be that your posts are infrequent or not relevant to your audience. Increasing frequency and keeping audience interests in mind will go a long way in boosting engagement.

2. How do I promote my tweet?

Twitter has a Promoted Tweets function, which they charge for. The amount you pay depends on the locations and the estimated number of engagements.

3. How can I get 1000 followers on Twitter?

Here are some methods of increasing follower count:
1. Be consistent and regular with your tweets
2. Start conversations with others on Twitter
3. Tweet content that is relevant and original
4. Experiment with tweeting at different times of the day 
5. Respond to those who comment on your tweets