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How Saily Lhila Fueled Her Passion for Writing With Pepper

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Posted on 7/06/223 min read
How Saily Lhila Fueled Her Passion for Writing With Pepper
Saily Lhila is a freelance writer, mother, and homemaker, who is doing wonders in her journey with Pepper.

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Saily Lhila is a freelance content writer, boasting 12 years of experience in content. As a fellow of the Insurance Institute of India, Saily’s earliest writing projects were related to the insurance industry. 

She says, “I always leaned towards academia and had a good grasp of English. A colleague of mine was working as a full-time writer at MyInsuranceClub. She asked me if I would like to explore writing as a career. I took the chance and slowly learned the ropes.” 

Saily is now a BFSI writer with expertise in insurance, mutual funds, taxation, personal finance, and banking. She works with several clients and agencies as a full-time freelancer. At Pepper, she has helped many fast-growing companies in the finance industry with her expertise.

Starting Her Freelancing Journey

Until 2013, Saily was pursuing content writing on a part-time basis, starting her full-time freelance writing journey only in 2015. “I love writing. And with freelancing, I can pursue it without even stepping out of my house,” she says. 

When asked about the driving force behind her writing, she points to productivity and financial growth. Also, she likes to work during the hours she has set for herself. This makes her feel empowered to make her own choices and gives her a sense of freedom. Freelancing has also enabled her to juggle her family life and work efficiently. 

Life With Pepper

Saily heard about Pepper from a colleague. Out of curiosity, she looked the company up on the internet. “I liked the platform, so I ended up applying as a creator,” she reveals.

She received a call from our team within a few days and has been with us ever since. “I love the rapport I have with the content managers at Pepper. They appreciate my work and always reach out for important projects,” she adds. Saily has worked on more than 800 assignments at Pepper, and the number keeps growing.

Big Wins and Bigger Joys

Saily has always been exceptionally good at her craft. Her achievements speak volumes about her expertise as a writer. Recalling the proudest moment in her career, she tells us about the time when she made a lakh within a month through freelance work. “It gave me more confidence, and encouraged me to continue along the same path,” she says. 

Another feather in her cap was writing for leading media platforms. Some of her work has been featured on The Financial Express and CNBC websites.

Her Work Process 

Saily likes to plan all her tasks ahead of the day. She works with different agencies and segregates her work according to the client. Pepper has been her major source of income so far. She mainly works as a ghostwriter for her clients, but aims at publishing content under her name.

“I want my name to be featured under the articles that I write,” she tells us.

She also wishes to start a blog one day. Helping people with the nitty-gritty of insurance, especially policy selection and claims, is her main motivation. She feels insurance policies are often ridden with technical jargon that common people don’t understand. And she would like to simplify this process for Indian consumers. 

Advice to Fellow Writers

Saily believes that content writing works when you have a way with words and can build on that skill. According to her, if someone is only in it for the money, it will be a short-term affair. 

“You have to dedicate yourself to your work and continue learning if you want to play the long game,” she shares.

We strive to offer a great work-life balance to our creators. Seeing them grow personally and professionally is the driving force behind what we do. Our creator community is growing at a rapid pace, along with our global client base. If you want to be a part of the hustle, just knock on our doors.