How To Increase The Life Span Of A Piece Of Content?

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 21/09/202 min read
How To Increase The Life Span Of A Piece Of Content?

Well-written Content is like an investment. If you invest in it today in the right way, its value increases with time. You not only reap the benefits later but also the interest that comes along with it. In order to make your content the right investment, it has to be crafted with the utmost care and relevance.

The world of content is a volatile one. There is uncensored competition, trends, viral content, etc. Is there a way to increase the long-term value of content? Yes, there is.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about increasing the life span of your content. Though there is no one right way or one key ingredient, the following explores the best practices that you can follow:

Future relevance

Just like anything under the sun, content requirements, too, evolve with time. Write content that is relevant to the future as well. It is easier to do it right the first time and build on it in the future, rather than creating new content each time. How to create content that stays relevant in the future too? The evergreen relevance of content is taken care of, when the mission of the brand, the voice, purpose and tone remain the same. The kind of content that you create should try to steer clear of singularly focusing on today’s trends or on virality. It should touch upon the foundational basis of your brand – the morals, ethics and the value-additions that you provide your customer with.

Tweaks: Old but fresh

Once your evergreen content is ready, revisit it as often as possible. Concentrate on updating existing links, statistics, information, etc. Tweak it wherever necessary to keep it relevant. Some sections that you can consider for upgrades are FAQs, testimonials, glossary, tutorials, resources of the industry, quotes or sayings from industry leaders, “how-to”s, etc. This ensures that though the content is old, it is fresh and relevant.

Audiences’ interests:

Did you know that the average lifespan of a tweet is merely 20 minutes? The lifespan of a piece of content varies, depending on the platform it is published on. When you are sending out emails, remember not to be repetitive. Change the subject or the headings. Make it as personalised for the readers as possible. Keep your variety game in good shape by switching the type of content you share: text, video, infographics, etc.

Engagement and influence

The most important goal of content is to engage the audience and influence them to follow the call-to-action. The audience will automatically do this when they find value in what you say. One of the best practices includes responding to comments and queries with additional links so that you can genuinely help your audience with what they are looking for. That is the kind of value addition that your consumers look forward to. Refrain from requesting readers to subscribe or share the content. You can ask them to contact you in case of any queries, which is a better option.

Understanding The Content Creation Funnel

Slices of pizza: your content

When you divide and subdivide your content into chunks, there are more ways to expand the life of your content. Each subdivision becomes a piece of content by itself. This way, you will open up numerous opportunities to reach audiences rather than sharing the large chunk of content multiple times. A major advantage of this tip is that each subsection can be converted into a social media post with the link to the original large piece of content. This way, over a period of time, your original content will be revisited several times. It won’t be lost in the digital sea.

Search Engine Optimization

Although underrated, SEO is one of the most important strategies one must follow for content marketing.

How to incorporate SEO in your content?

— Focus on a string of keywords and include it in the title. — Incorporate the main long-tailed keyword in the URL too. — It isn’t enough if the blog is optimized only for a desktop or tablet screen. Make sure that is optimized for a mobile phone screen too. — The image alt text should be optimized accordingly. — Internal links help content present on the web. — Long posts garner more attention. — Tag your content with relevant hashtags (you can change the hashtags as frequently as you want so that your content stays in the online game) — Set your social media profiles to public visibility. — Metatags also help in content marketing.

As discussed earlier, there is no one right way to keep your content evergreen, but by following these industry best practices, you can stay at the top when it comes to content with a long lifespan.

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