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How Pepper helped Shriram City build its online presence from scratch

Team Pepper
Posted on 8/03/223 min read

The company also offers loans to acquire assets such as passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and homes. Additionally, Shriram City offers loans against gold ornaments and for personal utility.

Shriram City before Pepper and Pandemic 

A year ago, even though Shriram City was a renowned name in the finance sector, its online presence was non-existent. They had a vague online identity with a static website that housed basic information about their loan products. 

Even though the company was rapidly growing and serving customers, it didn’t feel important to increase its online footprint. That is until the pandemic pushed us all to become more digital and remote.

"I have realized that you have access to a diverse set of writers. So when a particular tone of voice fits a specific purpose, I tell the team to stick with that writer for those requirements. For example, I recently asked you to stick with a specific writer for the MD’s Desk blog posts, as I loved the tone in their writing.”

Harshwardhan A.

Marketing Team

Challenge – Building trust in the virtual world 

NBFCs need to prove they’re trustworthy and credible, unlike traditional banks. When the pandemic brought the world to a halt, Shriram City realized they wouldn’t be able to serve their customers unless they dove head-first into digitizing their business- how they dealt with customers, helped them, and marketed to them.

One major issue they faced was to strengthen their online presence and build trust. They were in dire need of impactful content capturing the goal and vision of the company as well as the product. Shriram City urgently needed to establish online visibility across social media and search engines.

Pepper to Shriram City’s rescue

Shriram City considered possible solutions to approach the problem. They could hire an in-house team of content creators and designers to post content on their website (which now had a blog section) and on social media.

But how many experts do they hire? How should they go about the hiring process? What should they expect out of the candidates? These questions put them in a state of distress so much so that they tossed this option altogether. 

Or, they could hire freelancers, but given the uncertainty in such arrangements and the lack of internal knowledge of how things work, they passed on that option too.

Finally, Shriram City came across Pepper Content. They could upload their blogging requirements on the platform in bulk, and Pepper Content would take care of the rest. 


Website Visitors

25,000 to 1.5 lakh


1.5 -2 min

Spent on Blogs

Was Pepper able to live up to the expectations Shriram City had? 

It was imperative to start heavy blogging for Shriram City since they were starting from scratch. So, the company would upload bulk blog requirements and Pepper took care of it, end-to-end.

From 25,000 to 1,50,000 Website Visitors

“The growth has been slow and steady because it’s organic, and that’s how it should be. Our website traffic has grown from 25,000 odd visitors to 1.5 lakh visitors a month over the past 12 months. And of course, content has played a huge part in it.”

“20-25% of site visitors are blog readers who spend an average of 1.5 to 2 minutes engaging with our blog posts, which is a good metric of engagement in our opinion.”

Consistent, High-quality Content 

Shriram City has successfully put itself on the online map, be it their social media presence or search engine visibility with consistent, high-quality content delivered by Pepper Content.

Hassle-free Process 

“I can log into the platform, bulk upload requirements along with keywords and highlighted points that I want to emphasize in the content and get the blog content delivered. It’s a stress-free process.”

Quick Turnaround and Free Reworks 

“I have to say- it’s 5 out of 5 for the turnaround time. Not only that, when I have to get revisions, I don’t have to speak over the phone. I can simply leave comments and suggestions on the platform and come back to the revised version, ready to be uploaded on our site.”