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7 Ways To Record An Impactful Customer Testimonial

Team Pepper
Posted on 7/02/226 min read
7 Ways To Record An Impactful Customer Testimonial

Table of Contents

  • Why are Testimonials Important for Your Brand?
  • What are the Different Types of Testimonials?
  • 7 Ways of Getting Testimonials from Clients
  • Key Takeaways
  • FAQs

Customer testimonials, especially in video format, are some of the most powerful marketing tools brands can leverage. And yet, most brands struggle with how to record video testimonials. You can’t really blame the businesses for that. More often than not, people don’t understand the different types of testimonials that may appeal to different audiences. On other occasions, it is simply a skill gap on how to record a video testimonial

As a brand, it is non-negotiable to understand your customers’ needs. And customers today are smart buyers who like to go with what others have to say about a product or the brand. In today’s digital world, who would not want to leverage the power of Google and find out how their friends rated a product before making a purchase? There is a very interesting statistic according to a recent report published in Brightlocal that says 73% of consumers would only trust a brand based on positive reviews by other customers. And for businesses, this can mean a huge impact on your sales. If your marketing team is struggling with testimonial video tips, the chances are that your brand will also struggle to sell. And that’s why it is very useful to know these seven ways of getting testimonials from clients

Why are Testimonials Important for Your Brand?

Almost all businesses have found ways to leverage client testimonials to build their brands and ultimately drive sales. But why is getting testimonials from clients so important? The short answer is that it can significantly improve your brand’s image while building a strong customer base that rides on relationships. Also, videos are a great way to visually describe your products and services, especially from people using them.


Here are the top reasons why you should be aware of how to record a video testimonial:

1. Higher retention

It is proven that a visual display has a higher impact on memory and retention than a text. The more people see and hear others talk about something useful, the higher the chances of buying the same products.

2. Appeal to emotions

Once you have appealed to the emotions of potential customers, half your job is done. People need to find meaning even in the most mundane things in life. And that’s where different types of testimonials from clients can really do the job.

3. Build credibility

Isn’t it obvious that people will trust real people talking about your brand more than you trying to sell it? Happy customers mean happy outcomes for business from a sales perspective. 

4. Cut down budgets

Most businesses spend a major chunk of their annual budgets on marketing and advertising. Using effective testimonial video tips to record happy customer reviews is a huge step towards your marketing efforts. Doing this brilliantly, and other cost-heavy marketing activities can take a backseat, saving tons of money for your company.

5. Get more social media exposure

The general tendency of social media users is to share videos more than texts or images. If you can create an impactful customer testimonial video, it will likely increase your chances of getting noticed by potential customers on social media and other platforms.

What are the Different Types of Testimonials?

The good news is that you do not have to depend on just one type of video testimonial and risk being monotonous with your brand identity. You can use different types of testimonials to get the message across. A few examples include:

  • Customer Quotes: This is probably the most common form of capturing video testimonials. All you have to do is request a short clip from the customer or something in writing that you can convert to a video testimonial later.


  • Success stories: When you are learning about how to record video testimonials, this is another effective tool that you can master.


  • Customer interviews: This is quite plain and simple, but very impactful. When you make customers sit down and just talk about your brand, you will be amazed at the kind of stories and emotions that may come up.


  • Short videos: You can also try to club a video testimonial from a client with an underlying theme or message that resonates with your brand.

7 Ways of Getting Testimonials from Clients

How to record a video testimonial? This is probably the biggest question on your mind right now. You can find an answer to that with these seven testimonial video tips mentioned below:

1. Identify the right customer for the review

Choosing the correct respondent for your testimonial is the first and most important step of how to record video testimonials effectively. So, try to avoid clients who are brand new and go for the loyal ones who trust your brand. And always check for their comfort level while recording in front of a camera. You don’t want a scared customer telling their story to the world. Also, make sure you check for their consent over a call and not on email or a text message. 

2. Collaborate with a good production firm

All your efforts of choosing the right customer may go in vain if you cannot follow it up with a good recording experience. And for that, you need to find and collaborate with a good production agency. Look for agencies who have been in business for a while and know what they are trying to achieve in terms of client expectations. A good production agency is also one that can bring in their own creativity into the recording. 

3. You don’t need to script everything 

The biggest mistake you can make in getting testimonials from clients is to hand them a script and ask them to read it out. That just kills the emotions and spells doom for your brand. Alternately, keep it real and let the emotions flow. You can, of course, give pointers for the recording on the flow that the respondent needs to follow. Also ask your customers for short and well-articulated answers. 

4. Focus on the production value

Just like the content, the supporting equipment like lights, camera, technique, setup, etc., are all important factors that will contribute to your video testimonial. It is best not to take them lightly.

5. Focus on brevity

Long video testimonials do quite the opposite of what it is intended to do. More often than not, the message gets lost in lengthy videos. Hence, keep your videos brief and to the point. Remember, that viewer retention also matters when it comes to how to record a video testimonial.

6. Leave enough time for editing

Your job is only half done once you have recorded the video. Put as much attention to post-production as you have done while recording. Make sure not to miss out on minute details like expressions, or lighting, or the background, etc.

7. Amp up your marketing efforts

Once the video is ready, go all guns blazing with your marketing efforts. Your aim should be to become a trendsetter with your testimonial video. 

Key Takeaways & Conclusion

When you are learning about how to record video testimonials, make sure to never miss out on the following key factors:

  • Video testimonials are cost-effective ways to tell your brand’s story to the world.
  • Customer testimonials are a great way to attract new customers for your products and services.
  • Video testimonials, as against other forms of marketing, can appeal more to human emotions and help audiences retain information better.
  • You can use different types of testimonials like customer quotes or short videos, or success stories.
  • Follow seven pro testimonial video tips to get the best client testimonial that include identifying the right customer, collaborating with a good production agency, keeping it real, focusing on the setup and brevity, paying attention to editing, and finally, marketing the video. 

The key to how to record video testimonials is to keep it simple and real. Remember that your end objective is to appeal to your future customers while riding on the success stories of your current ones. So, stay as true to your client base as you would to your brand, and the rest will be an easy ride. 


1. What is a testimonial video?

A video testimonial is a recorded description of a customer’s experience of using your products and services.

2. Why do you need a client testimonial for your business?

A client testimonial is an essential marketing tool to attract new customers for a business.

3. What makes a good brand testimonial?

A good brand testimonial is one that does not talk from a sales perspective but rather appeals to human emotions.

4. Do generic testimonials work?

Generic testimonials may work in some instances where the product is not targeted towards particular demography.

5. What are the different types of website testimonials?

The different website testimonials include customer quotes, short videos, client interviews, success stories, etc. 

6. How do you get customer testimonials?

You can approach existing customers to shoot a video testimonial with the help of a template of pointers.